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Believe it or not, I was a first aider. Take note of the past tense. I was a first aider. Not anymore. My first aider license has all but expired a couple of years ago, and because my hands and legs are tied with commitments, I did not go and renew my first aid license.

And I resent that I didn’t make time to take first aider exams and renew my license again sometimes, especially when I look into my first aid kit box at home where I keep my medical supplies to treat burns, bee-stings and all sort of minor injuries.

Every now and then, I will check the medical supplies that’s kept inside the first aid box in case they are expired and whatnot. I would check the ABC kits (Airway, Breathing and Circulation kits), trauma injuries kits, medication as well as personal protective equipments that’s kept in the first aid kit box.

Wouldn’t want those medical supplies to be expired and not in a good condition when I need them one day, wouldn’t I? Never knew if someone gets burned, choke or injured, and the medical supplies cannot be used. It would have been awful and even fatal then.

Anyway, first aid kit box never failed to send me to a trip down the memory lane. The first aid kit box at home reminded me of the time before I was inspired to be a journalist back then in school.

Before I decided that I wanted to be journalist instead of a cardiologist, I was really into medical stuff. So I joined Malaysian Red Crescent, and studied on how to be a good first aider. Yes, they thought me how to perform CPR, tracheotomy and even assist childbirth in case medical assistance is not available during the time of emergency.

Gross, isn’t it? Yes, it is gross. Imagine giving a mouth to mouth to a stranger and cutting their throat open during emergency so that we can save their lives and they could continue breathing until they help comes. It’s really gross to some.  But I didn’t mind learning about it back then. I wanted serve mankind. I even thought that one day, I would travel and serve in the third world country, providing help as a doctor to those who needed it most. I wanted to be, not just a doctor who is specialized in cardiology, but a doctor who is a good Samaritan.

Things never goes as planned though. Especially in life. I did not become a doctor, though I could have retain my first aider status if I wanted to. I became a journalist  and later, a freelance journalist cum novelist instead. I still dream of traveling the world though, but no longer to provide medical help. I dream of traveling the world as a journalist and write a documentary about places and cultures. I wonder if one day, I could fulfill my dreams?

Cleffairy: When Pandora opened the box that contains all the evil in the world, the entire contents of the box were released but hope. All may be lost but hope.

Trauma injuriestrauma injuries kits


  1. manglish says:

    ehhh up so early ar? u better sleep more if not fairy is turning into witch again haahhahahahha and no first aider will be able to help you hahahaaha

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… yea… couldn’t sleep. LOL…I wun turn into a witch la…but I will turn into a vampire only… go around suck blood LOL… where are you now? Malaysia? Keep us posted, k?

  2. suituapui says:

    Nice first aid kit. Would love to get one and keep in my house…but knowing the old lady, the things will end up all over the place and the case would be quite empty, just for show. Tsk! Tsk!

  3. ChrisAU says:

    Try to sleep more , Fairy! Btw, I also stuff medication at home but not first aid stuffs but common meds for cold, gastric, diarhoea, panadol…etc. I alos took some along while to work or travelling.

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