When you see a naked man…

I wasn’t in my best of health these few days. Down with fever and flu, sneezing like nobody’s business, and to add cherry on top of the damn ice cream, I suspect my lungs are giving me problems again. But then again…life goes on. Sick as I am, I can’t let it affect me that much, and while I was brainstorming with my noveling group last few night, I started to regret that I didn’t allow my body to take me to bed, and have a nice sleep instead of yakking with a bunch of authors who are ruled by their hormones and libido, because the consequences was rather dire. I couldn’t sleep at all after that, because I had a rather steamy conversation with my group.

It doesn’t help the situation that the usual sane one… which is usually me… was also not quite in her right mind with the temperature raising and all. Instead of brainstorming, we ended up talking about how to construct  sexy scenes which leaves less the the reader’s imagination.

With authors like that… nobody ever needs a dose of Harlequin and Mills Boon Romance ever again.

Remember the times when I wrote about morning erection? It was as a result of my discussion with my noveling group, and this time, it’s much more worst than morning erection. This time…it’s all about naked men. And to think that it all begin with an innocent:

“My new novel has a main character who is an artist, specializing in figure drawing. She’s just hired a new model who just so happens to be someone she had a crush on ages ago. Well she still does have a crush on him so she can’t help checking him out while she’s drawing him. And obviously he’s nude. If you were her what would you be noticing first? Now, she works with a lot of nude models, both male and female, so it’s certainly not her first time seeing a naked body. This is the first time she’s ever been attracted to the model though. So, tell the truth, what would you not so subtly check out if you were her?”

The lame and boring discussion on how to and what to do with your characters suddenly became intense and interesting. I know what this  innocent question is going to lead to, and so I watched the screen with immense interest. Sometimes, these people can really crack you up, no joke.

One of us gave this as an answer:

I’ve studied figure drawing for years. No matter how many naked guys I see, in and out of class, I always always always look at the pener first. Always.

I cracked up, of course, this is a rather typical answer for an author or an artist, no matter how professional they are. I waited longer, and continued to watch the screen…and the words below appeared on my IM:

Is it bad that the first thing I thought was, “That depends on which direction he’s facing” 😉 In general, though, I’d have to say the bottom. If I spend a lot of time thinking about or looking at the male *ahem* equipment, it just starts to look funny to me… but a nice butt is universal 🙂

Another one added in:

His butt. Checking out the full frontal is a little too obvious, and steps over the line of professionalism. Besides, who can resist a cute butt?

By this time, I had to stifle my laughter for the fear of arousing my entire household, and I managed to type these:

I would look for the “V” the v is the area below his abs and above his hips. A really well sculptured man has deep in set lines in this area that create a V. Of course the V is pointing down toward his manhood! I am also going to check it out. If I see a naked man I will check out his package. I want to see if he “manscapes” or not. I will also watch his body move so I can see his muscles moving under his skin. Watching a man’s back or arms flex during natural activity is so hot! For a picture of the “V” I am referring to just google shirtless men.

Out of the sudden, the chatroom became eerily quiet with my answer, and after a while, this comes out on the screen.

“I think our Cleffairy has been kidnapped and been replaced by a horny fairy!”

And I began to wonder, what the hell did I write wrong? It was my honest opinion. The V part on men is sexy, is it not? Now, tell me the truth, ladies, if you were to look at a naked man, what would you notice first? His manhood, his back, his butt or other things?

Look at the picture above, my sisters in crime… isn’t the V-line sexy? I think it’s sexier than the penis itself even. I mean… men’s penises would just look weird if it’s not aroused… it’s just…a dangling little thing, but the V-line? It’s just hot!

Cleffairy: Sexy is back!


    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL? U ask me if I’m ok? Aiyohh… still delirious la, but the fever went down a bit d, so all will be good, I hope. LOL…

      I like the V-line muscle… really… very sexy… if a naked man is presented to me… I’ll go goo goo ga ga over that first! Den only check out other things!

