Wall Décor Ideas Suitable For Any Small Space

Decorating smaller spaces is often more difficult that decorating large spaces. When you have less square footage (such as one of those apartments in sengkang), you have less liberty with your décor choices. What you put into your space has to be carefully curated, and this can often make it feel like your options are limited. While there is not much you can do to add more space to your home, there are plenty of ways to make your apartment more put-together. The key is, of course, to take advantage of the largest open spaces you have in your home – your walls.


Take a few tips from these ideas to imbibe your empty walls with life, moving them from cold and sterile to warm and personal.

Opt for large scale art

Just because you have a small space does not mean that things have to be proportionately small as well. An oversize painting or photograph that takes up an entire wall to itself is sure to command attention and also set the tone and mood in your small space. The options are endless: if your space is more minimal try a black-and-white piece, or add more color to it with a vibrant and abstract piece. A very large piece of artwork on your walls is sure to make a bold statement. It also helps focus the eye and pinpoints it on one spot in your space, taking the focus off the size of your space and onto the artwork.

Curate gallery walls

A gallery wall is your home solution to an art gallery. Nothing adds personality to your space quite like a gallery wall. You can use it to incorporate more color, add more cohesiveness, or just jazz up the quirkiness of your space. If you have a collection of artwork and photographs, consider hanging them up altogether on one large expansive wall (or in this case, one small expansive wall). You can also add in some other wall hangings and ephemera. Cohesive frames can tie in different pieces of art. However, if you’d rather have a more mix-and-match style, you can bring in an array of ornate variations in frames to really spice things up.

Showcase fabrics

If traditional artwork is not your thing, you can also consider hanging up a beautiful and expansive tapestry or even an antique rug. Not only does this add color and pattern to your space, it lends a sense of softness to your space as well. The option of hanging fabrics is more flexible than framed paintings. You can just select from fabrics that you already have. Got some great vintage scarves or exotic looking textiles? No problem. Just frame them and let them take center stage on your walls. Here’s a bonus as well: they’re much easier to maneuver than framed paintings, which can come in handy when the time comes for you to move to your next home.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are your best friend if you live in small spaces. They make your small space feel larger and brighter by reflecting light around. They also open up your space by deceiving your eye into thinking that there is more space than there actually is. A large ornate mirror can work equally as well as displaying several smaller pieces a-la salon style. They can easily be made the focal point of any room: place them above mantels for a grand effect, or lean them against an empty wall opposite a window to reflect natural light around.

Paint a mural

A wall-expansive mural can help transport you from your small apartment to a more exciting place. If you don’t have a view from your windows, you can just incorporate a breathtaking view on your walls in substitution! If you have a creative hand, hand-paint it yourself to add a more personal touch to your space. Otherwise, you could go the more convenient route and choose a ready-made wall covering. Both options will be sure to make an everlasting impact.

Hang plates

Again, the key idea is to source from what is already in your collection. If you have a collection of fine china, why keep it in the cabinet when you can show it off? Invest in some wire plate hangers in order to display your favorite plates and serving platters. This can be a great choice for dining room décor. Although, do remember that you need to secure them safely or risk them falling off of your walls (and breaking).

Have a wall garden

Plants don’t have to always be siting on surfaces or on the windowsill. If you love the look of greenery, then why not incorporate it into your space in the form of a wall garden? Consider hanging (or even wall-mounting) plants and planters to bring in a bit of nature to your space. This surely helps bring in an organic touch as well as breathe in some life (literally) to your home and your walls.

Add sculptural sconces

In a smaller space, multi-tasking furniture and décor is always a plus. Sculptural sconces no only add an extra source of ambient lighting without taking up valuable surface space, they can easily double as a wall sculpture. An eye-catching sconce design is sure to do double-duty to bring in not only light but also style.

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