Ubuntu Linux: Malaysians are so Buntu!

Bloody hell, sometimes, people are just so goddamn brilliant that I feel like slapping and kicking their ass to oblivion. I am not in my best mood lately, and I don’t appreciate being treated like a fool of a bimbo who knows nothing about computing stuff at all.

Malaysians…especially some Malaysian men are completely obnoxious and I can’t stand their stinking and cocky mouth. Just because I am a woman, that does not mean I am not well versed in IT stuff. This country is full of stereotyping bastards.

I remembered that once, I was walking in Low Yat Plaza on my on, and I was approached a salesman who is trying hard to convince me to buy a laptop. I told him off that I wasn’t interested.

Well, why should I be interested? My husband is doing the same bloody business. He’s selling PC and offering IT Solution services from A-Z to the consumers, and if I wanted to buy a new laptop or a desktop, I would have just seduce my husband to get me one, and if I’m lucky enough and he’s feeling generous to indulge me, I might just get it for free.

Anyway, I’m straying. As I said, my husband is in IT servicing line, and therefore I don’t need to buy stuff from outsiders. So, naturally I declined to buy from this obnoxious feller who pestered me non-stop, in hopes that he will stop bothering me and I can continue browsing for those stuff in the display rack. Obviously, this feller doesn’t seems to have a clue that I’m practically boiling inside, and he persistently pestered me to buy a laptop.

He told me that the bloody laptop in question is equipped with the latest crap from Microsoft, Windows 7, complete with it’s Office application and whatnot and it’s free of charge. Free of charge? Windows license is free? It comes with the bloody laptop? You got to be kidding me. Since when Microsoft is doing charity? Microsoft products is never free. They are up to world domination and intends to monopoly the IT industry.

Maybe many of you don’t know this, but it is no secret that most companies are forced to sign with them, and therefore, if they are selling desktop and laptops, the machine price is included with the Windows license. Windows are not free!

You are paying to use the damn thing, and if people are telling you that it’s free, they are all lies. Microsoft Office is also not free. You pay big bucks for it too. Even if I want to buy a laptop outside, I’ll tell them that I don’t want the bloody Windows, and I just want the machine itself. If I’m lucky enough, I’ll probably get an empty machine and I’ll save my money by hundreds as I didn’t take the Windows license. But if I’m not, I’ll be forced to pay for what I won’t even use. If Windows is truly free, the cost of each machine, PC, Laptop and whatnot would be cheaper at least by Rm300. Check the quotation and the cost of each PC specs, duh! Windows is never free. It’s pre-installed and you had to pay for it, whether you like it or not!

I was gritting my teeth then. I told this feller that I am not using Windows products at the moment and not interested in Windows 7. Instead of just leaving me alone, he assumed that I was IT illiterate, and don’t even know how to use a PC and proceeds to try to ‘educate’ me on how I can use the the laptop with Windows 7 installed in it. Keep telling me what I can do with a laptop and how fun it can be. What a dense feller. I’ve been using a Desktop ever since I was 7. And I don’t even start with Windows to even begin with. I was a Macintosh user, starts off using an old Apple. I only started using Windows at 10, because my school was using it.

I assume he was thinking that since I am not using Windows Operating System, then I must not be using any PC at all. God help me, I almost whack that asshole to death. What is wrong with his head? I may not be using the bloody Microsoft product, but that does not mean I am completely illiterate in IT department.

I was so pissed, so I told this feller that I know how to use Windows. It’s just that I don’t prefer to use Microsoft products as it seems crappy to me. Well,all sort of Windows, 98, ME, truly madly deeply dating site, Vista and Windows 7 may be right for others, as it’s not for me.

Windows is full of hidden trojans, and security wise, it’s a virus magnet. The last Windows that I used was Windows XP Professional Edition, and I beta tested Vista and Windows 7. But they ate my RAM, and the memories are never enough, resorting the PC to lag like mad and having blue screen so damn often.

Apparently, Windows products are not suitable to be used for a low spec machine, and so, I started to familiarize myself with another operating system platform, which is Linux. It is great for me, cuz I simply hate updating Antivirus and stuff.

Using http://cleffairy.com/zoosk-dating-site-review/, I have no fear for virus and trojans, as it’s a completely different platform, and does not execute exe. files without permission.And since Ubuntu is designed with security in mind. I get free security updates for at least 18 months on the desktop.