  1. mnhl says:

    Wow…u look really deep inside, something very ‘tersirat’. I like to see the muscles, yeah…moving under the skin!
    Btw, hope u get well soon. Weather is extremly bad these days.

    • Cleffairy says:

      I’ve been feeling very delirious… hence the answer. Ahahaha… yeah… it is sexy, isn’t it? Men’s muscle moving under the skin. it’s oozing with sex appeal!

  2. fatty oldman says:

    i saw naked man i wil look for clothes for him first…i saw a naked ladies i wil naked with her oso… 😛
    btw if im naked every wil had to fasting for a week as my belly will cover all my X line…lol

    • Cleffairy says:

      Ahahahahahaha…. your answer reminds me of your obscene carrot entry! Alamak… eh… ur still buying the mutated carrots ah? Got effect anot, those carrots? LOL…

  3. Malaysianjoe says:

    Hi Cleffy.. sorry for not replying your mail… maybe I accidentally deleted it when I “visited” my mailbox.. full of junk… please resend… My humblest apologies.. 🙂

    • Cleffairy says:

      OMG!!! Bro… so long never see you! yes! Yes! Yes! Last week, Amoker came back, and now it’s you! Miss you heaps…come back to hentam Mr. Bombastic ah? Hey… alot of things happening in Bolehland, come, let’s rock and dun roll! LOL.

  4. Merryn says:

    I just dare not read or comment anything right now! u know why? Bcoz u are about ten minutes from my house now and will be arriving anytime soon! I dun want to have corrupted mind when i see u for the very first time! lol…

  5. eugene says:

    If i were to see a naked man, i will surely look at the nude body as a whole the chest the 6 pack the v line, but really a naked body must come with sexiness in the smile, the moves and the talk and the walk.

    then if i were to see a naked lady, i would surely look at the bust, to me that’s the hardest part to maintain for a lady……

    • Cleffairy says:

      I dun give a damn about the size wan… if a man’s size is so goddamn big but he cannot ‘stand up’ and fully utilize his er…. equipment, den no use oso ma… eii… the V line is sexy lerr… I look at that first!

  6. ericlee says:

    this is new….often heard girls will pay more attention to the but first, penis after that and the abs….i guess girls tend to see the least sexier stuff first…XD to tell the truth, even us guys, we check out several parts first before checking out the overall body shape….details make the form perfect…hahaha

  7. donna says:

    finally can read now.. =.=”
    just now at office, not dare to open la.. =___=”
    eh.. eh.. i vote for V line also..
    if lady, i’d prefer she has her cloth on.. thank u very much.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Ahahahahha….we’re both gay, kan Donna? LOL…yeah… V-line is sexy… and if men out there thought that we’re onli interested in their little bird, nest and egg… den they are so dead wrong!

  8. Cheeyee says:

    Hope you are getting better now.

    For me, I think first thing will attract me is the chest, then the 6 packs and then the v-line. And yeah, seeing the muscle moving under skin is indeed very sexy! 😀

    • Cleffairy says:

      *sigh sigh* It’s bronchitis again. But I’m on drug, so it’s okay. Better now… can even go jalan jalan meet people. LOL…

      Hohoho… another one like muscle flexing under the skin! It’s HAWT, isn’t it? I just dun understand why men are so obsessed with their size. Sometimes, we women lust after other stuff! LOL…

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… Voon… you just started reading my blog. Back in 2008, i got a lot of these kind of entries wan. Chris and Pete knows this wan, and I think they’re all immune liao. LOL..

  9. CHVoon says:

    are you feel better now?

    hahaha V line ar…

    I agree with all the guys here. V line not easy to get!

    SAME like other guys… 6 packs also don’t have how can get V line hahahaha

    Now just to try reduce my tummy and create little 6 packs … i will damn happy for it!

    i wonder… you sick but still have a looooot imagination!

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