The red underwear fetish…

I suddenly have the need to write about this. I know it’s not my usual ranting and emotional articles but seriously, I need to apologize to all of Batman fans out there. Why do I say this? Well, dear readers, I can’t seem to appreciate Dark Knight the way the rest of you did. I actually struggled to stay awake and slept throughout the rest of the movie. Thank heavens I watched it online for free, otherwise I’ll be swearing my head off for wasting the money on the movie ticket in a cinema.

Why did I slept through Dark knight? I don’t know, but I slept like a pig after the first 15 minutes after Dark Knight being showed on my screen, and so does my other half. We’re both struggling to stay awake throughout the whole movie. Personally, I find it quite…boring.

Dark Knight kicked Titanic’s ass as top earning blockbuster, but seriously, I’m not so sure why. Is it because the guy who played Bruce Wayne is hot? I can’t really comment on the storyline and the action during the movie, because I was relatively disposed, dreaming about certain web swinger as well as that stupid man who cannot seem to wear his underwear right.

Damn. Why can’t I appreciate Dark Knight the way I appreciate Iron Man? And why this particular Batman movie can’t keep me awake the way that bloke Clark Kent who fooled the whole damn world with a pair of glasses? And why the hell Batman can’t get me to throw popcorn at the screen the way I’m pissed at Peter Parker for being a mild manner superhero who just can’t knock Mary Jane off her feet and toss her to the bed and make wild passionate love to her? Damn. I must be cuckoo!

Something must be really wrong with me. Everyone told me that Dark Knight is excellent, but it’s not good enough to keep me even awake to enjoy the whole movie. Gosh, I can sit for more than four hours watching Discovery Channel Documentary on Helen of Troy as well as The Spartan by Bethany Hughes and yet I can’t survive Batman? So I’ve been told I love boring stuff like documentaries on ancient histories, but I can’t believe people are actually right about me. I’m not really ‘normal’.

Hmm, actually I can tell you people why I prefer Superman to Batman. Firstly, I think it’s because I’m bias, because in reality, I share the same job with Superman/Clark Kent, which is a journalist. Superman is really the one I need to thank for my job, because the guy actually inspired me to take up journalism. (I’m serious about this) Secondly, I’m a bit against filthy rich people who actually own an empire just because his mom and dad died and left him the money. Thirdly…THE UNDERWEAR…THE RED UNDERWEAR! I love Superman more than I like Batman must be because of the flashy red underwear. LOL. Don’t you guys just love a superhero who is courageous enough to use his underwear as a disguise? I mean, who’ll be looking at his face when people are busy ogling his flashy red underwear? It’s a perfect disguise.


This sounds really dumb…I know I’ll be getting flames from Batman fans, but since I’m halfway through this, I’ll just continue and pretend that this doesn’t actually sound so stupid after all. It’s Batman vs Superman here…*ducks*

Cleffairy: Eh, if I pathetically love Superman more than Batman as a Superhero, why the hell I swoon without fail when I watch Zorro? Or going ‘Awwww’ when Tuxedo Mask from Sailormoon threw his roses at his enemy during his appearance? Can somebody please tell me why. LOL.


  1. Calvin says:

    i didnt enjoy watching the dark night as well. maybe because the plot was so serious from the beginning. but as for the other super power, v shaped bodied, muscle bound & handsome heroes like ironman and superman, the producers included some humour and romance. i disliked hulk from the beginning. im more into historical movies like brave heart, the patriot and such…not forgetting some “boring” fav like the english patient. how bout you?

  2. ktx says:

    i likey batman more wor. becuase it’s slightly more down to earth and the baddies r more possible in existence then these hobgoblin or sandman…etc, lol. i think the batman movies by tim burton were really comicky which is a class of its own, and chris nolan cleverly executed the dark ages and the more matured version of batman which was also reflected in the comics when it was painted in a very matured and darker light. i do hv the arkam asylum series in leather bound which is a collectors item now….i dont own much comics really, but a good collector on rare items…lol. wanna read? lol.

