Wanna chat with me? Use WeChat!

Are you a smartphone user? Well, I am a smartphone user, and I’m pretty much dependent on my smartphone. I not only use my smartphone to communicate with my family, friends, and loved ones, but I also use my smartphone to do my work…you know, read email, reply emails, blogging through the phone, write my novels by using the phone and not to mention read ebooks by using my smartphone.

In other words, smartphone is really an important device to me. I can never leave home without it. It’s not just a tool to communicate, but it’s practically my mobile office.

There’s plenty of free apps available for my Android phone that will enable me to communicate with my loved ones for free, and being a cheap skate, I’ve installed quite a few of them in my phone so that I can test out which one of those apps suits me best.

I recently discovered that there’s this particular apps known as WeChat.

It’s a fun smartphone apps that enables the user to communicate with one another for free. This apps originates from China, and was recently launched in Zouk, Malaysia in a glamorous event.

More than 200 bloggers and members of the media were invited to the event. 😀

For those who are unfamiliar with this apps… I can assure you that it’s a fun new way to communicate with your family and friends…and it’s also a very good tool to make new friends.

I’ve just installed it in my phone and I’m having so much fun with it already.

Signing up to WeChat is quite a straight forward process where you’re required to verify yourself with your phone number. You can also use your Facebook account to login to WeChat.

WeChat offers quite a few interesting feature apart from the usual text messaging, hold to talk voice messaging, photo/video sharing and broadcast messaging. Among them is:

  • Look around
  • Shake
  • Drift Bottle
  • Scan QR Code

The add friend feature on WeChat is pretty simple. You not only import contacts from your phonebook, but you also can also add Facebook friends who are already using WeChat into your contact list.

You don’t have to worry about privacy on WeChat because all of your datas are encrypted and you get choose who can add you and who you want to befriend with. 😀

WeChat feature is pretty cool, I must say. You can lightly bump phones to add WeChat users to your contact.Awesome, isn’t it? You don’t have to key in contact. Just lightly bump the phone, and the contacts will be saved. 😀 And if you wanna exchange each other’s contact, just shake the phone, and it will be done! Apart from that, you can also scan QR code to add contacts into your phone.

Remote shake on the other hand, allows you to make new friends with strangers who are shaking the phone at the same time as you.

Feeling a little emotional, melancholic and needs to talk to someone who will actually listens instead of judging you? No fret, there’s ‘Drift Bottle’ function.

You may write a message in the ‘virtual bottle’  seal it up and drift it into the sea. If you’re lucky, someone, somewhere in the world who is using WeChat may pick it up and make a connection with you. 😀 Good way to not only make friends, but also de-stress don’t you think?

Of course, the drift function works both ways. You may also pick up someone elses’s bottle and make acquintance with them too.

Interested in trying this apps out? WeChat is free to download and is available on various phone platforms.

So be sure to check out your phone and download from your respective app shop, and don’t forget to like WeChat Malaysia Fb Page to get exciting news and updates on WeChat Malaysia. 😀




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