Energizer Power of Giving: Giving the Gifts of Playtime to Underprivileged Children

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I am not very sure which one I am, but I do know one thing; I have a lot of friends from all walks of life. Something I don’t always see as good as not everyone of them emit aura that will motivate me or uplifts me in a positive manner. I know this is not a very nice thing to say, but having a lot of friends is meaningless if they are not going to bring out the best in you.

Having it terribly rough in 2013 where life in whole is concerned, I made sure I changed 360′ in 2014. I am determined to be a happier person…be a better version myself every single day.

I believe in the Law of Attractions; mix with people who emits positive energy, and you will benefit from it and be positive too. Yes. The trick to be a better and happier person, is to be with people who will inspire and motivate me. And so, realizing how important it is for me to change, instead of continuing to stick around with people who constantly pull me down, I started to change my circle of friends.

Instead of mixing with people who commented negatively on the things that I do, I started to mingle with those who doesn’t judge me and says kind words whenever I share my daily lives with them. I love taking photos and sharing pictures of myself and my son, so instead of sharing it with ‘friends’ who comment negatively about it regardless of how lovely the pictures turned out, I restrict myself and only will share my selfies with those who says kind words about it and share with me their beautiful photos in return. And instead of hanging around with people who de-motivate me and tells me that I am not good enough whenever I want to attempt something like writing contests, cooking contests, singing in public and whatnot, I stick to those who encourage me and pray for my success, even when they know I am not really good at it.

As a result…I feel much happier and a much beautiful person. And it shows. 🙂

One would have said that these are small matter. But I beg to differ. Weeding out negative, unsupportive people from my life made a HUGE difference. I accomplished much more with positive and supportive people in my life. Having positive friends in my life made me do so many things that I never dreamed of doing before in my life; traveling the country, participating in contests and competitions and actually wins it, share the songs I sing in public on various social media, and the most recent one, doing charity works that benefits underprivileged children during Energizer Power of Giving event in 1Utama. It feels so good, and please, do allow me to share all the positive energy that I felt that day with all of you here. 🙂

A few weeks ago, I spotted something interesting on Energizer Malaysia FB page; Energizer will be buying RM20,000 worth of toys from Hamleys to give away to underprivileged children from Kiwanis Malaysia and they’re asking the public to donate batteries to power up the toys. Apart from buying batteries to power up the battery operated toys for the children, the public are also encouraged to take a pledge to do nice things  here –>https://www.facebook.com/EnergizerMY/app_934223696607703

Apart from buying batteries to power up the toys, my pledge was to donate my old books and spread positive  energy by singing. 🙂 So I did. If you are my friend on Facebook or follower on my instagram, you would notice the hashtags #positivenergy ,  #energizerMY and#energizerpowerofgiving. It is actually for this campaign where I shared my singing and excitements for the actual event.

My bff, blogger Wendy and Miera are especially excited about what I was doing and was absolutely supportive about it too to the point that they came with me during the actual day to help me make good of my pledge and help me shop for toys for the children of Kiwanis Malaysia.

 photo IMG_20141219_200902_zpsifu1jhxj.jpg

Here is my friends, Wendy and Miera, all hyped up with positive energy to play Santarina with me. 🙂

 photo IMG_20141219_203525_zpskime7mdu.jpg

Energizer Power of Giving event setup. Located in Highstreet, New Wings 1 Utama.

 photo IMG_20141219_203602_zps81fqyizw.jpg

You may drop your pre-loved toys and goods here. This roadshow will be ongoing til 28th December 2014.

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Spotted this booth while I was there

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Energizer batteries on sale…you may buy em for yourself, and also give em up for donations. Good thing about the Energizer batteries is that they last longer and doesn’t ruin your devices as they do not leak. 🙂 Absolutely great for toys.


Children of Kiwanis Malaysia, playing around while waiting for their gifts. 🙂 Lovely kids. 🙂

Anyway, chosen individuals and members of the media were given RM200 vouchers to spend and select battery operated toys for the Kiwanis Malaysia’s children from Hamleys.


Here’s the huge gift from Hamleys containing some battery operated toys and Energizer batteries that my friend Miera selected for the child that she was assigned to. Sorry… Although I was given the exact same voucher to buy gifts for the kids, there is no picture of me. I’m somewhat shopaholic. Let me loose to shop, and I will forget everything and just shop.

 photo Ben Ellie - energizer -005_zpsxspwnxow.jpg

Gifts giving session. Blogger Ben Ashaari on stage.

 photo IMG_20141219_175536_zpseq82ygbd.jpg

Happy faces. Children of Kiwanis Malaysia with their gifts bought from Hamleys, sponsored by Energizer Malaysia.

I love all the positive energy here. Wanna join and spread the positive energy too? Head over to 1Utama then. The roadshow for the charity will be ongoing til 28th December 2014. Apart from the charity drive…there are a lot of things you can enjoy at the roadshow.

 photo IMG_157943375928775_zpsot6xjqil.jpeg

Complimentary candy floss.

 photo IMG_20141219_203624_zps13zh7gyu.jpg

Christmas carolling

 photo IMG_20141219_175920_zpsmxmigwkd.jpg

Mr. Energizer flashmobs

Go ahead and head over to 1Utama and join in the fun and spread the positive energy during this festive season. 🙂 You may also spread ‪the ‎positive energy‬ by taking the pledge here –>https://www.facebook.com/EnergizerMY/app_934223696607703

 photo IMG_20141219_203538_zps38koomhc.jpg

Here’s the event’s schedule for your reference. 🙂

Check out https://www.energizer.com.my for more updated details & please buy Energizer batteries to donate too and should you join in, do feel free to share all your love and positive energy on your social media with the hashtag #energizerMY‬ ‪#‎energizerpowerofgiving. 😉

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