Bedroom furniture

Sleeping is a pleasure. Making love is a pleasure. And as an author, I often describe bedrooms and bedrooms furniture in the house or mansion of my protagonists with pleasure and extensive details so that my readers would be able to imagine how the bedrooms and the bedrooms furniture in the story looks like.

They’re often romantic and suits the character’s personality. They’re often sky blue, white, a contrast of black and white, or even glaring red, but never pink. Pink is too girlish for the strong characters in my books.

In Royal Masquerade, my most recent romantic- fantasy novel, the main characters, would spend their time in the bedroom every now and then. Fights, quarrels, making up were the scenes that’s usually played in the bedroom.

The characters too, would often have breakfast in bed, surrounded with luxurious bedroom furniture, but of course, they don’t dine in their bedroom day in, day out. That would sound lame and overdoing the romance between them.

Breakfasts, lunch and dinners were commonly done in the dining hall of their Mansion, the Darklord Mansion. I didn’t put much emphasize in the dining room furniture, though. As the dining room furniture serves it’s purpose where various monster fights ensues, and at some point of the story, dining room furnitures  were destroyed beyond words. Yes, it is safe to imagine that in Royal Masquerade, there are falling chandeliers as well as rampaging serpents in the dinning room, but I can assure you that there would be only romance and heated arguments in the bedroom scenes.

Cleffairy: Dreams are not only for sleeping.

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