Buy Life Insurance With No Medical Exam To Protect College Education Funds

Do you exercise regularly…eat right…stay healthy? There’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy a long, productive life. Now, make another smart move to protect your future:Buy Life Insurance. Even though you take care of yourself, you still need life insurance. Virtually every adult does. And for parents, it is essential. That’s because Term Life Insurance can replace all or part of your income when you die. That income replacement can cover your family’s most important expenses…among them, your children’s college education.

Your mortgage. Your family’s daily living expenses. Your credit cards and other debts. Your medical and funeral expenses. These are the big financial obligations in life. Add your children’s college education fund to the list. A four-year program for a B.A. or B.S. at what is considered even a modestly priced college can easily cost $50,000 of more. And what if your child wants to go to one of the country’s elite universities…and gets accepted? Plan on spending $100,000 to $150,000 or even more. If you die before your children’s college education account is fully funded, term life insurance can make up the shortfall.

Buying term life insurance is easy. Go online to compare rates; if needed, an insurance agent can help you right over the phone. Find an option that fits your family’s budget. Usually, you can pay online and even download a copy of your policy to print. And this may be one of the most pleasantly surprising aspects of term life: In most cases, you may be able to buy life insurance with no medical exam.

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