Things You Should Know Before Visiting SnowWorld, Resorts World Genting

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Escaping the heat and visiting SnowWorld in Resorts World Genting? Well, SnowWorld is the perfect place for those who wants to have fun without burning their pockets with the air fares. Man-made snowy place it is, the temperature is pretty much controlled and consistent, unlike seasonal countries where things can be pretty unpredictable.

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My family and I visited SnowWorld during the school holiday in March 2016. They have plenty of egg-citing things to offer in conjunction of Genting International Children’s Festival 2016 and Easter celebration, which I will talk about it in the next post, but here is a few things that you you need to know before visiting SnowWorld in Resorts World Genting, especially if you are bringing small children along.

First of all, the temperature in SnowWorld is very cold for Malaysian standard. The temperature is capped at -5’Celsius, enough to give you frostbites and hypothermia if you are not dressed appropriately.

Here’s some tips on prepping your children and yourselves before having fun in the snow;

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1. Jackets, boots and gloves are provided, but it might not be enough for some, especially small children, so be sure to wear thick clothing that can provide you some extra warmth. Thick socks is also necessary to avoid your feet from going numb. Earmuff will be helpful for you to keep your delicate ears warm too.

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2. Cameras and gadgets are absolutely not allowed as some electronic devices will go faulty under such cold temperature, so please don’t take any risk by sneaking in your cameras smartphone into SnowWorld. If you need to have your pictures taken, just get SnowWorld crew on duty to take them for you. The pictures are purchasable and can be printed at the reception counter once you checked out of SnowWorld.

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3. Lockers are provided. You may keep your belongings inside.

4. Do not risk hypothermia. If you feel that it is too cold for you, please head to the exit and warm yourselves up at the public restroom. Electronic dryers is provided at the restroom for you to warm your bodies in a jiffy. You may reenter SnowWorld once you feel better.

5. It is rather slippery and cold in SnowWorld and small children can easily get confused, so parents, please be mindful of your children at all times when you are in SnowWorld.

SnowWorld is indeed a joyful place for both the young and the young at hearts alike. I hope the tips above would be helpful in making your visit to SnowWorld in Resorts World Genting as enjoyable as possible.

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