Welcome to a year full of bullshit…

Some may wonder why I haven’t been writing anything yet though Chinese New Year holiday is already over for God knows how many days already. Fret not. I was not kidnapped or have been offered 50m to resign from my writing career or anything, though I wish I was. I think everyone here wishes that he or she was offered such disgusting amount of money and shakes off their legs while sunbathing in the Caribbean without having to worry about making ends meet.

I’m just moody and feeling rather uninspired. Yes, UNINSPIRED. For me, being uninspired is almost the same as being practically dead, but it can’t be helped, I suppose, as I’m having a strange transition in my life where I made certain decision that in my opinion, will make me advance in life and move forward.

However, I am living in Malaysia. So it is common that once one make a decision to do something positive in life and move forward for good, there will be assholes and busybodies with orthodox thinking that will impede us from advancing. They are the people that in my opinion, needed a good fuck over and over again to keep them occupied from disrupting people’s peace of mind and putting their noses where it actually belongs- in their own smelly houses. But, there’s nothing I can do to give them a good fuck, as I am no pimp. I am also no lesbian who wears strapon… and even if I was, I don’t think I want to fuck these bitches. They turned me off anyway.

While I’m more than 100% certain that I am making huge progress in my life, my confidence sometimes faltered, and I wondered if I made the correct decision since there are so many bullshits going on in my life, because certain people are trying very hard to make me move backwards instead of forward by interfering with my life. They thought they know best, just because they are older and experience and have more money to do as they pleased.

Maybe that, or they thought I’m just a brainless bitch who do not know how to think and make decision on my own as I have grass for a brain. Hence, they decided to ruin my life by trying to get me under their clutches and control me like those sadistic bitches you can see in porn movies. But I’m telling you bitches, do not try to interfere anymore, or I shall no longer keep quiet about it! Back off, bitches, or I’ll screw your life! I meant every single words I said. And you people should have known by now that I have zero tolerance towards nonsense and interference.

Anyway, talking about moving forward and not backwards, I can see that I am not the only one who felt that we could not advance because of the orthodox mindset that some Malaysian have. Let me point to what’s going on in Perak government at the moment. It’s in a mess, totally screwed up, inside out, upside down. Don’t you think so?

Another good example of where Malaysian are heading backwards instead of forward is the teaching Maths and Science in English issue. For crying out loud! Teaching Maths and Science in English is a good thing. Why the hell all those assholes who needs a good fuck go and wail here and there, demanding that teaching these two subject in English in schools are undermining the national language?

This is bullshit! Completely bullshit! If learning certain subjects in secondary language can be considered as a treachery to our mother tongue, then by all means, do not learn or speak any other language at all than what you usually speak at home. Wouldn’t that be better? Honestly, this is idiosyncrasy it’s mightiest form!

In my humble opinion, if only Malaysians try as hard as they could to move forward instead of backwards like this, we could have been a developed country by now. And if only we could be united regardless of our opinions and thinks for the nation instead of our own greed, we could have been a respectable and mighty country by now. But, seeing the mindset of our people, regardless of age, race and religion everywhere, I think we could never advance, as most of us are still trapped in our very own Dark Age.

Cleffairy: Beware, people, power thirsty people who wants to be in control are everywhere. They are not necessarily always politicians. They can be in your office or they can even be some distant relatives. Never ever take things for granted, always be alert as there will always be backtabbers who will stab you from behind. No one can be trusted in this world, only trust yourself.


  1. i'm dating my sisters friend says:

    i just got to know the news couples of hours ago, *just back from spore* erm totally fed up with the politic here!! bet you guys have no choice but give me the votes, then only you guys could get out from the darkness

    okok, back to the topic, well there are plenty of different kind of bitches, just take it easy and sooner or later you would know how to screw them up

  2. cleffairy says:

    Fufu…. yeah, Fufu for PM… lol… den everyone can go travel oredi. LOL… No kidding, FuFu, it’s simply a mess in Malaysia. I sense a stinking year with full of bullshits ahead. And regarding to my dilemma with bitches, I hope you’re right. I hope I will figure out how to strike back soon enough.

    Zara… awww, that’s so sweet of you, welcoming me back here. LOL… yeah, Zara, I’m glad you notice the last sentence. This world is cruel and full of evil… so must be careful with EVERYONE…they can back stab us any time. 🙁 Only have faith in God and yourself, girl. That’s the best, I think.

