Uh, what? God?

Disclaimer: The entry below is purely of my own belief and may contain blasphemy. If you’re the kind whose belief easily falter, I suggest you to leave or read at your own risk.

My blogger friend Eugene posted the question below in his blog, and I thought I’ll give it a go over here, as I’ll probably take a lot more space than the comment box could support. This is BIG issue for most, but for me, I’m not so sure.

1)Would you change your current God, if there are others Gods who can fulfill your most dire needs?

First of all, I am not so sure if God really exist out there or not, because He never showed himself to people in any forms. He only communicate with His ‘chosen ones’, so I am not really sure. Perhaps the whole religion things are merely a well planned and designed conspiracy. Some sort of political strategy to keep the populace in certain hierarchy, where some people have powers and influence while the others must remain followers.

While I’m quite certain that the world and all it’s spoil is created by someone or something, I am not sure that this ‘being’ is God or a divine being. What if ‘God’ is some sort of alien community from outer space and the Earthlings are the lesser beings? What if that community is the one that created the ‘world’? Like some sort of a government, governing the people who have lesser intelligence?

Let’s take this as an example. We could raise a cage of animals and made them live in orders. If they are blessed with brain that could think, would they not think of us as their ‘creator’ and ‘protector’? Anyway, this is just what I think. I used to believe that God is somewhere out there. But then again, when I was 13 years old, I fell gravely ill and went unconscious like nobody’s business. I was in the operating theater, and I was told that it’s nobody’s guess that I could pass through all those. The doctor thought I could have died. But when I was in a coma, I could hear nothing and see nothing about heaven or hell. No demon or angel. All I knew was excruciating pain, and nothing divine helped me through. Just bloody medications and a bunch of specialist.

What’s more, during my early childhood years, I was forced to believe in God, and I must say, I loathe it. Why must one be forced to believe in something if it’s real? Since then, ‘God’ is merely a figure or speech to me. So, as to answer Eugene’s question… nah, there’s no God could replace the current God that I believe in, because I’m rather sceptical about it in the first place.

2)How can you be so very sure that there is God, please dont say it is because of “faith”?

I’m not so sure about it, because I never met God in person. And God never answered my prayers when I’m broke and asked him to drop some cash from the sky for me. I’ve always wondered. There are a lot of beings in the world. How could one being answer so many prayers and requests at once? Anyway, I stopped having faith in Him since my life is so full of bull crap. I used to pray to be rich. But I’m constantly being shrouded with financial problems that is sometimes not even mine. I used to pray that my loved ones are not taken away from me, but they ended up rotting underground anyway. I tell the truth but people called me liars, and when I pray to him to show people the truth, I ended up being misunderstood. So, my conclusion is… I have no faith over the being called God, or whatever names you used to refer to him. Because I got sick of having my so called ‘prayers’ unanswered. I suppose, I can only rely on myself when I’m in distress.

A pious one would have likened me to a lost child, but if I am one of God’s child or creation, I don’t think that He would mind having one of his children being lost. After all, He got a lot of spare children to fuss for. Heck, I doubt He even notice that a mere lowly human is lost. Who am I anyway? Nobody of importance.

3)If human can err, how can we be so sure what written by Mark, Luke and John can be flawless?

Not sure if it’s flawless, but then again, I’ve read it for the sake of knowledge. Wouldn’t want to end up like a lunkhead who knows nothing about what other people believes in. Better know a little bit of things than to be completely ignorant. Some of those letters are beautiful, like Corinthians letters that talked about love. They are some form of beautiful literature to me. Flawless or not, I have no idea, but the people who came out with those verses must have been smart enough to compose things that left huge impact to the humanity. On ‘Love’, I must say though I learn to love the people who are nice to me, I never once doubt that love is a part of mother nature’s clever scheme to get human and whatnot to reproduce.

4)Why do human race keep fighting over God when HIS intention is good?

Because human are not perfect and never will be. Human sought power, influence and wealth. But they have no fucking good reason to fight for it, so they use God as a lame excuse to fight each other. Once they emerge victor in a fight or war, their God and people remains supreme. And when their God remain supreme, they get advantages like power and wealth too. Just a bloody disgusting excuse to express their bloody hormones. Those people are probably adrenaline or testosterone ridden. How else you can explain their barbaric and uncivilized behaviour? It’s ironic isn’t it? It’s stated in the Good Books that humans are God’s supreme creation. But in some ways, animals are definitely better than humans. At least they do not launch war with their own kind and behave like a complete mindless predator.

5) Why do we need God if our conscience and our intentions are good?

Geez, I have no idea. So far I’ve been living in a way that does not harm myself or others. I try to do good deeds every now and then so that some nutcase wouldn’t get pissed at me and shoot me with a gun while I’m pooping or something.

Cleffairy: Dear God, if you truly exist, kindly come and knock on my door and hand over a bunch of cash. I definitely could use some at the moment. If you do so, then maybe I’ll start believing. Otherwise, I’ll just have to wait for some divine being to bring me to heaven or hell to knock some senses in me about God’s existence and please make sure that I’ll be able to come back alive to tell the stories about it to the other.


  1. Kev says:


    Well i got your website via Eugene’s blog too. Anyway, yeah your response can be intimidating to many people. I won’t blame them because they were all brought up to follow certain doctrines. The big question has always been whether there’s a God, and religious organisations will go all out to prove and to convince others that He exists. To me, some things just can’t be explained – and there’s no need to prove anything that can’t be explained.

    My stand is clear, religion is not an avenue for a person to ask for money or favours. Yet we see Chinese (especially) going to the temples to ask for something. The idols whom they pray to I suppose are deities, not Gods. I do personally believe that there are spirits around us, and that’s why mediums could get into a trance. That’s also why there are haunted places – spirits that refuse to leave.

    Whatever your belief is, don’t let God control your life. You have to control your own. To me, humans should use God as an avenue to seek calmness and guidance in times of crises.

    I guess at the end of the day, whether you believe in God or not is not important. It is more crucial that you learn to do good, be good and see good. It is a great merit if you could pray for peace and happiness without even having to close your eyes in the comfort of your bedroom or a place of worship.

    Good articles you have in this blog. Keep it up 🙂

  2. BlurryLeo says:

    well … i’ve been asking the same ol’ question all the time … how do one knows if He exists? He never appear and say ‘Hi’ before. I never believe in blind faith and I think that no one should either. I always believe that one should always question till the doubts are cleared. And never simply take things by merely just because the scriptures say so.

  3. Pauline Perfectionista says:

    Awesome stuff! Love the way you answered those questions, skeptical without being cynical.

    Sometimes I feel like religion works against us humans.. people rely on prayer instead of their own effort, and use ‘God’ as a place to put blame when they don’t succeed at something, e.g. “Their marriage failed… must be cuz it ain’t God’s will.” *shudder*

    I’ve had my share of unanswered prayers too in the past (which is partly why I’m agnostic today), and I agree totally with ya, relying on ourselves is definitely the way to go! 😀

    P/S. Hope TM-Nut’s fixed your line already 🙂

  4. Cheeyee says:

    I like your thinking – keep an open mind, and learn about everything rationally rather just be a follower.

    I’m a Buddhist while my hubby is a Christian. We have been very open minded to our own religion and we respect each other.

    Even though we are not having same religion, we both don’t believe that by just praying and wait for God to help without doing anything ourselves, things will be solved. There must be some reasons that God wants us to go through all these hurdles. So instead of just praying, we should find our own ways, learn from it and become wiser and stronger.

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