Red2Green: The Unsung Heroes

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What do you know about heroes? If you think that heroes have superpowers and don’t flashy tights and fly around in cape to save the world then I’ll tell you that you don’t know much about heroes. In reality, it takes more than just having superpowers and flashy uniforms to make one a real life hero.

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It takes sacrifice, selflessness, bravery and perseverance to be a hero and these people are just the hero that we need for a better future in Malaysia.

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And here’s the heroes who humbly walks on their feet for a better future in Malaysia.

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These ladies are from the #Red2Green movement. The #Red2Green walk was initiated by the people of Kuantan against bauxite mining that’s practically polluting the state bloody red with dangerous particles. The #Red2Green are fighting for thousands of ordinary people who are suffering in Kuantan due to capitalists’ greedin making money out of bauxite mining in a non- sustainable way.

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The 313km anti-bauxite walk from Kuantan to Parliament took 17 days in total where they stop in Parliament house on March 28, after marching from Dataran Merdeka. It is not an easy walk, especially under the Malaysian sun that’s constantly gives us scorching flare.

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Yap Fong King or better known as Auntie Yap is one of the superheroes who walks faithfully with #Red2Green all the way from Kuantan to the Parliament is being treated by the paramedics for the small injury sustained during the walk.

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Upon reaching Parliament, these heroes handed over to a memorandum containing explanations, concerns and guidelines on bauxite mining to ensure bauxite mining won’t further pollute Kuantan to the ministers and lawmakers.

How many of you would walk 313km for a better future? I dare say not many would be willing to make such sacrifice. And so, here’s a salute to all those who walks for #Red2Green. You are our real life heroes.

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