So why should I bother use Windows and gives myself headache to update antivirus every one or two weeks? Some antivirus is not free either. We have to pay for it too, especially if we’re using a professional or a corporate edition.

Unlike Windows, Linux are never vulnerable to trojan, viruses and spywares. I like Ubuntu, and I use it completely on my free will, as I believe that access knowledge and Internet should be free. Besides having an interface that’s user friendly, Ubuntu is what dating website is the best and free. Yes, free. One never had to pay for using Ubuntu.

I am more than sure that almost 90% of my blog visitor is using Windows, and perhaps, you don’t quite understand what I’m rambling about. So allow me to explain a little bit about Ubuntu.

Below are the screenshot of my desktop. I’m using best opening lines online dating version. Typically,my desktop interface looks like the picture below. See, there’s Open Office and stuff inside.

And for any idiots who thinks that you can’t browse the Internet or use Internet messenger with Ubuntu, the picture below is for you. Don’t be so stupid!

And a typical Open Office would look like this. Similar to Microsoft Office. The functions are all same.

Ubuntu is an operating system built by a worldwide team of expert developers. It contains all the applications you need: a web browser, office suite, media apps, instant messaging and much more. Ubuntu is an open-source alternative to Windows and Office. In Windows, you’ll have Microsoft Office and you’ll be browsing with their default browser, IE. But in Ubuntu, you’ll be using Open Office (that’s similar Microsoft Office) and browsing with open source browsers like Mozilla Firefox.

Ubuntu is and always will be free of charge. nobody needs pay any licensing fees. You can download, use and share Ubuntu with your family and friends, school or business for absolutely nothing. Ubuntu is no pirated stuff, mind you. Some authorities might believe that. But if the authorities catch you using Ubuntu and charged you for software fraud or using pirated/unlicensed software, you can sue them back.

Canonical issue a new desktop and server release every six months. That means you’ll always have the latest and greatest applications that the open source world has to offer.

Everything you need comes on one CD, providing a complete working environment. Additional software is available online for free.

The graphical installer enables you to get up and running quickly and easily. A standard, fresh installation should take less than 25 minutes. Once installed your system, Ubuntu is immediately ready-to-use. On the desktop you’ll have a full set of productivity, Internet, drawing and graphics applications, and games.

Ubuntu is strictly for professional use. It is not for gamer. If you are a gamer and plays online game, Linux platformed Operating System is definitely for you. It is just perfect for those who wants to concentrate doing without getting hooked with online games addiction.

Server-wise, you get just what you need to get up and running and nothing you don’t, unlike Windows. Windows servers sometimes contains things that you do not need at all, and to me, that’s just completely annoying and waste of HD space.

Ubuntu Linux is good, and easy to installed. At least, for me. At the moment, I am using Ubuntu Netbook Remix, and I am definitely not planning to go backwards and shift back to Windows. So butt out will ya? No telling me how to use Windows and how good it is, cuz I know how to use it, and I don’t like it at all! Don’t mess with me or I’ll shoot you like Tux’s going to do to Windows!

The above picture is not my desktop. Notice the difference? This one’s using Enlightment and more command based interface. I have yet to learn to use this.

And no, before anyone of you starts asking me questions, this is not a paid posting.  I don’t receive any money or compensation for this, and it is 100% my own opinion as I think it is about time I spread around about Ubuntu Linux to the community after using such a good stuff for free for quite a long time. It’s time I contribute back and let people know that Windows is not the only Operating System that exists in the world. And if anybody dares to tell you that, it’s all lies.

Cleffairy: Just because Microsoft monopolized the IT industry, that doesn’t mean there are no other OS exists. And just because you pay expensive shits to use the famous and well advertised Windows, it does not mean other OS like Linux or Mac is not good. Security and money wise,  various kind of Linux are better. Graphical and publishing wise, Mac OS is way better than Windows, and before you argue with me, be sure you’ve tried them first. Malaysians, if you reach ‘jalan buntu’ with your Windows, try UBUNTU, and I assure you, you won’t be buntu anymore!

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    • Cleffairy says:

      Eh, same like me. I use Open Office for all my work too. LOL… haihhh… alot of people think liddat lorr… I so famn fed up last lah…treat me like an ultimate bimbo who dun even know what laptop can do. Angry lohh!

