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Health is wealth. Won’t you agree on that with me? To me health is a wealth beyond measure. Let’s admit it, living in the world where the cost of living and medical fees are going up every single day, taking care of yourself and preventing yourself from being sick makes more sense than getting medical intervention when you are awfully sick. Not only you have to fork out alot money to get well again when you’re ill, but you’ll trouble and worry those who care for you as well. Both my parents and in laws are not exactly close-knitted. We only see each other once or twice a year during festive seasons and are living far away from me. My husband on the other hand, works almost all the time and don’t exactly have time to care for a sick person. Even if he wanted to take care of me when I’m sick, his work commitment is usually very demanding and more often than not, he needs to be elsewhere than taking care of both me and son when we get sick.

How about my son, then? Can’t he take care of me when I’m sick? Well, my son is a special need child and needed me to take care of him instead and although he is the most helpful child around, he can’t really take care of me when I’m sick.

The best way for a better life for both me and my son is to stay as healthy as possible and not fall sick often if we can help it.

Problem? Yes. I fall sick easily, especially during my menstruation. I sneeze alot, cough alot and I get fever easily during menstruation period. I notice I will start sneezing in the morning like nobody’s business, more than usual when I’m on my period. It’s like I’ve been cursed by some Period Demon or something. But alas, I discovered that there’s no Period Demon who laid a curse on me. It’s just that my immunity happens to be on the low side during those times of the month and my body is much more sensitive to the surroundings, hence the reaction; sneezing non stop that could easily lead to flu and slowly develop into a quick fever soon after. A doctor once told me, it’s my sinus acting up. It got more worst and I sneeze more during menstruation period as it is the time when my body is the weakest. I’ve been tolerating this sinus problem for years since I hit puberty, and have no ways of worming out of it until one day, I was introduced to Thymos Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray.  I really hated that I sneeze every now and then and got worst during period and I’m not really a big fan of going to the doctor’s office, regardless how handsome and a looker the doctor is, and so I decided to give this Thymos Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray a shot.


Thymos Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray. Pronounced as ‘Tee-moss’.


Gotten this at Guardian Pharmacy nearby. Initially I thought this is some sort of nasal spray that you need to spray into your nasal, but it is not. It is basically a sanitizer and a type of disinfectant spray with the tagline  ‘Invisible Airshield Technology, Incredible Protection’.


Thymos claims to combat airborne allergens and supercharges immunity via it’s Revolutionary AirShield Technology from UK. Thymos is the world’s most advanced sanitizer that works around the clock to protect you from most harmful bacteria and viruses and effectively reduces pathogenically induced allergies, and it has been clinically proven to kill 99.99% pathogens and allergens.


I will be completely honest with all of you who are reading this. When I was first introduced to this Thymos Anti Sinus/ Nasal Allergies Spray, I thought it’s a bloody scam, especially when they advertised this catchy phrase on their Facebook;  ’10 years sinus, relief in 3 days’. I thought, how is it possible for a problem that I’ve been having since I was young be solved in just 3 days? Furthermore all you need to do is just spray this on your clothes, your pillow or simply use it like a perfume. This must be some sort of marketing gimmick. Or so I thought but surprisingly, this thing works like a charm.


I started to use this one morning where I sprayed it on my clothes like I would a perfume and my sneezing somewhat stopped a couple of minutes after that. I didn’t notice it at first as I went out to a Press Conference after that and I started sneezing again after lunch, but when I sprayed it again, the frequent sneezing stopped again for quite some time til I got home. So I was thinking, perhaps this stuff works after all and I experimented by spraying my pillow and my pajamas again before I went to sleep. And guess what? I woke up sneeze-free the next morning. And I was on my period, mind you. I usually sneeze like crazy in the morning when I’m on my period but this time around, it’s gone. I didn’t even sneeze once. Thymos Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray really works. I swear. It must have been either the spray has killed the unseen bad bacteria in the air that I’m allergic to or it has somewhat boosted my immunity, I don’t know which one but it really works and I’m definitely a happy camper.

And yes, I am recommending this product to all those who have sinus or allergies problem and those who like to give a little boost to their immunity. Thymos Anti Sinus/ Nasal Allergies Spray is pretty straight forward to use. All you need to do is just spray a few times on your pillow before you sleep, 4 to 6 pumps on your clothes like you would a perfume or simply spray it a little bit in the air. You’ll see the difference almost immediately, I assure you.

Thymos Anti Sinus/ Nasal Allergies Spray is a Muslim friendly product. It contains no alcohol, so there’s no issue should you want to use it after taking wudu’ to perform your prayers. Thymos Anti Sinus/ Nasal Allergies Spray doesn’t contain any steroids,  antibiotic or fragrances. Thymos Self-Sanitising technology generates powerful bacteriostatic electrons to form an invisible, colourless, odourless shield on treated surfaces and instantly weakens the pathogens’ organic membrane; stops its replication and ultimately causes pathogens’ cell death while ensuring safe skin contact for users from toddlers to adults. Thymos Anti Sinus/ Nasal Allergies Spray is also safe to be used by expecting mothers. The best part of all? It’s travel friendly too. With the shape no bigger than a regular mascara or a lipgloss, it fits easily in any bag or purse.

As much as I advocate that this stuff is really good, you need to take note that Thymos Anti Sinus/ Nasal Allergies Spray is not a medicine to cure any serious sinus or allergy related illness. Thymos Anti Sinus/ Nasal Allergies Spray is a sanitizer that helps to boost your immunity and shields you from harmful bacteria around you and offers you instant relief, but I must stress that it is not a medicine for any serious illness.

Should you still continuously have problems, or have prolonged sneezing despite having used Thymos Anti Sinus/ Nasal Allergies Spray, please do yourself a favour and consult your doctor for further medical intervention.

Thymos Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray is exclusively available at Guardian Malaysia at a promotional price of RM69.90.

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