I received a notification from Pos Laju last week, saying that they have tried to deliver a package to me but failed, since I was not at home, and I was requested either to call them up for a re-attempt of delivery, or pick the package up myself within 14 days.

I was really perplexed then. I wonder who sent me a package, as it’s not common for me to receive something before having known beforehand that someone is sending me a package. I asked around, and nobody admits that they sent me something.

It was weekend, and I had to wait until Monday morning before I could make necessary arrangement to retrieve the mysterious package. I wondered… if it’s books? Some publishers have the tendencies of sending me books for reviewing purposes…then I scratched off the possibility, as none of the publishers are generous enough to use a secure postal service, including my own publisher. (tsk tsk tsk!)

Then I wondered if it’s clothes… a dress or something of that sort… but then again, who would want to send that to me for a review? I’m scrawny and wouldn’t pass for a model for a million years anyway. My body shape is pretty unflattering for my age… and one could easily mistook me for some school kids from afar.

I was hoping that it’s some food from my mum who is living far away, but if it’s her who sent me a parcel or something of that sort, she would let me know beforehand, and since she didn’t… I can safely assume that the parcel is definitely not from her, and there goes my dreams of having some home-made dried food such as meat-floss, cookies as well as chocolates and candies. πŸ™

Alas…my miserable pondering and wait comes to an end. I finally went and pick up the mysterious package from the post office first thing on Monday morning.

The package came from someone whom I least expected, and the content of the package is really surprising too. LOL…I never expect to receive a package from Annie Q(gosh, I don’t remember giving her my address… I must be turning senile!) with Sarawak genuine peppercorns in it. LOL…

It was really thoughtful of her to send it to me. It seems that my shameless, countless request for Sarawak peppers on STP’s blog caught her eyes, and she decided to give me some, considering her mum, who lives in SIbu came for a visit in KL with loads of goods from Sibu. LOL… thank you very much Annie, for sharing the peppers with me πŸ˜€ I was really surprised with your package, and it really got me laughing when I saw the content. I never expected someone to send me peppers that could last me at least one year! It was really a pleasant surprise…

There’s nothing like a Sarawak peppercorns to pepper up my day! πŸ˜€

Cleffairy: Thank you, Annie, for being so thoughtful. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.

ps: Cikgu, aren’t you glad that I won’t be pestering you for peppers anymore? LOL!


  1. eugene says:

    People out there must be thinking, we bloggers are crazy, we can do things that are so thoughtful and they would really think we are crazy, some of those we have not even met before…..

    it only shows cleff that you are appreciated in some ways,,,, good on ya

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahahahah…. yes, Annie is nice and sweet. However, my first impression was that she’s a strict, no-nonsense mum. LOL…


  2. Annie Q says:

    Aiyoo…not to mention, it just a small packet of peppercorn, now you make me “paiseh” sending you such a “cheap” thing. LOL!!

    Oh, you don’t remember you give me your home add? Lucky i didn’t appear in front of your house? If no, i think you will faint? hahahhahahah

    Since my mum is coming, so i just “tumpang” her to bring some peppercorn over. She use to buy a lot for my in laws, since we use peppercorn to boil soup quite often, our house peppercorn supply is from Sarawak!

    Slowly enjoy your peppercorn ya. πŸ™‚ Finish stock, tell me.

  3. coffeesncookies says:

    Ahh,, Annie is one lucky lady, her mom came lugging a whole suitcase of prawns, kompia, kampua noodles, peppercorns and a whole lot more, she’s one very warm, caring lady who dotes on Annie and you are one lucky friend on hers who got the peppercorn !

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