  3. roses says:

    *quickly search for the red knickers and wear it for Cleff*
    here here..look at me.. =P

    anyway, i prefer superman to the Bat anytime. luckily i did not even pay to sleep in the cinema for Dark Knight. my dad wanna watch it because of the Joker who committed suicide and died a horrid death. but i pull him back from doing so..lucky i did.
    Ironman is HAWTT…sizzling hot,kay~~Ironman is the first comic-based movie that i actually fall in love at first sight..

    i believe u like Zorro because of the heavy sexy Spanish Antonio has. cause i

  4. cleffairy says:

    Calvin, I didn’t enjoy it too. but I did enjoy my sleep though. LOL. It must be the romance that got me hooked. But then again, I’m able to enjoy good action movies like 2 Fast 2 Furious and most of those lack of romance movies. hmm… what kind of movies I like? i like good documentaries, but if you consider them not movies, then I’ll tell you I like soppy stuff hunky male actors to ogle at. I always tell myself…Superman have Lois, Spiderman have Mary Jane Watson but…Batman, with all the money he have, he can’t even hook a girl? Anyway, I always imagine that Batman is bad, because he’ll probably team up with Lex Luthor from Superman and get involve in some high profile organized crime. he simply gets away just because he’s brainy enough to masquerade in black cape at night and make people think of him as a superhero. LOL.

    ktx…yea, comic, I guess I can take. LOL. I’m a huge comic fans. It’s just too bad my mom threw away my complete collection of Dragon Ball, Sailormoon and Doraemon.*snarl* now that i got my own money, heck I’ll buy it all over again, and she can do nothing about it. *evil cackle*. Batman, maybe he’s not just my type of Superhero. I just can’t get it, why does he only go out at night to chase the bad people? And wassup with his weird car. 😛

    Pete…any guy who wears his undies outside, will not only get MY attention, but also the rest of the females population out there. Careful leh, don’t wear it outside, we women can be quite ominous.Hahaha.

    Calvin…unfortunately for me… he don’t have any red undies and i doubt he’ll wear it even if his life is at stake *sigh*. So unfair…I love red undies. Damn damn damn!

    Kevin, try watching it… and tell me if I’m not the only one who finds it…err…a good sleeping pill. Weird you know, i can through Documentaries anytime, but not Batman. My colleague told me it’s weird!

    Haha, Rose, that’s cute. 😛 yea, Ironman is HAWTTTTT…. and cocky as well. I can’t believe it that in the end of the movie, Tony(ironman) actually admit to the world that he IS Ironman. Man, that was HAWT, HAWT! And yeah, thanks a lot for telling me joker committed suicide. I had wanted to know the ending. Anyway, Hancock is not bad too. I like Hancock, very original. Hmm, thinking back maybe it’s true. The reason why I like Zorro is because it’s very romantic as well as the sexy Antonio Banderas. I LOVE romantic Spanish men in mask…the sword signature and the horseback riding makes me swoon too. I just have to admire the horseback riding skill, because I’ve fallen from horse twice trying to ride fast. 🙁 thank god I did not end up like Christopher Reeves.That must be another reason why I can sit and watch hundreds episodes of Spanish telenovela.(please don’t ask, I’m a sucker for these soaps)

    Goku, I can’t honestly say I’m a fan of DC and marvel comics, but I can say I go nuts over manga, which explains my addiction to Sailormoon, Dragonball and other Japanese stuff. They’re just classic.

  5. Son Goku says:

    complete collection of dragonball and sailormoon??? wow!!! its like winning a lottery for me! so glad to know that youre into animes too! im already 23 years old but i still play with anime action figures. hahahaha!

  6. Calvin says:

    Goku… 32 and i still play with figurines. but not the manga stuff, made me looked kinky..hehehe. i loved the dvds though, but only with the ones with robots and stuff. i bought a superman figurine last year in klcc, cost me about rm500++. currently, i have about 25 of those, from us marines to x-men and luke skywalker. i didnt manage to buy darth vader coz it wasnt for sale.

