Third Day Lunch Buffet at Bayou Lagoon Park Resort

Remember I mentioned in my previous post that Bayou Lagoon Park Resort is not just your average water park resort and they do cater for seminar and team building needs? Well, throughout our 3D2N stay there we were served meals that is usually served for those who booked for their seminar/event/meeting lunch buffet.

Check out what we had for lunch during our third day there:

 photo IMG_20140824_130653_zpsbtb8cxam.jpg

Mixed mushroom dish in oyster sauce. I’m a huge fan of all things mushroom, so I find this dish very appealing. The mushrooms absorbs the oyster flavours very well and tasted rather meaty.

 photo IMG_20140824_130658_zpsiqzum9wt.jpg

Fu Yong Eggs was a tad rubbery and lacks salt this time around, but still, the minced ingredients in it provides natural flavours.

 photo IMG_20140824_130703_zpswjexmqid.jpg

Buttered fish. Not a fan of fish, but took a bite of it after my friend Emily and husband complained about it and pulled a face. Why? Fish was hard and dry. It was overcooked.

 photo IMG_20140824_130711_zpshzdkn5sa.jpg

Japanese tofu with veggies was perfect. Love this dish very much.

 photo IMG_20140824_130723_zpsrv6a2jab.jpg

Sliced crabstick rolls was adeptly fried. My son loves this so much that he took a refill of this in his platter when he was done with the first.

 photo IMG_20140824_130727_zpstzol3ay4.jpg

Kung Po squid slices, did not manage to try this

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Prawns in spicy soy sauce was superb and my favourite that day. The prawn was so succulent and juicy and the sauce? The sauce is addictive. I could have this with my plain rice over and over, there is no doubt about that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Lemon chicken was all right. A tad too sweet to my liking but everyone else loves it.

Sweet corn and minced chicken soup was all right too.Savoury and not overwhelmingly sweet and the creaminess is just to my liking. No complaints here.

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Salad and ulam counter was available too

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Fresh garden salad for you to assemble your own salad

 photo IMG_20140824_130839_zps3ytl7nf7.jpg

Sliced capsicums if you wish to add them to your salad.

 photo IMG_20140824_130819_zpsfocd7jej.jpg

Potato salad was OK. This time around they used fried wedges instead of boiled potatoes and I think I prefer this more than the boiled version.

 photo IMG_20140824_130829_zpsosazar3u.jpg

Kerabu tauge. Again I did not sample this and avoid it like a plague as I have intolerance towards bean sprouts.

 photo IMG_20140824_130931_zps3pmdcdxp.jpg

Cream puffs is available for dessert. Son loves this but I gave it a miss.

 photo IMG_20140824_130922_zpsnd2puebj.jpg

Moist chocolate cake was sinfully delicious.

 photo IMG_20140824_130849_zpskl8a7xjq.jpg

But the Butter Cake won my heart instead. I just love the sliced roasted almond on top.

 photo IMG_20140824_130901_zps8o3c8due.jpg

Angel cake. No comment. Did not sample this either.

 photo IMG_20140824_130854_zpsjon4k9ks.jpg

Bread pudding tasted all right, but rather wobbly in texture.

 photo IMG_20140824_130908_zpsimjytvt5.jpg

Jelly pudding was pretty refreshing.

 photo IMG_20140824_130911_zpstxqqppdh.jpg

Kuih ketayap. This roll of traditional nyonya kuih was filled generously with sweet shaved coconut filling. Quite nice but I only had one.

 photo IMG_20140824_130843_zps8nrvyero.jpg

Pulut inti was lovely and I wished I had more rooms in my tummy for it.

 photo IMG_20140824_134721_zpsx3gkmy1c.jpg

Saw a refreshing fruit cocktail at the beverage counter, so I took some and wash down my meal with it.

Overall, the food prepared that day was satisfying. There is rooms for improvements but still, what they served make quite a good luncheon for seminars and whatnot.

Should you want to book their hall for catering services for whatever functions and events, do make enquiries to:

Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Sdn. Bhd.
Amari Villa, Bayou Lagoon Park Resort,
Jalan Wakaf Utama,
75450 Bukit Katil,
Tel: 06-233 0888
Fax: 06-253 3876
Email : [email protected]
website :
GPS Coordinates
2 14′ 32.67″ N ย ย ย 102 18′ 23.28″ E
Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Sdn. Bhd.
Amari Villa, Bayou Lagoon Park Resort,
Jalan Wakaf Utama,
75450 Bukit Katil,
Tel: 06-233 0888
Fax: 06-253 3876
Email : [email protected]
website :

GPS Coordinates
2 14′ 32.67″ N ย ย ย 102 18′ 23.28″ E

The trip to Melaka was made possible by MMode, Santai Travel and Malaysia Tourism. Our accommodation and meals during the stay in Melaka was sponsored by Bayou Lagoon Park Resort.


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