What Time Does Not Erased: Love for Each Other

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(Pic of our feet, taken back in 2013, during Banghuris Homestay Trip with Sahabat Media)

Here’s sharing a little something with all of you out there. I know I have been writing about travel alot lately, and haven’t been really doing any writing that really comes from the depth of my heart. So here goes. πŸ™‚ A little encounter that melted my heart today. It’s 16th September 2014. A Public holiday in Malaysia in conjunction of Malaysia Day. Since it is a public holiday, my husband does not have to go to work, and spent his time with me and son at home. Nothing much to tell there, nothing interesting. Just a restful and peaceful day at home where we took a good rest, sleeping together whole day to heal the fatigue bodies.

Come evening when everyone is fully rested, we decided that it is time to get a a haircut as both husband and son’s hair is growing way too long to look presentable or neat. So we made a little trip to the barber.

TheΒ  trip to the barber to get a haircut for both hubby and son made me a happier person. Why? Cuz while we were at the barber, we met an old family doctor who saw me and hubby through our very naughty college years, pregnancy and the birth of our son. It’s almost a decade since we met this doctor and what he said during the short encounter melted my heart. When he saw our son while the barber was cutting his hair, he said WOW three times, saying how the boy has grown.

The doctor told me that my son looks exactly like my husband; an exact carbon copy, and was practically amazed how tall the boy is now as the last time he saw the boy, he was just a screaming, tiny baby no taller than the length of his arms. He told me we have done a great job against all odds in raising the boy and I should consider planning for a second child in which I sheepishly replied…perhaps, one day if God wills it. The good doc also told me that I did not change much, still petite and looks like a college girl and it feels like yesterday he gave me mc to skip classes. Gosh, he still remembers I used to pretend to be sick to skip lectures. πŸ˜› I can’t believe that he still remembers!

This encounter is really heartwarming. It reminds me of love, and sacrifices both my husband and I have done for our little family. The short meeting with the doctor reminds me how my husband took care of both of us singlehandedly from the day our son is born, from taking care of me during confinement to bathing our then newborn son to changing diapers to making milk when I was too exhausted to breastfeed.

Thank you God, for sending me gentle reminders like this whenever I may have forgotten. It was definitely a knock on my head. I was really lucky and privileged to have my husband by my side, taking care of me then. How many husbands out there willing to do so for their wives, I wonder? Most husbands these days would just dump their wives to confinement centres or send them over to their parents to be taken care of throughout the confinement period. Instead of that, he took care both of us, and should we have another child together, I would certainly hope to have a repeated experience.

Time may have change both of us. Circumstances are different now, but deep down, there is something that not even time or anyone else could alter, which is the enduring love that we have for each other. Against all odds, against everything that we both have been put through, we still endure and still love each other, and that, is what mattered most, in my humble opinion. The enduring love.

This encounter is healing to say the least, and I may not say it often, may not show it openly, even. I may be wordy, write lengthy posts and articles, but to be honest, I’m not really expressive when it comes to showing my affection. I’m terrible at that. I feel sorry for my husband sometimes for that. But I believe in saying things I really meant and only during desperate times will I say ‘I love you’ but I do love both my son and husband very much, and I hope both my husband, and my son do know that I love them more than anything else in the world, somehow. Perhaps, from now on, I should be more affectionate to both of them. They are, after all, the loves of my life, given by God to me.

Cleffairy: What God has put together, let no one put asunder. Thank you for sending me reminders. I am indeed blessed.


  1. miera says:

    Lucky girl…. ahhhh… bobor rahsia also yaaa…. pretend to be sick and get MC huh…. notty girl…. heheheh…. Do go ahead and have second baby… you still young… and Adrian is a big boy now.. and yes, Adrian is Tony’s carbon copy… ;-P

    • Cleffairy says:

      πŸ˜‰ 12 years together and I’m still shy and not very good at saying ‘I love you’ or express myself properly. I have always been good with written words, but not verbally. A hopeless romantic…but I don’t think my husband reads this post. He usually dun read my blog post that has so much words…sure dun read.

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