Where to Eat Seafood in Selangor: Ombak Kitchen

I’m petite in size and that could possibly give everyone the impression that I’m constantly on a diet and watching my figure, but truthfully, I’m actually none of those diet freak. It’s the other way around, actually. I’m a true blue foodie that’s pretty much a glutton. I enjoy all sort of food, but if there’s one thing that tops the list, it has to be seafood. Fresh seafood.

Growing up by the beach in Penang, Malaysia, I am very particular when it comes to seafood. It has to be fresh from the sea and nothing less. Living in Kuala Lumpur, I have to say that finding fresh seafood at a reasonable price to eat is kinda difficult. But lucky for me, Selangor is just half an hour drive away from my place and there are plenty of places that’s offering fresh seafood at a very reasonable price over there.


One of the places in Selangor that’s offering fresh seafood is Ombak Kitchen.


The restaurant is located somewhere quiet and serene in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam.


First impression that I have about this place that it’s quite a laid back place and really great for gatherings with family and friends.


Apart from that, the restaurant is also hosting live band performance, with an open mic concept. Nor sure on which days, though, but if you are ever there and wishes to perform can just approach the sound engineer and serenade away. My husband and I are into this sort of thing; dancing and singing in public is never a problem for us. And so we find this concept really entertaining and fun.

Open mic session at Ombak Kitchen, Selangor

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Here’s my husband performing ‘It’s Now or Never’ by Elvis Presley during our most recent visit to Ombak Kitchen. I would have joined him and sing a duet, like we usually do at open mic places but unfortunately I wasn’t really feeling so well that day and had to forgo singing on the top of my lungs that day. Such a shame. It was new year’s eve too.


Anyway, enough about the environment. Let’s start talking about food. Now, the place is not exactly a fine dining concept kinda place though the food could have rivaled something that came out from Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen.


Here in Ombak Kitchen, there’s no table rules. No cutleries will be given as the concept is that you eat with your hands apt with their tagline is ‘pakai tangan jer’ which is literally eat with your hands in Bahasa Malaysia. Here’s me, getting ready to dig in.

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We ordered a selection of their Bubble Teas, Mojito and some appetizer to kick off our appetite. Being a tea lover, I hot to say that I love their bubble teas. Slightly on the sweet note though, so if you don’t want it to be too sweet, just request for less sugar upon ordering.


A closer look at the appetizers that we ordered; Fried mushrooms and garlic bread. The fried mushrooms were adeptly fried and makes a really addictive finger food. The garlic bread on the other hand, was good on it’s own but would make a better pair with some soup.

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Here’s our boiled in Zesty Lemon Butter Garlic sauce being poured out from the bucket, straight onto our table for our enjoyment. Like I mentioned earlier, you’re supposed to enjoy them as it is, and therefore, no plates or cutleries will be given. So yes, feel free to go messy.

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Our boiled seafood in Zesty Lemon Butter Garlic sauce.


A closer look at our boiled seafood; there’s plenty of assorted seafood in it, crustaceans, shells and also spotted in the meal are brocolli florets alongside with boiled potatoes and some corns. The boiled seafood meal also comes with a bowl of rice for each dining person.


Need help peeling off the shells from your crabbies? Just ask the service crew to help you out. They’ll get it done for you in no time.


Here’s my husband enjoying the food.

A Delicious Seafood Experience at Ombak Kitchen, Shah Alam

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Check out the vlog I made on my experience dining at Ombak Kitchen.

So is Ombak Kitchen a yay or a nay? It’s a yay, of course. Great food, fun and entertaining environment, there’s nothing more I can ask for.

For more info on the menu, pricing, promo etc, please refer to the information below:

5.G.01, D’Vida Business Centre,
Jalan Bazar U8/101, Bukit Jelutong,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor

Facebook :

Instagram :

Business hour: 5:00pm–12:00am
Contact : 03-7734 4699

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