There’s no accident or coincidence, only reasons.

I don’t believe in accidents or coincidence. I believe that things happened for a reason, especially if it is bad things. If bad things happened to me a few years back, I might not be able to see it as a blessing in disguise. I would cry foul and point finger to the sky and blame God for being unfair and not listening to my prayers, but now, I can see that things happened for a reason, and God never answer your prayers at your convenience, but at His when the time is truly right.

He is the epitome of mercy and justice. He will give you justice, and it’s just the matter of time before he showed it to you. All you have to do is be patient and take everything in life as His will and learn to listen to Him follow His plans.

You see, I did not believe in Him back then… or rather, I felt that He no longer love me and I was not worthy of His love, and therefore, He was no longer with me. But as time goes by, I could see that God is always with me. It was me who was not with Him. And he was trying hard to get me back into His arms by showing me things that I could not see through the things that’s going on in my life. He loved me, and that is why bad things happened: to show me truth, and how the world is really like.

I’ve been working very hard lately. I took extra projects and whatnot so that I could save for the rainy day. But out of the sudden, my netbook died on me. Well, it did not exactly died on me, but it was not chargeable when I plugged it to the adapter. Consequently, I could not do work. I wanted to cry as there was dateline to be met and the workload was practically piling. But I took a deep breath, say a prayer, and took it as a blessing.

I was thinking that surely something good could come out for this. God must have known that I’ve been working too hard, and since I refused to take a rest, he made me take a rest by making my netbook ‘rest’. And so, taking it as a sign from Him, I shut it down, turned away from the table, and took a good rest by relaxing and spending time with my family.

I was amazed, really. My husband not only did not scowl at me for messing up the netbook or made me feel bad, but he comforted me instead and told me not to worry as he’ll set up a desktop for me to use temporarily until he figured out what’s wrong with my netbook.

I appreciates this very much cuz he’s extremely busy and shouldn’t be disturbed right now as he’s supposed to take another round of exam next week. I did not wish to disrupt his concentration, but he assured me that it’s all right and even promised me that if it can’t be repaired, he’ll buy me a new one (and in respond, I told him I’ll pay half). I was really touched. To others, this may be nothing, but to me, this is alot, especially when it cost my husband precious studying time and possibly, money too.

And so, my husband set-up another PC for me to use, which is operating under different operating system that I am not exactly familiar with: FreeBSD- A Unix based operating system. (My netbook was running on Ubuntu Netbook Remix). I fiddled around with it and I learned to use one more operating system. This is good, isn’t it? If my netbook did not died on me that day, I wouldn’t have bothered to learn to use something else besides  Mac, Windows and Ubuntu. Because of this, I’ve broadened my horizon a little bit in the field of computing and Open Source.

And because my netbook was not chargeable and there was no power going through it, and I couldn’t possibly continue doing my work. And because of it, I was forced to put work aside and just relax and reminded myself that I ought to backup my netbook regularly in case of such thing happens again.

My husband  took some time to unwind too and spent…. ahemm… quality time with me. I suppose the boy enjoyed it too, considering the mummy is not completely glued to the PC or forcing him to sit beside her and practice his writing as she do her own work and is able to bring him out for a stroll and eating out.

Anyway, at the end of the day, we went to the shop and get them to service the netbook for us (since it’s a branded netbook and couldn’t be ‘dissect’ or the warranty would be void), and we were told that the adapter conked out, and therefore, the netbook couldn’t be turned on and the battery was not chargeable.

We paid for a new adapter, and I was singing praises for Him deep inside cuz we not only do not need to buy a new netbook, but we get to spend quality time together. It’s been a long time since I feel this way and I am forever grateful to Him for making me stop working for a day and enjoy what life and people around me had to offer. Now that I’ feel much more relaxed and after a really fun break from work, I can now work much in a much more efficient manner since my mind and body is refreshed.

This little glitch made me feel closer to Him too. It made me think of practicing Sabbath. Hmm. I wonder if I could accomplish that?

On a much more romantic note, I feel much more connected to my husband since he started studying again. I am sure this is His doing too. God does work in mysterious way, does he not?

Cleffairy: There’s no accident or coincidence, only reasons. You just have to learn to open your eyes and see the reasons.

ps: Thank you for the new adapter and the new mouse.


  1. claire says:

    Pray and wait upon God.. be still…. 🙂 and submit to your husband.. hahahaa… hey, i better not laugh, it is memang a Bible verse… Husbands, love your wife… wife, submit to your husband…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Ahem… *clears throat* God also say that our husband is our helper. Kakakaka… that’s right oso right, right? I need to read the bible more. *EVIL GRIN*

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yalorr… summore he spent time setting up another PC for me to use. I feel bad leh… cuz he could hv studied instead. Kakaka…hugs and kisses ah, no problem… beyond that, lemme think dulu. ROFLOL!

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