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In this challenging Covid19 era where the pandemic is a global affair, business establishments are losing more than they could ever earn. In most countries, when disease preventive measures is taken by their respective governments, things really goes down into the ditch when lockdown law is executed and only essential businesses and services are allowed to operate.

The economic ecosystem does not only consists of essential businesses and therefore, people are losing their jobs more than ever now and consequently losing their income.To survive the dark ages of the economy, many started to look into investment as a type of passive income. Sadly, not many have the skills to do so.

There are many ways to invest your money and get generous returns, but if you are not really familiar with all things investments, then you might want to consider Private Mandate as one of your investment solution.

What is Private Mandate? Well, for those who are still threading their feet into the world of investment, Private Mandate is a form of tailor made or customized investment method, directly on the Stock Exchange through a Licensed Fund Manager. The determination of these stock investment decisions is determined based entirely on the Licensed Fund Manager’s options and strategies. To further elaborate; If an individual wants to invest in the stock exchange, one will open a CDS account and install apps in the mobile phone for the stock transaction. The activities of price monitoring, analysis, selection, selling and buying of shares are done by the individual investor, while private mandate, the individual “hires” the fund manager to perform the activities of price monitoring, analysis, selection, timing, selling and buying of shares.

Of course, there’s a huge difference between self investment and getting yourselves a private mandate. First of all, when you are investing in stocks on your own, you are free to make decisions that you saw fit regarding for your investments and your profit is 100%. However, if you have no experience, lack of knowledge of fundamental analysis and appropriate techniques, there is a high probability that you will lose your money than you could make. This is normal, especially when you are inexperienced. Plus, if you cannot monitor the stockmarket all the time, it is likely that you missed a critical moment to cut loss or stop loss or sell at the maximum price.

If you think you are not skillful enough and not able to monitor stock market all the time, that’s when you need a Private Mandate- where you hire another party who has expertise, a good team and a good track record of returns to invest on your behalf.

There are several types of Private Mandates available in the market. Remember, the private mandate means the fund manager’s salary. Not everything is the same. Some invest only in unit trusts and some invest in stock exchanges. It depends on the fund manager. So get to know the fund manager and his strategy.

1) Unit Trust Private Mandate

Customized investments where various unit trust funds are invested in various categories and from different unit trust companies such as Principal (formerly CWA), Kenanga, Public Mutual, Eastpring, PHEIM and many others. Usually this is a long -term investment.

2) Malaysian Stock Exchange Private Mandate

This investment will select blue chip stocks on the Malaysian stock exchange in various potentially profitable sectors. Investors will select potential stock counters from various sectors. Usually this is a medium length investment.

3) International Stock Exchange Private Mandate

These investments involve various different national exchanges that have the potential to rise such as ASEAN, ASIA PACIFIC, JAPAN and CHINA. This investment will look at potential internationally. If the economy of a country grows, investment will be focused on that country. Usually this is a medium -term investment.

4) Private Mandate Focusing in US Stock Exchange

Usually these investments choose the Dow Jones stock market, S&P 500 and Nasdaq. Usually this is a medium length investment. There is a reason why only the Nasdaq. The potential and shariah -compliant options are many and very suitable for the choices of Malaysians.

5) EPF Private Mandate

This investment is through deduction of 1 epf account. Usually for private mandate investment by kwsp deduction, the minimum deduction is RM5,000 and invested in Unit Trust. If you want to invest this epf deduction on the Malaysian stock exchange, it requires a deduction of at least RM30,000. Keep in mind, for this KWSP private mandate, you need to find a licensed financial planner, not a regular Unit Trust Agent. Keep in mind, not everyone is eligible to contribute to the KWSP private mandate, because at least you need to be eligible for a deduction of RM5,000 for private mandate unit trust and RM30,000 for private mandate of the Malaysian stock exchange through the deduction of KWSP account.

