When things gets out of hand…

What do you do when things gets out of hand, and you desperately need to get them back on track? As of late, I’ve been worrying about a lot of things, making plans, and hoping that they will turn out fine in the end, regardless of the faulty… processes, because I’m terrible… very terrible at multi-tasking.

I’ve always been a horrible muti-tasker, and I couldn’t really do many things at one time.I have to concentrate on doing one thing at a time, or… I’m afraid… I’ll screw things up, and things will get pretty ugly.

When I was still reporting, I was practically struggling, because as a reporter, multi-tasking is one of the basic skill needed for news digging process. I wasn’t a good multi-tasker. My former editor could vouch for that, but thank God, I was known for being rather attentive and assertive when it comes to hunting down news or interviewing. I made a pretty good investigative journalist to the point when I resigned, they still persuade me to come back… to this very day. Perhaps… one day I’ll go back into reporting.

But I am not quite sure if I really want to, despite of the adrenaline rush it gives me as investigative journalism in Malaysia has become rather ugly and horrid…with all of those nasty murders, conspiracy and whatnot.

Back then when I was practicing, it wasn’t as bad, and with the things that’s going on lately, I tend to wonder if I decide to go back into reporting, staying in the gossip column would be better? I don’t know…for what it’s worth, freelancing and being a writer is much more fulfilling than practically living in the newsroom or running around for news. LOL. (Sorry boss… kakaka…I want to ‘kill’, not ‘be killed’. But I’ll let you know if I decided to go on suicide mission again)

Anyway, I’m really straying… what I meant to talk about is the things that you do when things gets out of hand and your plans is thwarted. What do you do, actually? When things gets out of hand on my side of the world… I would make a to-do list, and work on them one by one, not simultaneously. I can never do things simultaneously, because I only have a pair of hand and only one brain to control my movements.

So… tell me… humour me… what do you do… when things gets out of hand on your side of the world?

Cleffairy: *sigh* Things never go as plans but thank God I’ve always have back up and 2nd and 3rd plans in case my 1st plan is ruin!


      • MRC says:

        If u r into cooking & food – drop by one of my ally –


        Dun be shy coz it’s not what u r – speaking of which i began to doubt who u r really ??- “manifest” yourself – I “demand” to gave my info / pics about self & family like mamarazzi, claire or wenn- You might be “mimicking” somebody….Who & What (ooopsss – just joking) you’re!!!

        • what is sbw online dating says:

          LOL… I never put my pics online, period, and if you knew me long enough, you’d understand why. Initially I start off as a political blogger.

          And as for my reason of being anonymous… read here: I’m not shy. I’m just paranoid. Hahahahaha…all you people get to know is my age… my marital status…the rest is all known to myself, and I’ll leave that to your imagination, unless you’re my real life friend and knew me before under certain circumstances. LOL!

          Being an avid movie watcher… you do understand the concept of secret identity, don’t you? Well… just consider me as a female Clark Kent. LOL… I used to be a reporter, I used to work in a newsroom, I wear glasses like Clark…I got a personal life to protect…and I kinda got superpower… LOL!

          This is the closest you can get to seeing ME https://cleffairy.com/?p=3235

          ps: I’m not exactly a mummy blogger or a family blogger, and I only blog about food occasionally. LOL. I’ll drop by your your friend’s blog, tho.

          • MRC says:

            Yeah i read that posting before 😀 & hehehe hence the inverted comma “demand” – Haiyo if u r good at what u r doing as a writer (eg Lydia teh) what is it to hide “behind the curtain” LOL – naturally u got to unveil yourself one day & u r no “ugly duckling” – so, bluetooth fairy – Unveil your mystique self again – Maybe an upcoming posting more on yourself & family?? How’s that?? 🙂

  1. suituapui says:

    I don’t believe in multi-tasking when it comes to doing serious work. Must focus, concentrate fully and give your best (and even then, there may be a slip or two)…or else it will be a slipshod job – something from a Jack of all trades, master of none. No man can serve two masters… If surfing and browsing the net, ok lah…eat full, nothing to do stuff – ok lah!

    • what is sbw online dating says:

      I cannot multi-task… not good at it, and have to concentrate on one thing at a time, if I wanna do something. That’s why ah… I’m good at some certain things, and hopeless in another… cuz I can’t multi-task. LOL…

      But… browsing, fb, youtube… that one I’m good at doing at the same time lorr… the rest, kenot. LOLOL!

  2. MRC says:

    Wow i mean if you’re GAME for it why not?? But investigative journalism can be UGLY as you say – Are you game for the risk & challenge??(also considering that you’re a married person) – It’s like in the movie in 8TV – Ambulance girl – The writer turn EMT – What say YOU????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good to have back-up all the time 😀

    • what is sbw online dating says:

      Actually, I’m up for the challenge…the risk and buzzing around is not a problem, but the thing I hate is that there’s no absolute freedom in journalism… especially in Malaysia. We… reporters, are often forced to feed the mass with sugar-coated lies… and it irks me to death… especially if it’s me who have to do the feedings!

  3. Christopher says:

    well, things ALWAYS don’t work as planned and perfectly. It’s good to have plan B. MUltitask? I don’t think there are such concept except you work fast, on different tasks but it’s still one at a time.

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