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I’m not quite a fan of buying things online. Seriously. I’ll be very honest with you on that. I thought that sometimes, items are somewhat expensive, and I often wonder if buying from online stores is reliable. I don’t quite like the feeling of buying things and waiting for them to arrive at my doorsteps via courier as well. I’m never good at waiting, and somehow, anticipation kills! 🙁

But as of late, after being involved in NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy, I have been exposed to online book publishing as well as ordering online ML kits where I’m required to make some payments in order to get some stuff to work, and I found myself wishing from the bottom of my heart that I have a discount code or some sort to enable me to enjoy lower prices and rates when I desperately need to buy things online. I wish for this especially when I was shopping for royalty free pictures to be used for my book cover design. I felt that it is not worth paying for such an expensive price for just a simple picture. It’s a royal pain in my PayPal account 🙁

I browsed around and found that actually there are loads of websites that offers free coupons for the online consumers to use, though not all of them is suitable for me to use. Among them is

Coupon Chief is one of the fastest growing coupon sites, with over 250k visitors/month. They have over 50k coupons for over 15000 stores, and the coupons are free for consumers to use. Talk about frugal online shopping. Honestly, I never really knew that there are such website out there that offers so many coupons for various online shops in just one database, and best part of it that it’s all completely free to use.

Some online stores really goes for the jugular, and I believe, if you’ve been doing online shopping all these while without any discount coupons during the checkout of your shopping cart, you have been wasting quite a decent amount of money. Trust me on this. I’ve been there, and burnt a hole in my pocket.

Next time you shop online, try checking out Coupon Chief, they have loads of coupons giveaways that will entitle you for discounts for various online shops and boutique. One of the many coupons over there might be the right one for you.

Coupon Chief is a website where you can browse and find coupons, discounts and deals for thousands of stores. The site lets you search for coupons and browse them by stores and popular product tags. All listed coupons are up to date and rated by community so that you don’t have to waste your time on expired coupons.

If you are an online entrepreneur, you might want to check their website as well. With Coupon Chief, you can also make money just by uploading coupons and sharing the savings. You can check it out further in their website on how to do it.

If you are a facebook or twitter user, you can consider being their european dating app or their as well. They post their updates and special offers frequently on their facebook page as well.

People who practices frugal living often take time to do coupon clippings to save on their purchases. I used to do that when I was still studying in college. I tend to collect McD’s coupons… you know… buy one Big Mac free one Fillet O Fish kinda coupons. I’m still doing coupon clippings, though not McD’s.

I’m quite amazed, actually, that now if you shop online, you can also use coupons to save on your online purchase. Trust me… when you use coupons, you can actually save heaps when buying from online stores.

Cleffairy: Every penny counts. Save up, folks.


    • Cleffairy says:

      First time I heard about coupon stuff…never hear about coupon trunks before though. Still new with online shopping stuff, I’m afraid. Last wik I needed to buy something, den I notice that with coupons, they charged way cheaper!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Me too. But for me… some things needs to pay online. 🙁 Especially for those royalty free pictures that I need to use as mag and book cover. 🙁 Those without discount coupons, really damn expensive. 🙁

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