Medical romance and nursing uniforms

One of my most glorious moment as an author was when I was a mere 16 years old rebellious teenage girl. That was the time where I was supposed to be studying for my public examination and concentrating on my studies. However, being me, instead of studying, I daydream and write instead.

One may wonder…what could a 16 years old write? Isn’t she supposed to be studying or busy having a crush on male specimens her age? Well… I was supposed to be studying and busy having crushes on boys my age back then, but I wasn’t quite the same as everyone else. I was different. Very different, and being different in my dictionary would meant, having completed 34 mini novella in a year. How exactly did I accomplish that?

I daresay it was hormones that flames up my imaginations into a hyperdrive, and being someone who could not stand idle, I penned them down instead of letting them go to waste.

I used be fascinated with the genre Medical Romance. One of my first unpublished novella back then in the year 2000, entitled ‘Saving Heartbeats’ was a Medical Romance filled with handsome doctors with smart looking Lab Coats. They were strong characters with finely chiseled figure whom I constantly portrayed as a pillar of strength to the patients and families whose heart and soul were almost broken as a result of illness or disease that threatens to take their loved ones away from them.

The doctors in my novels are often spirited and passionate about what they do and more often than not, I tend to shape them into a workaholic who neglected many aspects of humanity such as their own family as well as their love life.

But have no fear, the author (reads: Me) is a hopeless romantic. There’s always young female doctors walking around in their Nursing Scrubs during their rounds, ready not to only save their patients’ lives, but also to heal heartbreaks and put those workaholic, almost robotic doctors back into one piece when they finally shatter from exhaustion and sheer sadness for not being able to save every single patients that came to them.

2000 was a very fruitful year, and I would give anything to have endless energy and imagination like I had during that year and write Medical Romance again. But for now, I could only imagine Dr. Alexander Summers and Dr. Victoria Kincaid wearing the uniforms above while saving lives of their patients as well as struggle to deal with their own angst and misery as not only doctors, but as human.

Cleffairy: Writing Medical Romance was very energy consuming, as such genre tend to exhaust you when you’re really into it. I am not talking about intimacy or cheap passion or endless research on illness that’s involved here, but the human aspect of Medical Romance where authors tend to drown in their creation and feels the misery of their characters when they’re at their most vulnerable state-authors had to deal with loss and angst too, you see. Somehow, I’m not sure if I’m really cut for writing Medical Romance right now.

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