    • Cleffairy says:

      I got sick of Windows. It gets more worst and clogged up with each edition. 🙁 Security-wise, I prefer Linux. Much more secure than Windows. In my line, MAC would be better and more convenient, but I can’t afford MAC. 🙁

    • Garfield says:

      actually, for convenience, it is better to use ubuntu.
      coz u do not need to seek for any software you need everywhere, then download and install. sometimes some of the software u need to buy the license if u r unable to find the crack.

      in ubuntu, u just use a keyword of the kind of software u need in its Synaptic, then there is multiple choice of software which match ur criteria listed up for u to choose. just a click, then it will be automatically downloaded and installed. no need to do anything else.


  1. ericlee says:

    Actually., not much people thinks that Windows is the best OS of all time…Is just because so many people are using it, many games and software developed, are not compatible with other OS..That’s why Microsoft kept making money like crazy…It is frustrating to know that women are being discriminated against in this topic because not much women openly declare their knowledge in IT stuff like men…that’s what i got to say…lol

    • Cleffairy says:

      *sigh* Marketing strategy issue, eh? And people loves to follow the trend too and refused to go out of their comfort zone and try different things.

      *sigh* I guess not many women are outspoken about many issues. As a woman, I feel frustrated, especially being looked down upon that way, and people don;t take me seriously when I speak. I don’t usually write IT stuff, cuz honestly, I still have a lot to learn, but this time, it’s definitely too much!

    • Garfield says:

      Actually it is Malaysian & Singaporean mindset which do not accept alternative things that causing M$ Winblows the most popular OS in malaysia & singapore.

      they thought linux and other *nix are new things and it is not good. but they should really study about the history of *nix.

      anyway, malaysian are mostly believe wat was told to them, never even find the answer themself. just like how they believe the history which was written in the text book. although it is not true, they just accept it and never even think of seeking for the truth….

  2. fatty oldman says:

    i hate those salesman o salesgirl which keep on tailing u n kept pushing their products…thats y i used apple…no virus o any fucking trojans…hehe

    • Cleffairy says:

      This post too techie tech ah? 😛 Thank God I dun write like this every day horr? I got too pissed lerr… that feller treated me like idiot and attempt to teach me how to use a laptop. Gila or wud?

  3. Bananaz says:

    Any ticket to Timbuktu? haha. Have linked this entry to my lateat post about “ID ten T Error”. Wah finger clicking good on desktop at 7. Phew salute my sifu. tQ

    • Cleffairy says:

      Eh? No… I wasn’t really good at 7. My dad forced me to learn back then, to familiarize myself with PC and stuff. He made me draw and write using PCs, and rewarded me with computer games if I do well. I struggled back then.. not good at it at all. And when I was 10, there’s a computer class in school, and I was enrolled in it. 🙁 That time, lagi pening kepala, cuz changed OS. Windows 3.0? Not quite sure, but I was forced to learn DOS command, and I really hated computer back then.

      Thank God for the Internet, else PCs would just be plain machine for work to me. 😛 When I was introduced to Internet in 1996, DEN only I started to be good… and not so good. Kakakakakaka!

  4. Bananaz says:

    Not a healthy sign as to dominate and monopolise the IT industry b Wins. Very tempted to try out Mac almost bought the ultra thin Apple during the launch. Can consider again next time. Appreciate your sharing of the features I tentu Ubuntu :p tQ

    • Garfield says:

      just go to https://ubuntu.com and download the CD .iso file and burn it into a CD.
      u can just try it out by running the CD without even need to install it into ur PC.

      It runs live, just live it is running on hard disk.
      but of course, since it is running on CD, it will be a bit slower. but if u decided to install it into the hard disk, it will run very very fast, and it takes only a little bit RAM only

    • Cleffairy says:

      Whoa, MAC OS is good…very, very good, and Apple PC usually makes very good publishing and designing machine. But it’s so expensive. People like me cannot afford such an expensive thing, so use Ubuntu instead. Cuz it’s free and good as well. And security-wise…it’s much more secure than Windows.

  5. JAI says:

    Jangan marah kakak..hehehe…agree with you,LINUX is the best solutions. The best part is that its free. Just installed ubuntu and trying to familiarize them. great OS and easy to understand.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Tak lah marah sangat, just very, very, geram! Yes, maybe not many will agree with me and claim that Ubuntu is hard to use, but I found Ubuntu easy to use. I was a Windows user, so there’s some files in Windows that haven’t been transferred out. But it’s okay, cuz I’m using dual boot… can access stuff from Windows anytime I like as well. This is the advantage of using other OS. Windows can’t access files to other OS, but in Linux, it’s possible to do that.

