Things to Eat For Buka Puasa at Setapak Central Mall, Kuala Lumpur

I have been making a habit of cooking my buka puasa meals all these years during Ramadan, but this year things are rather hectic and I very much rather eat out instead of slaving in the kitchen for a meal. My choice of dining is of course Setapak Central Mall. Located just about 5 minutes drive away from home in Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak Central has been my regular weekend lurk for the past few years and this year, it has become my favourite place to dine during breaking fast time as well.

Here’s sharing with you 3 recommended eateries to break fast at this Ramadan:

1. Fish&Co
Outlet location: Lot G-04, 67


Tired of the usual ‘buka puasa’ meals and want something different? Why not head over to Fish&Co and indulge in some oceanic goodness, served creatively in a pan? I recently break my fast with my family at Fish&Co Setapak Central Mall and thought that Fish&Co offers quite an impressive Ramadan feast for you to break your fast with, for just a fraction of the price. You may read the detailed review HERE

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2. Nando’s
Outlet location: Lot G-14 AG-14


There are plenty of chicken restaurants in Setapak Central Mall, but if you are looking for a healthier choice of chicken meals instead of the usual fast food stuff, you might want to consider dining at Nando’s. Located conveniently at the Ground floor of Setapak Central, Nando’s offers wholesome Portuguese-style grilled chicken dishes with various peri-peri marinades. You may read the detailed review about it HERE

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3. My Dim Sum
Outlet location: Lot G-32

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Most of the restaurants that are offering dimsum on their menu are pork-serving and Non-Halal, but not here at My Dim Sum at Setapak Central. The outlet is a pork-free establishment and is Muslim friendly. You may read the detailed review half life and radioisotope dating worksheet answers

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Hopefully this little guide will help you a lil bit in deciding what to eat should you drop by in Setapak area, especially during Ramadan. Til then, see you soon and don’t forget to give me a holler should you be in Setapak.

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