How To Look Good When You Feel Like Crap

My days are usually bad than good, and physical and emotional stress usually takes a toll on my body; as a result, I often feel like crap. And my emotion usually shows on my face. Clearly. And not having enough ME time caused me to look like crap too, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve to look good in a jiffy during those crazily long and miserable days. 😀 See if these tips helps you to boost your confidence too:

  • Bad day and no time to style your hair? No worries, just accessorize it with a scarf or a hair band. But if all else fail, just pull it up in a scrunchie. It usually helps to hide your disastrous hair. That will buy you some time before you can make appointment with your stylist to rescue you from your hair disaster.
  • No time for make up but desperately need to look good? Not in the mood to face yourself in front of the vanity mirror? There’s a trick to get around that. Lip tint usually doubles as blusher. Just apply accordingly and you’ll look refreshed and less haggard in a minute.
  • Bring along hydrating mist every where you go. They help your skin to stay hydrated, even on the longest day.
  • Feel awful? Had lover’s spat the night before and your eyes are swollen from crying all night long? No worries, grab a pair of sunglasses. They not only will hide your swollen eyes, but pretty cool stuff too as it makes you look like a fashionista.
  • Haven’t been shopping cuz you’ve been too caught up with life and work? Limited wardrobe collection? Just accessorize. Earrings, bangles, fancy necklaces. Accessories usually helps to spice up looks without having to spend a fortune on looking good. So ladies, don’t be afraid to mix-and match.
  • Last but not least, smile. Flash those pearly whites. It’s difficult to smile when you’re feeling miserable at first, but trust me, it gets easier with practice.

These are not much of a tips, but I hope it will be helpful for you as it has for me.

Cleffairy: Getting more and more vain with each passing seconds, so even when I feel miserable inside, I still will want to put on a mask, and hope that one day, the mask will be something real.


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