Hope you have a super…birthday.

You know… there’s a lot of people who sticks by me since they got to know me. At first… they thought I’m somewhat a monster. But when they came to know me, they didn’t see me as such… well…at least not that I know of.

No… I’m not going to say happy birthday to me, because my birthday is not today. 1st September is not my birthday.Today is the birthday of 2 people that had been in my life for as long as I started this blog.

One, is the birthday of my little sister, Starsecrets. I get to know her a couple of years ago when I got addicted to an online game known as Maplestory. Yes. She didn’t know me as a blogger, but a gamer. She knew the ‘original’ ‘ Cleffairy. An elemental magician, a wand wielding Ice Mage who goes around in the game world freezing monsters and fighting game bosses. She did not know me as a blogger, or even a writer. She had the pleasure and the privileges of seeing me at my brattiest, wackiest, and nastiest! LOL.

Starsecrets stood by me during my darkest hours. I didn’t have anyone back then… a couple of years ago. I have yet to discover many kind bloggers out there. I had nobody to talk to about what’s bothering me, and she was there for me during the time I was depressed and close to suicide. And even though she’s not a Malaysian, she came to visit me to celebrate Christmas together a couple of years ago.

She’s a dear friend, and a sweet little sister. One I could count on to be there fore me when I need to cry and need a hug or two. Mei…thank you for being there for jie. Jie miss you a lot. *hugs* Wish to see you again. On your birthday… jie hope you would be happy, contented, and wiser. If you need a pair of ear to listen to you, you know jie’s number. You can always call, or sms jie. Jie will be there for you. Remember that. Jie loves you, and so does Da Jie, Ah Bear, Didi, Jojo, Bra, Panties, Jia0 Jia0 and Si Pet. We all love you.

And then came the story when I just started to blog. I used free platform back then. WordPress blog. I blogged about current issues, political issues as well as my lunatic rant and raving. Not many were interested in what I had to say back then. Only few paid attention to what I had to say and take my words seriously. Among them are Pete, Calvin and Chris.

Today, 1st September, is also Chrisau’s birthday. He had been a good friend and very supportive of my writing ever since I started blogging. And therefore, in honour of his birthday, I’d like to wish him a very happy 40th birhday. :d *EVIL GRINZ* Don’t worry Chris. You’ll be my ‘little brother’ forever, no matter how the clock goes tick tock! LOL. Thank you so much for being a loyal reader and still reading what I have to say from 2 years ago til this very day. I really do appreciate you taking me seriously back then, and I really appreciate your thoughts. You have been really kind to me.

Cleffairy: Okay, okay…Chris, Pete and Calvin, I know you folks are going to have a huge laugh at my preference on red undies and black silk boxers. *sulk*


  1. Nightwing says:

    Happy Birthday to everyone!!!!

    Am glad she helped you through ur tough times..other wise might not be a today…u keep on doing what you want to do..this time round…am sure u got more gang to back u up…:)

  2. Christopher says:

    Haha … Only got the chance to comment now though I read it earlier. Thanks for the well wishes and it’s also the first time someone blogged to wish me happy birthday! Happy birthday to u too tomorrow!!
    Yeah,will continued to visit your blog, keep it up!!

  3. eugene says:

    Ok,, next time must pay serious attention to what our dear Cleff says, i bet it has been a long while now since we all started blogging, and i am happy for those who have found good if not true friends from bloggershpere, therefore i am happy for Cleff.

    We may have our preferences but then again we are all here to share, wrongly or rightly, it is good for us to agree and to disagree sometimes,,,

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