Dear Bitch in Heat…

First and foremost, I have to apologize to my dear readers and visitors, because this particular post might provoke your thoughts and any minors who accidentally stumbled upon this article, kindly navigate away or read at your own risk. This post is rated NC17 and 18SX for explicit contents and vulgar language.

While I am a hopeless romantic at heart, but I can be pretty fiery if provoked. I need to let this out, or else, the pent up emotions inside may do a lot of damage to my mental health. I refused to be mentally abused further, so, here goes…

Dear Ms. Bitch in Heat,

While I’m fully aware that you are trying to loose your jiggly bits and that is the main reason why you’re skipping your lunch trip to your favourite restaurant so that you will not look like an elephant in skirt or a baboon ass in a summer dress, I do hope you realize that there are other people in the office who is trying to eat their pre-packed lunch in office while trying to finish tonnes of work that is originally YOURS.

I know that you are well known for not meeting your datelines, and I cannot blame you for lack of brain and effort, because you clearly get your easy way out by spreading your legs for every single available and not available men to get what you want, but yours truly over here cannot eat lunch in peace because you simply killed her appetite brutally with loud volume of porn movies you seems to love to watch during lunch.

Could you at least spare me some peace of mind and a little bit of privacy during lunch and watch your porn movies elsewhere? Or at least turn the volume down a bit so that those explicit sound would not harass my ears further? It’s office, dear bitch, not a whore’s lair where you can watch them and masturbate as you please. I hope you do realize that you are using the office Internet for your personal sexual pleasure …and why can’t you have mercy on other people who do not share the same interest with you? How in the name of hell do you expect me to eat and do my work when my concentration is disrupted by those “Ohh, fuck me, fuck me hard” or “Yes…ahhh, ahhh, ahhh….ummmphhh” that is coming from your side?

Does it kill you slow and bloody if you watch them discreetly? I do not mind if your hobby only last a day or two, but your porn movie escapade during the one hour lunch break has been going on for almost a month now, and I am seriously worried about the state of my mind if this continued further. You do realize that I need to stay in office for lunch to finish up work, right? And you do realize that the office is a common area and I have the rights to stay in office during lunch too. Do I need to give up my rights in order to spare you the privacy you badly needed?

I’m truly sorry but I really have to say this, dear bitch, but I feel that I’ve been sexually abused because I do not welcome the porn sound that is coming from your side. What can I do to make you stop watching those online porn movies during lunch break? Do I need to find some bastards with a huge cock to screw you upside down, inside out during lunch break in the storeroom so that you will stop watching them in a very high volume? Do I need to hire you some gigolos so that you’ll be sexually satiated? Or do I need to make a trip to the sex toy shop and buy you some dildo or vibrators so that you can D.I.Y somewhere else?

Miss Bitch in Heat, everyone in office is aware of your sexual frustration and the only reason the rest of us here haven’t report your new hobby to the superior is because he seems to be smitten with you too. Seriously, we don’t know why he’s longing for your pussy so much, because it’s not a secret that you are seeing other men as well as busy trying to get people’s husbands and boyfriends to your bed to please you.

While you have my sympathy that you could not find proper release to your highly pent up sexual frustration, I do hope you can find a way to deal with your quest for a mind shattering orgasm somewhere else, preferably at the comfort of your own home or at one of your regular date’s place whom you are sleeping with at the moment. Please bitch, I beg of you, please spare me some sanity. And please have some respect for yourself. Please try to wear less revealing outfit to the office. Not everyone in the office is interested in what colour is your G-string panties you are wearing every goddamn day.

Thank you in advance for your kind attention and further action, Ms. Bitch in Heat, I truly appreciate it.

Ps. I just don’t understand why you won’t fling your g-string underwear up high in the air and toss it onto the dance floor of the club that you probably frequent during one of those clubbing nights if it’s sexual pleasure you’re seeking. Why must you seek sexual release by watching porn in the goddamn office?

Yours truly,


Cleffairy: I just hate people who watch porn in office. It’s downright wrong. 🙁


  1. cleffairy says:

    She’s 29, gonna be 30 soon. You wanna screw her? Go ahead, I’m sick of her, seriously. What the hell, watching porn in office. I find it really disturbing and revolting! No, she’s not pretty and slim…err…as I said, she’s like elephant wearing skirt and summer dress with Nippon paint as make-up. i’m not sure if she can look pretty without her Nippon paint makeup though. that’s one thing for us to find out. You know, her behaviour really upsets me. Argghh! Why can she at least be normal and watch MTV or movies or something instead of porn?


