Where to Eat in Kuala Lumpur: B.bap Korean Food

Are you a huge fan of Kpop bands and group? I’m not really into Kpop thingie but I’m certainly a huge fan of Kdrama, which makes me as bad as the raving kids who swoon for their Kpop idols. Like most of them, I’m not exempted from falling in love with all things Korean, and that includes food.

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There are plenty of Korean food restaurant around in Kuala Lumpur but if you are looking for some Korean food fix, then B.bap Korean Food is a must visit. They are offering authentic Korean dishes on their menu.

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The restaurant can cater to decent amount of crowds and makes quite a great place for small gatherings with family and friends. Below are some of the dishes that I would personally recommend for you to try:

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Dolsot Bibimbap Octopus. The dolsot bibimbab is actually Korean mixed rice served in a stone bowl filled with a variety of vegetables and octopus and topped with a runny fried egg. A very tantalizing dish and great for those who wants something filling.

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Kimchi Jiggae Beef. My friend had this. I can’t comment much on the taste but from the look of it, it’s quite nice as he polished it off within minutes.

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Soon Dubu Jiggae, or rather, spicy soft tofu stew. This is another one of my all time favourite Korean dish. It was generously served with soft tofu and assorted seafood. Perfectly flavoured, I reckon I’ll be ordering this again in my next visit.

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Teok Bokki (Korean Rice Cake). Commonly found on the streets of Seoul, but very uncommon in Malaysia. I ordered this to share, but it was gone before I could have a taste of it. I guess this was as good as it looks too. Another one that I’ll be ordering on my next visit, I suppose.

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Pa Jeon (Korean Spring Onion and Seafood Pancake). While my husband is not quite a fan of Pa Jeon as he is not quite fond of spring onions, my son and I adore Pa Jeon and I would certainly make sure that we order it whenever we patronize any Korean restaurants. Slightly peppered with shallots and small prawns, the pancake were fried to a slight char, Pa Jeon is pretty addictive on it’s own. Good to go on it’s own but if you want to take things up a notch, dip it with the special sourish dipping sauce on the side.

The restaurant is Muslim friendly and offers quite an impressive option on their menu, so you definitely won’t feel disappointed over here.

For more information on the restaurant, please refer to the information below:

Lot GF08, Nu Sentral,
201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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