The purpose of writing…

I couldn’t sleep again. I woke up in the middle of the night after having a sleep paralysis, and I wasn’t too comfortable to go back to bed once again, despite being completely comfortable under the sheets with my one and only.

Writing has always been therapeutic to me, and so here I am, writing…or rather, blogging? This will be a yet another short entry, cuz though I am having loads of plot bunnies in my head and feeling truly inspired to write about many things, my fingers seems to feel a bit rebellious and not really taking order from my brain. I have to admit it. I am tired. But I simply could not rest, as I feel restless and unsettled, but nothing is going to change that in the short period of time, so let’s just leave my sleeping problems and disorder out of the discussion. Let us talk about the purpose of writing instead.

Sometimes, I really wonder if I’ve strayed from the real purpose of setting up this blog? Well, I suppose, at some point, I really did stray, because my true intent of blogging is writing from the heart, just like I did with my novels and short stories.

I want to touch people’s heart and change lives and make a difference, and hoping so much at least one person out there become a better person because of my writing. That is my purpose. My mission.

I wanted to inspire others, share one part of my heart that I would never do with people around me. That is what I want. To touch people’s heart, to reach out, to make people think, and to educate people on certain matters and close the generation as well as the geographical gap.

I don’t know how successful I am at achieving it, but for what it’s worth, I’m glad that I did reach out and made friends with some people through my writing.

I have a small body and small voice. Nobody would notice me if I were to talk in public and express my views, as I don’t look intimidating enough, but most would notice me and know me through my writing because I sounded so fiery and spirited in most of my article, and even emails. I may be small, I may not be loud, but I couldn’t thank God for more for giving me a bigger voice in other form.

I write to reach out to all of you out there. To share my point of view and a part of my heart with you that I couldn’t really share with people around me. I wonder… what is the purpose of you writing your blog? I’ve always wanted to write from my heart and touch people’s heart with my thoughts and my views, that’s why there’s never a picture of me in my blog. I want everyone to ‘see’ me through my writing. Not my pictures.

How about you? What is your purpose of writing?

Cleffairy: If writing short stories and novels and publishing them online is a form of ‘blogging’, I could have been a blogger since 1998.


  1. Merryn says:

    The purpose of YOU writing is to entertain ppl like US! πŸ˜€

    To keep our lives colorful and to ensure that YELLOW remains the color of the royalty.. πŸ˜›

  2. Jeremin says:

    I love yr writing as it help me to motivate me to write more properly. I wish i can write as good as you.
    As for me, i love to write for reflect my inner thoughts as well as to unbottle my emotions out.

  3. Brittany says:

    This educational article assited me a lot! Bookmarked the blog, extremely interesting categories just about everywhere that I read here! I really appreciate the info, thank you.

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