  6. CHVoon says:

    Yes, I know that window is not the best – in term of security.
    I never buy laptop or desktop after working. It is provided by company.
    My company buy dell – so – indirectly we must use WINDOW.
    Besides, the factory automation software only compatible with window os.
    You understand my situation – just like people pointing the pistol at my head.
    “NO CHOICE” – Use it or Go to hell. If you are me, which one you will choice?
    Ok if one day I buy … I will try ubuntu 😉

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL.. den you very chamm lorr… wud to do. Work for company that buys DELL, confirm needs to use Windows wan la. DELL signs contract with Microsoft ma. Die die oso must use Windows ma. LOL… Really like being held at gun point lohh!

    • Garfield says:

      if thats the case, the best way is to boot the Ubuntu from pendrive if u really want to use it daily

      coz if u install ubuntu inside, and the laptop is company property, u confirm kena like hell 1.
      a lot boss got no brain 1.

      so ur company use Dell?
      “Dell” is just a letter away from “Del”,
      which means, using the Dell factory setting machine with its Windows is nothing than deleting all the data in the hard drive once a week.

  7. CheaHS@n says:

    In Cantonese we say “Got eyes dunno Tarzan” haha. That chap in Low 1 Plaza no sleep baby, teaching a dolphin how to swim. He is like selling a bucket of ice to an Eskimo. :p

    • Garfield says:

      Low Yat ar?
      a lot ppl who work there dun even know much about computer.
      a lot of them just know how to sell without even know the details of the product.

      so to work at Low Yat? IT knowledge is not that important, the most important is know how to scam until client willing to buy things.

    • Garfield says:

      still can find 1,
      for me, it is quite easy to find.
      but too bad, the price is not much difference,

      coz thos laptop that comes with Windows home edition kinds of license, the cost price is usually very low already, so these manufacturer can afford to sell together with the license with lower margin.

      but still, u can find identical laptop models that is around $200 cheaper than those comes with license ones.

      if u need to find a laptop without software license, i can help

  8. The 8th Voyager says:

    Glad to know that u use Ubuntu too.

    Hmm… It’s OpenOffice.org not Open Office.

    Virus is important for certain IT industry, and even Jacky Chan. Without virus, they will lost the job :p

    • Cleffairy says:

      I know… too lazy to type the whole thing. =.= and when I was composing the damn spellcheck is on. LOL.. lazy to correct it. 😛 And speaking of Jackie… Kaspersky sux. If I were to use antivirus with my Windows, I’d use AVG.

    • Garfield says:

      @The 8th Voyager

      i agree with u.
      and thx to M$ for writing such a poor codes for their OS, I am able to earn and survive.

      anyway, there is actually a lot of Ubuntu users in Malaysia already. but still, not that much…..

      anyway, since u a ubuntu user too, did u join the window control button protest or not? coz i can’t accept that the design team is changing the control buttons to left side like wat mac did. we are penguin afterall, why do like a fruit…

      remember to join the protest, coz Mark Shutterworth already pay attention to this already, we still can convince him about the decision b4 the Lucid is release.

  9. suituapui says:

    These sales people memang like that one lah! Very persistent! Once an ah lian kept following and pestering me yakking away in Mandarin, I stopped and glared angrily at her as if I was about to beat her up…and then only she went away!!! Btw, can seduce ur hubby and get me a free Mac. Me…goondoo, use Windows one! Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      You can glare at them angrily, cuz you can look intimidating to them… but I cannot. People look at me, small size, so tiny, not afraid of me wan. Sometimes, people like to see me angry, prolly looks funny to them. GRRRR!:( No matter how to see oso look harmless la. 😛

  10. nesca says:

    hehhe tested ubuntu and i like it! i got hooked up with it for like a week, installing everything that looks great from the app list hahaha. just that im a gamer and its a bother to change os all the time.

    after my final exam is done, i’ll think about dual os-ing the pc 🙂

    • Cleffairy says:

      High 5, Nesca… hidup Ubuntu! LOL…when I first tried it, I thought I wun like it, but I was dead wrong. You played game wif it? LOL… me terbalik… got rid of my online games addiction… kakakak! Cuz not much online games can play in Ubuntu. LMAO…

      I’m using dual boot as well, cuz sometimes needs to shift to Windows. But most of the time, on Ubuntu…never really go back to Windows unless I really need to. Split the HD into 2 partition. one part for Ubuntu, one part for Windows.

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