The teacher from Sibu

*picture ‘borrowed’ from STP’s blog* LOL! The jolly-looking guy in yellow shirt is Mr. STP, a blogger whom I fondly called ‘Cikgu’ (A word equivalent to teacher/sir in Malaysian Language). And the sweet looking lady is STP’s cousin.

If you tell me that I’d be meeting so many people from the blog-o-sphere last year, I’d probably drop dead on the spot. Why? Cuz I’m somewhat a recluse, and meeting people whom I got to know online gives me the creep. You see, I’m an anonymous blogger. I don’t appreciate people plastering my pictures all over their blog and whatnot after meeting me… so… I have to be extra careful of whom I meet out of the virtual reality. Not everyone is good, you see. This is a fact.

But ever since I got to know nice, kind people like Smallkucing and Cynthia… I feel that meeting some people that I got to know online is not so bad after all. Most of the people I had the privilege to know are mostly friendly and kind people, and they don’t exactly eat me up or expose me. There are a few rotten apples, of course… but thank God, most I’ve met so far does not have the tendency of a museum curator who treated me like some sort of relic for exhibition.

I would never consider myself as a blogger, because I am a writer first, then a blogger. Frankly speaking, I never knew that I could make so many good friends from writing in my blog.

I’ve met Claire, Ling, Manglish and many more. They’re all nice people. And recently, I met STP as well. πŸ˜€ I went to meet him up along with Smallkucing and Cynthia, and we had a great dinner together.

STP is not new in Over A Cuppa Tea. In fact, I knew him for quite some time already. He first  dropped by in my blog 2 years ago. I’m not quite sure what article it was, but it wasn’t exactly a pleasant article. It was a lunatic fairy ranting sort of article, and STP commented in that. From the sound of his writing, he sounded fierce and firm. A very opinionated kinda guy, and from his physical look I had assumed that he’s a man at least in his early 40s, and is a working professional- probably a successful businessman or a 9-5 office big shot.

But I was wrong… very wrong. LOL… STP is not fierce in nature (well, to me he’s not… I am not sure if his students thinks the same of him). He’s far from that. He’s a very jolly man, and… uh… he’s actually a lot older than I thought. His physical appearance could have fooled people. He look rather young for his age. (Perhaps, being happy always is his secret to youthfulness)

And instead of a business man, STP is a retired teacher.  STP is older than my father and he’s a very soft-spoken and polite man. πŸ˜€ I like him very much, and I think of him as a doting father who always encourages me and offer kind advice when I needed it most.

When he first spoke to me in person… he reminds me of someone I love. Who? πŸ˜€ My grandfather. LOL. (He’s so gonna kill me for this). But that was a compliment, cuz I adore my grandfather very much. LOL.  You see, when he played with Smallkucing during our dinner date, I keep thinking of the times I had with my grandfather when I was Smallkucing’s age. LOL.

Anyway, it’s very nice to finally meet STP. He had treated all of us a very nice dinner and gave us goodies too. *blush blush* Will write about that one soon, and I daresay you’d drool on the food that we had during that wonderful dinner.

To be continued…. on the next episode of ‘The Teacher from Sibu’.

Cleffairy: Bwhahaha.. thank you for the kompiah and the goodies… love it very much, Cikgu. πŸ˜›


  1. kathy says:

    hew haw…donkey is here

    A big THANK YOU to STP for the lovely dinner. WE made so much noise that day. Surprising that the boss didnt kick us out of the restaurant.

    Lovely meeting STP and the rests πŸ˜€

    And Cleff thanks for the Coke Chic. It’s still in the freezer

    • suituapui says:

      Aiyor…over a week old liao! Cannot keep food for so long lah! Two days to the most. Same as my missus…but in her case, she stuffs things in the fridge and then forgets all about it until I go korek-korek…and find it one fine day, hidden somewhere among all the stuff that she stuffs in…and then I will just throw away!

      • Cleffairy says:

        Yalorr… hopefully she will throw it away and not baham it when she’s hungry. I dun make it a habit to keep food more than 3 days in the fridge… unless they’re acar and those that can be kept for a few days sort of food.

        LOL… ur Missus like my mum… haihh… she can keep food inside her freezer for more than 6 mth and will forget about it. TSK TSK TSK!