  3. Pauline Perfectionista says:

    Liz! I’ve been checkin’ your blog for new posts (but not in a stalker-ish way lar, haha), but I thought you were away outstation or something. It’s so nice to have you back *finally!*

    Don’t know if I’ve told you this before, but I’ve always admired the fact that unlike so many people around us who try to please everyone, you always stick to your guns; and pursued the career and future you wanted.

    Listen to your heart and stay strong! The world is full of meanies who’ll never stop criticizing and judging us no matter what we do.. even if you’d listened to them, they’ll still find some other thing to criticize, right? *shrug* At least you can say that you’re doing what you know is right for you 🙂 *hugs*

  4. eugene says:

    i always feel, my dear friend we have so many thoughts in common, that’s why i love reading your blog, nice and provocative thoughts.

    Hey forgot to ask you something, are you writing for a living ? if yes then i shall bestowe you my “SIFU”

    good health, good thoughts, good sleep, good dreams, good partner and good you

  5. cleffairy says:

    Pauline… I was at the OUTLAWS…. lmao… that’s why lesap-ed… aiyorrr, girl, wanna find me nonid check my blog for updates la… lol… you got my number wud… it’s 24/7 for you lah… LOL… yeah, it’s so nice to have myself back too. Feels so good to be free from CNY tradition nonsense. LOL… how was YOUR CNY? Alamak, puji me… I kembang d. Honestly, I can’t be bothered to please everyone around me anymore. I may have done that when I was a little girl, but nothing good came out of going around trying to please everyone. We may end up getting hurt in the end anyway. You bagi muka to ppl, but who will bagi muka to u, correct anot? So, cannot bagi muka! (OMG, I think I sound like PCK’s wife!) Neway… how is HELL? Are you back in HELL?

    Jo… stay put in Sg la…come back Malaysia, headache only, no kidding. With all the political turmoils that’s going on here in Malaysia, it’s pretty hard to focus on facing the recession, and pretty hard to get some good night sleep too.

    Eugene… lol…we have many thoughts in common perhaps because we have same interest to protect, I suppose. We’re both family oriented kinda ppl… so whatever we do, we put our family first. LOL… Well, I’m actually in writing line, you can say that, I suppose. I’m an editor. But aiyo, dun call me SIFU la… so paiseh… lol..

  6. amoker says:

    I was kinda looking for ya. Quite a lapse by your writting standard. hehe.

    Am trying hard to be online. The Perak coup de tat just sickens me. UMNO is crap and Najib is unworthy.

  7. cleffairy says:

    Amoker… lol… too dead pissed and tired to think and write coherently. LOL…bullish year, I suppose. I’m not so sure what word I should use to describe what BN-Najib and co did in Perak…perhaps, despicable is the correct term that can describe em. And to say the Sultan’s decision not to dissolve the DUN is taking away my admiration for his wisdom is an understatement.

    Seng… mai, jie dunwan stay in Malaysia liao. Got money, die die oso dunwan stay in this nonsense country oredi. Better off stay in New Zealand… at least there the lembu behave better than the ‘lembu’ over here.

    … lol… they are expensive frogs… lol… heard there’s 50m involve in the jumping process.

    … aiya, for me, everyday is that time of the month. I’m the kind of person that goes mad and crazie everyday. So must stay clear from me lah… dun provoke, I’m one nasty madwoman. LOL. But you’re right la Cikgu, if life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade, or even better, open a Cafe and sell fancy lemon sodas. LOL.

    Chris…yeah… this world polluted oredi. Full of assholes, fuckers and bitches. LOL…

  8. Pauline Perfectionista says:

    Gosh, outlaws! Patut la tak nampak your batang hidung for like ages! Eh, you’re right, should’ve caught up with you on your cell! Ah, finally CNY is over now, all 15 days of ’em.

    Hahaha yes, I’m back in Hades after my week-long holiday. And it feels more hellish than ever *shrugs*

    P/S. Today is Friday the 13th. Nothing in particular. Just thought I’d mention it to you… thinking back of those school days when we used to go “Eeeek, Friday the thirteenth!” 😀 *chuckles*

  9. Tera says:

    o_O understand your feeling 100% about bitches. Power craze for I don’t know what F reason, I just wanna do my work lah, can’t they understand? My research topic is about corporate bullshit btw, its a tribute to bitches I met!

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