When two worlds collide…

What’s the 5 most horrible thing that could ever happen to an author?

1. Plagiarism

2. Author’s block

3. The world in the book and reality collides, and strange things that’s supposed to happen only in the books started to happen.

4. Falling in love with the characters that he/she created and started to believe that they are real, and the worst thing is the author would sometimes mistakenly address the people around them as one of the characters he/she created.

5. The main characters started to be overshadowed by the supporting characters, and the supporting characters started to take the lead and rocking the entire world inside the story.

This entry is going to sound rather queer but please bear with me, because right at the moment, I’m experiencing no. 3, 4. and 5. I’m not quite sure if that is normal. It’s a tad too much, isn’t it?

I know no. 1- 2 is pretty common among authors, and if you’re an author/someone who exercised writing regularly, you would probably complain about it at least once in your lifetime, and you could easily find a forum or a discussion board on how to solve that particular problem by merely Googling it.

Call me weird, or even lunatic, but I think writing is an acceptable form of Schizophrenia. Only through writing, unleashing a few characters in one body is acceptable. It is not only acceptable, but an author would be considered good at what he/she is doing if they are able to unleash a few characters on empty pages and make the characters believable. Yes. It is definitely an acceptable form of Schizophrenia.

I have no scientific explanation for what I’m experiencing at the moment, as  I am not an anti social. I go out to chill and relax pretty often with my friends and family, and I swim at least once a week as well too. It couldn’t be that I have ‘no life’ that my brain had been forced to believe that that world and the people that I’ve created is real.

My only logical take on what I’m experiencing is probably that the brain is a very powerful programming device that could program the body to believe in almost everything and make things happen, including the queer and the impossible or that my brain is quite tired that it has difficulties shifting from one world to another. I don’t know how I’m supposed to deal with no. 3 and no.4. Perhaps it is just a temporary insanity, and as long as it doesn’t ruin my life, I suppose, I can deal with it.

But I definitely know how to deal with no. 5. When the main characters in your story started to be overshadowed by the supporting characters, and the supporting characters started to take the lead and rocking the entire world inside the story, all I can do is make the best out of it and use the unplanned change of event to my advantage and just write. Sky is the limit, and creativity knows no bound.

Cleffairy: Life is just like having problem no.5. When certain things started to overshadow another, and certain chain of event started to occur and confuse you, all you can do is not dwell on it. Instead, just make the best out of the situation, and use it to your advantage. Wouldn’t you agree with me on this?


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