Where to Eat in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting: DOME Cafe

A cafe that has both relaxing environment and offers great selection of coffee and food is hard to come by. Some cafe has good environment but the food and beverages can be mediocre while some have mediocre ambiance but serves fantastic food. If you are looking for the best of both worlds when you are in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting, then DOME Cafe is your safest bet.


DOME Cafe is another place where you can get a quick warm meal and at the same time, receive the treatment of a VVIP while you are dining. Needless to say, their service is top notch and their food is amazing. That said, I’ve recently enjoyed a quickie meal over there and here’s sharing with you what I had:


Minestrone Soup, Roasted Beef Sandwich, Fluffy Kaola and Lemon Chill.


Roasted Beef Sandwich. The roast beef sandwich is a sandwich that is made out of sliced roast beef and served with a side of potato wedges and tomato dips. It may look like not much, but the portion is really huge. I actually shared this sandwich with my husband and still feel full afterwards.


Minestrone soup. I wanted something light and warm, and so the waiter recommended me this minestrone soup. Initially I wanted to order their mushroom soup but I didn’t regret going with this. It was really appetizing, and almost a meal on it’s own as well, considering it was served with garlic bread for me to eat it with.


Fluffy Kaola is something I picked out from the Kid’s Menu for my son and he likes it very much.


Lemon Chill is what I choose for myself. Very refreshing and definitely help me to not only cleanse my palate but helps me with my digestion as well.

I’ve patronized DOME Cafe SkyAvenue a couple of times now, both as influencer and paying customer and they never failed to impress.

For more information on Dome’s Cafe SkyAvenue, please refer to the information below:


For more information on SkyAvenue and Resorts World Genting, hop over towww.rwgenting.com

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