Cuti Cuti 1Malaysia Pahang- Kelab Golf Diraja Pekan

Before ending the program in Pahang, Sahabat Media were brought to the Kelab Golf Diraja Pekan.

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Writer had ‘tee off at Kelab Golf Diraja Pekan along with Idros Haji Yahya, Director of the Office of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the State of Pahang, Azlie Halim, Managing Editor Azizul Leisure and Mr Aziz, the manager of Royal Pahang Golf Club.

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This golf club offers an 18-hole golf course. If you’re in town, not difficult to find a golf club located near the palace. All sorts of golfing features and challenges available in this field. Long fairways, blind holes, bunkers and high and difficult greens.

Here’s the information on Kelab Golf Diraja Pekan

Jalan Padang Golf

Email:[email protected]
Fax: 09-5667042

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