Confused on Private Mandate and Unit Trust? Well, for Unit trusts, as we all know, are investments on their own Unit Trust funds, while Private Mandates are investments directly to stock counters on the stock exchange.

Investing in stock exchange counters can actually be done on your own if you have a CDS account, however if you lack stock analysis skills (Fundamental and Technical) and also time to monitor your preferred stock counters on a daily basis, it is quite difficult and impractical for you to invest seriously. .

However, if you just like to invest with a low amount of RM100 to RM1000, there will be no problem if you lose. In contrast to the Private Mandate, the minimum investment is RM50,000 where the Licensed Fund Manager invests seriously and has a specific profit target, due to the profit sharing concept. If you want to hire a Fund Manager to manage your money, then you need to open a Private Mandate account.

The benefits of private mandates are owned individually. Profits vary between each private mandate investor to another investor (individually customized).Profits are different between all private mandate investors (stock buying timing varies time and price) as fund managers actively invest in private mandates on behalf of investors as fast as daily to weekly.

Interested in investing via Private Mandate but not sure how you can start and who you should pick as your Private Mandate? Here’s a recommendation for you;

Dato Dr Nazri Khan. A renowned stock investment expert in Malaysia His tagline “Tak hensem takpe janji kaya” has drawn the attention of many to what stock markets are and why stock market can change a person’s financial freedom status.

About Dato Dr Nazri Khan or DDNK

• Dato Dr Nazri Khan (License No: eCMSRL/B9561/2019) is a graduate of Economics and Finance from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, and also PhD holder from Multimedia University. He is currently the designated CEO (appointed by Tan Sri Vincent Tan) and Fund Manager of Inter-Pacific Asset Management, a subsidiary of Berjaya Corporation Group in the global stock market. One of the Unit Trust Funds managed by him (Interpac Dana Safi) is the best performing fund in Malaysia for January – August 2020 according to Lipper Investment source and Fund Supermart.

• Top private mandates (DDNK Global Fund) managed by Dato ’Dr Nazri Khan (DDNK) himself were among the best performers. For a period of 8 months, the YTD performance as of 31 August 2020, DDNK managed to deliver approximately 70% net return toward investors within nine months DDNK was in the office. (Subject to the third party authorized verification).

• Previously he was Senior Vice President of Phillip Capital Management Investment and Senior Vice President Affin Hwang Bank for ten years. He has almost 23 years of international level experience in the regional economy and stock market. He has also been appointed as an Adjunct Professor by Multimedia University, Cyberjaya Malaysia in recognition of his expertise in the world of stock investment.

• He is also a former Chief Investment Officer, Hermana Capital Berhad and a former Chief Research Officer of MIMB Investment Bank and has been involved in various programs organized by the Securities Commission Malaysia and Bursa Malaysia.

• Dato Dr Nazri Khan is also Malaysian mainstream media choice in commenting on the Stock Market such as TV3, TV1, Astro Awani, Bloomberg, CNBC, TV Al-Hijrah, The Star, The Edge, Bernama, Sinar Harian, Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia.

• Apart from that, Dato Dr Nazri Khan has been named as one of the ‘Financial Service Industry’ from The ONE Awards 2018 (Malaysia Outstanding National Entrepreneurs 2018) presented by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. He is also recognized as the Top Opinion Leader 2015-2017 and Social Influencer 2019 Outstanding Contributions on BursaMarketPlace from Bursa Malaysia.

• Founder and Chairman of the World Class Association, Technical Analysis Association of Malaysia (MATA). Comment by DDNK: In our international conference (IFTA) organized two years ago October 2018, we managed to bring 300 delegates from all over the world which was officiated by the then Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed.

• Full Member of the UK Society of Technical Analyst

Starting from 2020, DDNK opens up the opportunities for you to invest in Private Mandate by DDNK where he himself manages your money.

Here is one of the portfolio testimonial by one of his client.

Interested? Contact: to find out more about it.

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