  2. goldflower86 says:

    lol remind u of grandpa. hehehe. i love to frequent his blog because he remind me of sarawak and remind me of being a cikgu too. soon GOD williing, i will be teacher too. thats why

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… ya… when he play with Smallkucing, he reminds me of my grandpa. My granpa oso very friendly and jolly with kids wan. πŸ˜›

      I everyday go his blog and read it like newspaper… LOL… kenot miss wan. πŸ˜›

  3. Alv0808 says:

    So good. Me too love to be invisible..always looking for excuses to meet up or any blogger Well..I have to think again…meeting is good. I should be open for this hahaha..

    • Cleffairy says:

      Ya… it is nice to be able to meet with people and still remain invisible and anonymous. I never thought it’s possible… and my life was so miserable before that… cuz never go out to socialize at all… haihh… rotten life… until a few people came into my life, and let me know that sometimes, it’s okay to open my heart and have faith a lil bit. I am happier now… πŸ˜€ with good friends like this around.

      I used to give excuses… load of them… but these days… I know that it is okay to meet some of the people online. Not everyone is bad. In fact, most are good people… they showed me kindness and teaches me things. πŸ˜€

  4. Lylie says:

    Yeah, you are right. But it’s not easy to expect people (bloggers) to respect your privacy. You are lucky!

    I love reading M’sian bloggers’ blog, but after just ONE time of meeting them, my privacy were gone. You can tell me that not everyone is going to be trustworthy but there are still many who are genuine. Anyway, the trust is broken. If you think and respect privacy, feel free to contact me. I’ll be a host to you and your family if you ever come over here for a visit. πŸ™‚ Lots of blessing from me and I admired your knowledge in many areas through your writings. πŸ™‚

    • Cleffairy says:

      Exactly.. not everyone will respect your privacy, and some would even disregard your request and expose you. πŸ™ So I was rather reluctant to meet people whom I knew in the cyberspace. Not sure if they are trustworthy or not. But lucky for me… most that I’ve met won’t bother exposing me and respected my privacy. So I feel safe with them.

      I’ve met loads of anonymous bloggers too, whom I won’t mention cuz they do not wish to be made known. πŸ˜€ And I find that they’re really nice people.

      It is nice to know that good people still exists in this world. :d

  5. suituapui says:

    Yes, Christopher…just wait till I meet her again…and I’ll whack her so hard she’ll be singing a different tune, I’m sure. Needs a good spanking…oops!!! Muahahahahaha!!!! But ask my students – they would freeze in my presence…but some would eventually see the gentle giant within…..

    Oh? You met Manglish before – would love to meet him, seems like an interesting fella. I go out to meet bloggers all the time and those who wish to remain anonymous in the blogosphere, I will respect their wishes – no photos, no personal details mentioned…but at least, when we meet, I would expect them to tell me their real name…and not reply, “Confidential!” to whatever question asked. Like that, no need to meet lah…

    Thankfully, all that I’ve met, except perhaps one or two, are very open and very nice and after being together in our blogs for so long, it was always like old friends getting to meet one another again…and I would want to meet more of my blogger-friends unless they wish to remain anonymous – it’s a free country!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Eeeee… *runs for cover*

      LOL… yea… I met Manglish before… went for a book shopping rampage with him along with that Mamarazzi. He’s a very soft spoken feller too. Interesting person. And shared the same interest with me and Mamarazzi too. Manglish likes to write and read. I didn’t actually know him from his blog or my blog… but knew him from an international writing event… that NaNoWriMo. He was attempting the challenge as well last year. i got to know him from there. LOL!

      LOL… I’m an anon… but not that anon… haihh… ask me what my name ah? Cis… before I can answer you, they will tell you my name is ‘Little Bird’ or ‘Lady Bird’. Sobsss… my name so nice… kena modify kao kao by the little kids. Nvm la… as long as not Lizard, I okay liao! LOL!

      • Cleffairy says:

        @Mery… I think STP posted his pictures before in his blog…perhaps you have missed it. LOL… Oh? You’re from Sibu too? Wow… lol…mebbe you can make friends with STP… he’s such a nice guy. πŸ˜€ Very friendly and soft spoken. There’s also one more blogger from Sibu. AnnieQ. Do you know her? She’s from Sibu too. πŸ˜€

        @Cikgu… LOL…I tot Mery is from KL!

  6. Annie Q says:

    FINALLY you met up with your cikgu. ahahhahahah..

    Thanks to STP and i got to know you, small kucing, mummy ling and claire, although i hv not meet with you all before.

    Yes, i have to agree with you, STP is a very nice guy, even my boys love him too, just like their grandpa. hahahahhaha, hmmmm…i think STP can be my boys grandpa. LOL

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