My life and poop. Fullstop.

Okay, disgusting title, I know, but as of late, I feel as if my life is like someone who is inside the toilet, taking her own sweet time doing her not so sweet business, but cannot really enjoy doing her business because people just had to knock on the bloody toilet door and rush her out from doing her business for trivial matters that is not even related to her. As a result… I get extremely agitated, constipated,and not to mention all stressed up cuz I ended up having severe… uh… constipation!

Do you know how it’s like to be rushed out of the toilet just so that you could attend to other matters when you’re doing business? It’s annoying, especially if it’s not the public toilet but at the comfort of your own home!

Why can’t people just respect me and leave me be? Why must you knock on the bloody door or use other toilets instead. That is my toilet. It is my rights to stay inside there to do whatever I want! If you wanna knock so much, why don’t you just go to the public toilet and rush someone who is actually hogging the toilet to talk on the phone or something?

Sometimes life can be really twisted. Sometimes, I feel as if people bangs on the toilet door as if they want to break it down and force me out of the toilet when I’m poo-ing! Dammit! LEAVE ME ALONE! And stop using emotional blackmails to make me feel bad. For what’s it’s worth, I HAVE SACRIFICED ALOT, and I would appreciate it very much if you let me poo in peace. Go bother someone else, why don’t you? If you want to please the toilet management old farts fellers so much, why don’t you just do it yourself, and stop asking me to cooperate, cuz I’m definitely not interested.


Cleffairy: Tsk. Nasty metaphor, I know. My ex- English teachers are going to faint if they see me use toilet and poo as a metaphor.


  1. Alice Law says:

    LOL @ STP’s comment!

    I normally won’t bother to use the toilet after someone done their business, it stinks!>_<
    Friend, it's time to have a cup of good coffee and some morsels with bunch of good friends! Did Chee Yee call you regarding nxt Fri, are u coming? Can't wait to see u!^^

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yalo… dun understand why must knock knock and force ppl come out when poo-ing. Worst still if it’s not public toilet. Eh, yes, CY told me about it liao, but I’m not quite sure yet. Have to see whether i got transport on that day or not… or my hubby got any plans to bring me and the boy anywhere or not.

      Coffee kah? LOL… I cannot take coffee la, Alice. LOL. I only take tea. Coffee gives me terrible palpitations. And I only take those angmoh tea, not green tea or Chinese tea ah. LOL.

  2. Alv808 says:

    Hahaha… funny to read that. I dont like people use the toilet for doing other ‘businesses’. Here at my workplace…the so lovey dovey friends occupied the toilet to chat with their boyfriend through handphone. So annoying until the HR sticked a memo’s at toilet door ‘No other businesses allowed except..’ with cartoon with poop hehehe…

  3. twilightzone says:

    I hate having to stay longer than 5 mins in toilets. So I will eat all sorts of fruit juices or organic powder that drops my poop out before my ass touched the toilet seat. That one so shiok dei…….

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