Not so black…

I was craving for some ‘daging masak hitam’ the other day, and so, I decided to look up STP’s ‘masak hitam’ recipe’.

But, instead of getting a genuine Sarawak ‘Daging Masak Hitam’, I got the above dish instead as I decided that STP’s recipe looks rather plain and what a shame it would be if I didn’t add carrots, bell peppers, onions and also potatoes in it. 😛

*sigh* Looks like my ‘daging masak hitam’ is not so black after all. It looks more like beef stew if you ask me. *sobs* 🙁

Oh, well, at least it’s edible and at the end of dinner, nothing was left of it. LOL…thank god my effort was not in vain after all.

If you’re interested to try and cook some ‘daging masak hitam’/ ‘ayam masak hitam’, you might wanna hop over to STP’s blog and take a look at the recipe yourself. Tweak at your own risk. 😛

Cleffairy: I can never follow recipe! I’ll surely tweak them and the dish will be totally a different thing!


  1. suituapui says:

    See what happens when people never follow instructions! Muahahahaha!!! Never mind, mine also was a flop. Yet to try again – wait till my classes end for the year. Very free then…can have another go and post, if successful. Well, with all those ingredients – sure to taste nice even though it is not like masak hitam. Wink! Wink!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Sigh… wud to do… hand itchy… I see plain plain like this… colourless ma… so wanna add abit colour lorr… but really flop lorr… turn out… the taste is okay… sweet, salty… abit spicy cuz add the bell peppers…. lol…but not masak hitam anymore… comes out oso brown colour… hahhahaha….

      But… nvm la… hahaha… the food was not wasted, cuz my hubby and anak says it’s quite nice… next time will try to cook again, try to make it plain and see… whether will get the ‘hitam’ or not… LOL!

  2. AngeLBeaR says:

    Saw this recipe in AFC channel (chef wan is the host) – he’s using lots of dark soya sauce..the really thick ones. Marinade the chicken as per instruction and just right after it is cooked, put more dark soy sauce (it’s sweet anyway) before turn off the heat. Really hitam jugak la…asal jangan “hangus” punya hitam, that is fine kot..hehehehe…

    • Cleffairy says:

      *sulk* Where got so hitam la… hahahah… it’s chocolate in colour… *pengsan* Hahahaha…. good thing ah, got ppl will wallop my food even if it doesn’t look nice… hahahahaha! I am so blessed!

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