Balm Bayi Tok Syed, A Natural Remedy for Cough and Flu

So I’ve been coughing like crazy these few days due to the changing weather. I couldn’t sleep very well and when I do fall asleep, I’d be awaken by my own coughing.

And as usual, being me, I complained alot on social media to friends and stuff and they got really concerned about me.


And so, one of my friend recommended me this, Tok Syed Baby Balm. She said it works wonder on coughing fits and flu, especially for babies.


While it is actually intended for babies who have coughing fits, flu this baby balm can be use for all walks of life and therefore the balm works adults like me too.


When I got my hands on this Balm Bayi Tok Syed, I was expecting it to smell unpleasant but surprisingly, it doesn’t even smell close to nasty like the usual balm that I’m familar with. In fact, the smell is pretty much fragrant and quite soothing.


Checking the ingredients, the balm contains Beeswax, Virgin Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil and Essential Oils. Basically, I concluded that this is somewhat an aroma theraphy kind of balm.

Finding the rather appealing to my sense, I decided to give it a try after having a hot shower and go straight to sleep. Using it is pretty much straight forward, just apply it on your back, on your chest area or on the T-zone of your face. The same applies if you are using this Balm Bayi Tok Syed on your babies or toddlers. Just gently apply the balm on the said areas.

I’ve been using this for almost a week now and I kinda sleep better. I wouldn’t say that my cough is totally eliminated as it will be a total lie, but my coughing fits is noticeably reduced and I don’t wake up to my own cough anymore, which is already a huge relief. The best thing about this that Balm Bayi Tok Syed doesn’t stink and doesn’t feel as if you’ve put something hot on your skin and I woke up smelling as if I’ve worn perfume to sleep. I’m not a morning person but this helps to improve my mood when I wake up too, giving me a much more positive boost earlier in the day. It is also quite moisturizing on the skin and I swear that the skin area that I applied the balm feels smoother too.

Overall, I’m one happy camper and definitely will continue using this balm, especially before going to sleep.

Should you have babies who have trouble sleeping because they have coughing fits or runny nose, you might want to give this a go.

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