Where to Dine for Christmas 2014: Utara Coffee House Armada Hotel PJ

Not sure where to dine this Christmas? My husband and I have dined in some hotels and restaurants, and we have a few that’s on our list that we think is worth to recommend. First on our list is Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel PJ.

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They are offering buffet and some special menu this festive season, and here’s sharing what you can expect from their trustworthy chefs:

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Fresh Prawns with Lemon Wedges. The prawns was served cold. Fresh and naturally sweet, this dish is paired with lemon wedges and is a delight to all crustaceans lovers, yours truly included.

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Smoked Salmon with Rosette. If you have been following my blog, you would probably realized by now that I’m not fan of fishes be it cooked or raw, but amazingly enough, Chef Chew from Armada Hotel PJ always manage to prepare fish dishes that I not only will eat, but enjoyed as well. This smoke salmon is actually not bad. It was saltish and finely executed. Definitely wouldn’t mind seconds.

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Sushi& Sashimi, Maguro with Wasabi& Trimmings

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Again, I’d like to emphasize that I’m not a fan of fishy stuff and raw food, but these are fresh and juicy enough to tempt even a non fan like me for a bite or two. 🙂 Sashimi lovers would appreciate these, definitely.

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Boston Oyster Bisque. This oyster soup was bursting with the flavours of the sea. Thick and creamy, it’s enough to settle a growling tummy. I had the same dish in Utara Coffee House last year, and I’m glad to report that if it doesn’t taste the same, it’s much better and improved. Highly recommended and a must try item.

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Traditional Christmas Chicken and Walnut Nut Stuffing

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Definitely one of my Christmas favourite dish over here in Utara Coffee House apart from the creamy Boston Oyster Bisque. The chicken was perfectly done. It was juicy and was bursting with flavour. The stuffing and sauce complement the chicken perfectly. A not to be missed Christmas dish, I reckon.

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Christmas Fried Rice. Need carbs? Can’t live without rice? No fret. Christmas fried rice will surely satisfy your needs for carbs. It’s perfectly flavoured and generously fried with veggies and meat. Worth every calories you consume.

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Crustaceans with Mushrooms. A lovely, savoury dish that is pleasing on the palate. This is supposed to be a Christmas dish but I daresay this one borders dangerously on the addictive comfort food category.

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Roast Duck with Applesauce. Again, the chef has outdone himself with this homey dish. There was no gamey smell whatsoever and the roast duck was juicy, soft and tender while the applesauce serves only to bring out the flavour out of the duck. Another must try Christmas dish at Utara Coffee House.

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Gratinated Oyster with Spinach, Beef Medallion with Mushroom Crest, and Louisiana Pumpkin Pie. Three lovely not to be miss dish. They are all cooked to perfection, especially the beef medallion.

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And what’s Christmas dining without the traditional cookies, sweets and desserts? Keep a lookout for the traditional Christmas goodies like the Yule Log Cake, Minced Meat Pie and Ginger Bread cookies. The pastries are not cloyingly sweet and rather addictive. Perfect to pair with coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

As usual, the dining experience in Utara Coffee House is a pleasurable one. Again, I have no complaints as everything surpassed my expectations.

So yes. Armada is currently on my the good Christmas list and yes…it is a safe bet should you want to dine there. They have a generous and healthy selection of Christmas dish that is worthy every single penny paid.

Below is the details should you feel like heaving over there to dine this festive season:

Party packs | Live band (JUKEBOX) performance on 24th December & 31 December 2014

RM 80.00++|per adult
RM 70.00++ | per senior citizen
RM 45.00++ | per child

1st set | 7.30 pm -8.15 pm
2nd Set | 8.45 pm -9.30 pm

Party packs | Live band (JUKEBOX) performance on 25th December 2014 only

RM 70.00++|per adult
RM 65.00++ | per senior citizen
RM 41.00++ | per child

1st set | 12.30 pm -1.15 pm
2nd Set | 1.45 pm -2.30 pm

For reservation, please call +603-7954 6888 ext 4557 – Utara Coffee House.

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