Wedding Insurance

I’ve been talking about bed, mattresses, furnitures, making love, and that simply screams romance, doesn’t it? Well, I’m in the mood, so bear with me, please. 😀

Speaking of lovers and romance, marriage and weddings comes to mind, doesn’t it?

While weddings is a romantic affair between two individuals, nothing is ever secured, and that is why we need wedding insurance for.

The average cost of a UK Wedding is now over £20,000* so it makes sense to protect your big day if you’re a UK citizen.

Wed safely, lovebirds. Get your wedding insured. It doesn’t matter if you decided to go for a cheap wedding insurance, just get your wedding insured so that you can have a perfect, peaceful wedding or you can forever hold your peace. 😛

Why get a wedding insurance, you ask me? Well, this is why you should at least get a cheap wedding insurance:

  • It is common that some couples have second thoughts about their wedding. And if you have to cancel the wedding for any unavoidable reason, such as an injury to you or your partner, the policy should pay out. This is likely to be one of the most useful areas of cover that wedding insurance policies offer.
  • Wedding insurance can also cover you for loss or damage to wedding attire, such as the wedding dress, as well as presents, the wedding cake, rings, flowers and gifts for the guests. Cover starts a set period before the wedding and finishes a set period after – from seven days before to 24 hours after for wedding gifts, for example – but this will vary depending on the policies you opt for.
  • You’ll be relying on wedding services from a range of providers. Wedding insurance can cover any extra costs you incur up to the policy limit if something goes wrong with these services.

Wedding insurance can protect you against a range of unfortunate events and help you make sure you are not out of pocket as a result, but whether it’s worth taking out ultimately depends on the cost of your wedding and how worried you are about things going wrong. If you’re worried about some horrible wedding crashers that will crash your wedding and ruin your big day, then getting at least a cheap wedding insurance is the only logical thing to do. It’ll spare you from worries.

Cleffairy: Some wedding insurance covers the armed forces too.

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