A lot of things in life is unreachable and ephemeral. A lot of things come and go, and nothing lasts forever. Bad things may not last. Good things may not last either. But it is good that some things will be with you til you breathe your last: The Eternal Father. As long as you have an unwavering faith, that is, and He will be with you, guiding you throughout the thorny path in life.

Whatever you decide to call Him… as long as you believe in Him, He will be your hero and show you truth, nothing but the truth. You may not understand what I’m talking about, but you will know what I’m mumbling about when you let Him into your heart and allow Him to be your Knight in Shining Armour. No heroes is greater than Him.

Enough delirious words. This entry is to thank my elder sister, who gave me the greatest book of all time and a rosary. πŸ˜€ All all the books she gave me, I treasured this one the most, for it reminded me of my Hero and my saviour; the keeper of my soul.

Beautifully bound and in fiery red.

Thick, with markers and ribbons for fast reference.

Rosary for prayers and meditation.

Thank you, for the gift that reminds me that my Hero will always be with me. I’ve been reading them before I sleep, and they do keep my nightmares away.

Cleffairy: Life is harsh on the heart of a girl. And a woman. In every fairy tales, every story, every life, there is a villain. The story and fairy tales of life is the story of a long and sustained assault on one’s body and soul. But in every story there is a Hero, a saviour that will save you from the villains and what you fear. Praise Him. My Hero and saviour. One who shall not leave me for as long as I have faith in Him.


    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… amazing how that hand belongs to a 25 years old, eh? Thank you for the Footprints in the sand. Listened to it on youtube…very comforting and soothing. πŸ˜€

      I have a lot of worries, yes, but I’m blessed, Cikgu. For what it’s worth. He loved me. I have Him with me, and that alone, ought to make me braver… He is with me.

      ps: I think I can be proud that He choose me to test me with a lot of things. He won’t let us endure more than we could, won’t He? πŸ˜€

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