  2. cleffairy says:

    Mei… she’s a lot fatter than jie. If jie slap her, wait she try to slap back, den jie die on the spot! Jie haven’t finish write yet, will let you know when it’s finish, ok? You take care, k, don’t maple too much.


  3. cleffairy says:

    I’m so…. very very very pissed with her! you’re right you know, why the heck she din use earphone? Hmm…I should buy her one!

  4. Calvin says:

    clef, your true colours exposed…hahaha. seriously, if you really wnt this bitch to stop, you have to report to your superior and catch her red handed. preferably, a supervisor who has grudges or is pissed with her. if your immediate boss is infatuated with her and does nothing, then report him as well. these people, who has brain a size of a pea needs some waking up call. since no one stepped up to her, she feels superior and found nothing wrong doing what she wants to do….or maybe, just maybe, she lacks love and care. so, you gotto show some love dear…

  5. KevinP says:

    cleffy… when deprieved, ppl go through great lengths to pacify themselves. You must not.. I repeat.. must not be disgusted because of what she is doing. Instead you must be loving, caring and sympathetic to her “needs”.

    Am I sounding VERY understanding today? Its Friday.. so I try to be REALLY NICE.

  6. cleffairy says:

    Calvin…the superior is smitten with her. She even get less work to do because she’s good at ‘seducing’. LOL… I told some of the female colleague, but unfortunately, there’s not much things we can do…she’s been at it for almost a month now. Probably she just discovered a free porn movies portal or something. I dun mind people watching porn, you know, but I do mind if it’s in office. I feel like being harassed. She feels superior all right, cuz she’s boss little pet. She? Lack love and care? Me? Show her love and care? I’ll be more than please to ask some asshole to screw her and show some ‘love’ to her. Damn…even if I’m a les…I wouldn’t go for her. Siiiiigghhhh! Whiny, bitchy…argh, I don’t even know why is she working in the office.

    Kevin…the only thing she’s deprived is probably food. i don’t think she is pacifying herself…I am really convinced that her nightly escapades with various men could not bring her to orgasm or sexual satisfaction at a certain level. LOVING? SYMPATHETIC? Aiya, Kevin, you got the wrong girl la, I’m not les nor I’m interested in becoming one. I hate her for watching porn in office! Sinatra is right, I must go and buy her an earphone if i want to stay sane. LMAO.

  7. roses says:

    wow..harsh but i like..
    this is the first time i am hearing female being daring and watch pornos in public aka office..
    sounds like she is cheap-skate bitch..
    i always have something against these bitches seducing stupid men (married/single)..ughh, make me wanna strangle them?!!?
    ur post really provoke my murderer mode

  8. peteformation says:

    Ha Ha, interesting topic! So fast already 12 comments! Rarely see a women do that openly in an office. Very soon your office computers network will have unsolicited pop ups and spams. When the bosses find out this way, she will be in big trouble.

  9. James says:

    if she’s fat I can’t blame her..I mean who would wan to hv sex wif a fat watchin porn is the only solution for her..if she hv a husband dat guy must be weak rofl..same goes for if she’s ugly~

  10. cleffairy says:

    Rose…I wouldn’t believe that there’s a female who is daring enough to watch porn in office with quite a volume if I don’t experience it myself. I had always thought girls wouldn’t watch porn much, but they’ll go for romance novel or something…you know, Mill&Boon or Harlequin. She’s actually not that ‘cheap’ because she decorate herself like xmas tree. LOL… and as of late, there’s one more thing I can’t stand about her, is she likes to text people’s bf or husband with ‘I miss you’ and ‘when are you seeing me again’ messages to kacau. I was told that her latest target is a married man whose wife is pregnant. Wahh… don’t say I provoke your murderous mode, cuz I also feel like chopping her to pieces and feed her to the dogs. Humph!

    u-jean…I want ‘kik the bitch’s ass and get rid of her for good’ petition. LOL.

    Pete…not so open lah, but there are some of us in office who eat tapao-ed lunch in office in order to finish our work. But still, she’s not discreet, and she’s been the female restroom gossip for quite a while among some of the girls in the office now as a result of her hobby. Hmm… soon her pc windows would be totally cuckoo, I’d like to see how she kena from our biggest boss. Haha.

    Seng…she’s trying to loose her ‘jiggly bits’…she’s not married yet, so, yalah, must be the solution for her…even if she hv a husband, she watch porn must be because her husband’s little brother cannot stand up. Hahaha… adeihh…your jie watch porn at home oso don dare leh…scared PC get virus den your jiefu will know jie watch porn. Seng, you know anot, that Si Pet say there’s a lot of porn site that is free to watch. Cannot believe it!