  7. roses says:

    I did not watch the Dark Knight.
    what i meant was the actor who played Joker, Heath Ledger…(whatever la, i am in spelling angmos’ names) committed suicide in real life..
    dark knight was his last..

    i am on for Antonio because of his smexy slang…. *drool*

  8. cleffairy says:

    Goku…you’re same age as me…I’m not yet 24, I’ll be 24 next month. hahaha….of course I’m into anime… my nickname itself is a pokemon. LOL. Dragonball and Sailormoon is classic, don’t you think? Well, they’re my growing up buddies, and I’m not giving up those manga, so sue me lah, mom. *bleakksss* I don’t play with action figurines, but I’m quite an RPG games freak… I play Pokemon, Tekken, Maplestory and stuff. I must admit, it’s very addictive.:-P

    Calvin.. u siao, spend so much on toys. Now got wife liao leh, if you’re my husband, sure I knock your head for buying a rm500 figurine. Hahaha…You like robots? So tell me, did you watch Gundam? i like the Gundam Seed and Destiny, got me hooked pretty well. You want Darth Vader figurine? I tell you something, next month, McD will be selling those with Happy Meals. go and buy some Happy Meal and get the Darth Vader they’re selling. Woohoo, and they’re cheap, less than rm10.( i know lah, I’m cheapskate). Currently I’m collecting the Olympic Fuwa from McD. And yes, I buy the Happy Meals.:-P

    Rose…paiseh, paiseh…. I thought in the end, joker commited suicide in Batman…lol. Batman is a curse leh, you see, even the bad guy committed suicide in real life. Scacry la! Yalorr, I’m smitten with Antonia because of his accent… and his looks, and the way he dance, and the kisses… damn…I need to stop this before my hubby growl at me .Whahah….

    Seng arr…seng… where can power rangers be the best? They take drugs leh… Mighty Morphine Power Rangers. Everytime oso they shout “it’s morphine time!”….hmm… they fight under drug’s influence. Seng, my didi, don’t take drugs you know? They’re very bad for health. Spoil the brain wan. Ahahaha… yerr… your jie here sot liao. Tonight you online or not? Jie sien lehh… 🙁

  9. Son Guko says:

    mr. calvin, sir, thank you for sharing your personal side. i am just too shy to let my friends know that im still playing with comic action figures because of all them has already a child or two and they always tell me to grow up. i have sailormoon figurines but i kept it hidden in my cupboard. hehehehe

    clef, ms.pokemon, youre 23 too? i thought i read your age at someones blog that you were just a 19 yr old pretty smart married girl. yeah, for me, animes are classic. my closet is full of anime stickers. hahahaha

  10. cleffairy says:

    WAHHHHHHHH!!!! Gimme that bloody figurine!!! Gimme Sailormoon figurine! I want them! *hunts after Goku*. LOL… Calvin is young at heart, isn’t he not? Can you believe it if I tell you his mom play playstation too, and beat his ass at it? Well yeah, Calvin’s mom rox! If only my mom shares the same interest like his mom, then I’ll be in heaven. Hehe…

    Eh? I think that feller got it wrong, I’m 23. Some thought I’m 19 because maybe I talk about childish stuff with them while a good deal of others thought I’m well into 40 cuz maybe I talked about politics and social illness with them. 😛 And yeah , I’m taken. But still, I can be pretty childish at times. Sailormoon and Dragonball is an all time favourite. I watch the anime and live action. And I’m waiting for them to release Dragonball live action. But… I’m not sure how they are going to make DB live action happen. Goku’s hairstyle would be pretty weird… Haha.

  11. cleffairy says:

    Aladdin? Aha, you’re a fairy tale fan? I like normal human heroes too… like Count of Monte Cristo and Zorro. Haha… I’m a sucker for Spanish fellers… 😛

    Tell you a secret…my dad is my superhero! 😛

  12. cleffairy says:

    It’s true, my dad is a superhero…every time I got financial problems…he’ll get me out of trouble..or…every time I get into trouble and my mom nag me…he’ll rescue me. And when I was younger, if there’s anyone who even dare to bully me and make me cry, he’ll beat em into pulp. Now THAT is superhero.


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