They’re Not Your Friends

I have a really weird taste in almost everything. Be it clothing, food or even books. What people regard as not valuable, I consider it a treasure. I went to BookXcess Anniversary sale last month, and as I was digging away in the bargain bin of books that says going for RM1, Rm2 and RM3, I saw this book, ‘They’re Not Your Friends’ by Irene Zutell. It costs me RM3. Very cheap, for a good read.

Catchy cover, and it screams childishness. Absolutely female, vibrant and cheerful with the splashy pink.

But what made me buy this book is not the exuberance of the book cover, but the synopsis on the back of the book. This story is about a reporter. An entertainment reporter, and it made me think of myself before I left the newsroom and go freelancing in the field of reporting.

While I was specialized in investigative journalism, where my work revolves around digging for hard news, the character of this story, Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Love is the direct opposite of me in the industry. She’s an entertainment reporter, and therefore, nothing about her work revolves around nosing for crimes and high profile corruptions among politicians. Hers is pure soft news…with sex scandal and gossip thrown into her notepads.

Charlotte “Lottie” Love has a thing for celebrity. Actually, it’s more of an obsession. All her life she’s lurked in the shadows of Hollywood, desperate to step into the light. When she lands a job at Personality magazine, her dreams of red-carpet strolls, popping flashbulbs, and the attention of white-hot heartthrobs finally start to come true. Even Hollywood’s latest “It” boy falls for her, and everyone wants his story.

Can Lottie score the scoop? Ask Lem Brac, a British boozehound in the twilight of a mediocre career who knows an exclusive with the It boy would save his job. Lem looks for help from his new (and only) friendMike Posner, a young hotshot reporter just hired away from a New York tabloid.

But Mike has some damaging secrets himself that are about to surface. He needs the interview too, and it’s anyone’s guess how far he’ll go to get it. Welcome to the world of entertainment journalism and star worship, where you’re only as good as the gossip you dig up.

Good read? I suppose it is a good read. Some may find it boring to look into a life of a reporter, be it an investigative reporter who writes hard news or entertainment reporter who expose every little dirty underwear that you have in your closets, but I think the book reflects the politics of journalism industry. Thumbs up for “They’re Not Your Friends”.

Cleffairy: Here’s a message to those people who truly care for me and spare me in their thoughts. You are not my friends. But you’re more like a family to me. Not even family came close to loving me unconditionally without judging. Thank you for not just being my friends. You’re more than that.


    • Cleffairy says:

      A novel of 200-300 pages, standard font of 10pt TNR, usually 2 hours. But A novel of 500pages, standard font 10pt TNR… ought to be longer, 3-4hrs? Depends on the book.

  1. MRC says:

    Ermmm i guess i’m still an outsider – not friend nor “family” yet but i just wanna say good to have your kind around – someone that just be yourself unpretentious & just shoot what u want to say here or in other’s blog – I accept you for who u r (not knowing you well yet)

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