  11. cleffairy says:

    Hmm…ya, she’s gonna be 30,I heard…erm… not that fat lah…just got some ‘jiggly bits’. But if compare her to me, if I were to attempt to slap her or anything, I’ll be blown to the next dimension. LOL. Aww, come on Goku…give it a try…haha…who knows you might like it? OMG, damn…I sound like a pimp. God, I must be tired that I’m muttering gibberish. Seriously need a break. Yes…Cleff is suffering from fatigue and horrible noise pollution.

    Have a nice weekend, ya’ll


  12. roses says:

    feed to dogs?!?! dogs also have rights on their food,kay?!?!
    how can u feed them food that is downright worse than garbage?!

    eww….this type of person wont learn their lesson..wreck other relationship..well, if men willingly enter her traps, those men are equally as dirty n garbage as her..

  13. cleffairy says:

    Hmm…when you mentioned it, the dogs do deserve better and good food. After all, they are men’s best friend and make good and loyal friend. Hmm I change my mind, feed the dogs pedigree+rice and some dog bone cookies. You’re right, we wouldn’t want to poison the dog with excessive fat and nippon paint makeup. Whaha.

    Sigh…home wreckers are everywhere. I doubt it only happens in my office. Rose, if only thoughts could kill…if only thoughts could kill, she’d be shot dead in her head or her heads would be rolling ala Qing Dynasty punishment. CHHOPP!!! 😛

    Sorry, I got carried away with my imagination. Haha. Anyway, some men, they simply take things for granted, and tends to ‘makan’ outside. What to do, some men are like that. 🙁

  14. tangkup says:

    Clef you are hard on this gal. Poor Bitch.

    Behavioural development is either inherited or acquired. If its inherited this gal must have inherited from her ancestors or else her environment has helped her to acquire it either from her boss (who loves her perverted activity) or from her associates surrounding her.

    This gal must be having a ball of a time playing the pornografik movies in your ofis. Suggest to her either to have a live show or conduct a ponografik show cos many perverted men would like that so that she can charge and raise a lot of money. In turn she can use that collections for her to undergo some saikological treatment. Perverted men can help her and She may just change into a Cinderella!!

  15. cleffairy says:

    Tangkup, I can be pretty harsh when provoked. Actually, I have nothing against people who watch porn, but I really cannot take it when they watch it in public…in the BLOODY OFFICE during lunchtime. It upset me and some of my colleague, because not all of us can manage to go for lunch. We sometimes have too much work to do that it’s necessary for us to stay in office to finish up our work.

    One of my colleague did told her to stop watching porn in office, as it’s a form of abuse, but she told the other girl to mind her own business in a very harsh and rude manner. And since she’s the ‘boss pet’, none of us actually dare to complain for fear we’ll get into trouble with the boss himself. Til this very day, though the volume is not as loud, she still watches porn while licking on a lollipop candy. It really disgust me.

    Trust me tangkup, her life is way better than the rest of us girls in office. She have a lot of male acquaintances who buy her stuff, and she decorate herself as if her body is a Xmas tree… I dunno if she requires anymore money or attention. Obviously someone needs to knock her head so that she can think straight and behave well once again.

    Actually I believe that her behaviour is acquired, as I’ve been told by other colleagues that her parents are from religious Catholic family who attend church every week without fail. Her parents are in fact very decent people, so I dun believe that they knew how she behaved outside. It’s just too bad that their daughter is badly behaved. It’s such a shame.

  16. tangkup says:

    Hi Clef. Thank you vm for the n4 (not C4 ok?) on this bitch.

    I believe now that the boss is actually encouraging her perverted act. I sincerely hope this is not a trend encouraged by the present Gomen. For all you know this bitch maybe is planted by the BN gomen…LOL!!

    Perhaps you and your colleagues should group together and organsie a demonstration in the ofis. This demo may just bring out the truth about this bitch..who planted her there etc etc.

    I am perplexed how this kind of perverted act can continue in an ofis which is full of decent mortals. Very sorry for You.

  17. cleffairy says:

    Tangkup… it is well circulated in the office that the boss and the bitch have er… ahemmm…some sort of relationship, that’s why she’s so daring to do whatever she wants.

    Demonstration won’t work… one of these days, we might as well inform the the boss wife’s about this bloody bitch so that we can get rid of her…maybe den we’ll have peace. LOL. 😛

    Honestly, I feel sorry for myself too…haha(walao, so shameless) 😛

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