Why I Love My Cat


Usually, I don’t do random entries that will sound pathetic and childish like this. But I am very much in need for a writing therapy at the moment, because I am not happy and definitely feeling down. I’ve been through a lot this year, and I can definitely say that this is one of my worst year ever.

Too many things happened, and I sometimes wished for that there’s more than 24 hours a day. Time is simply not enough, and I tend to wonder if I am having a post traumatic stress, seeing how often I feel so down and depressed since the fire happened.

Long long time ago, I never like any animals to keep as pet. Most of them stinks and smell like poo all the time, and not to mention if it’s a feline or a canine, they need treatments and grooming pretty often too.

I adopted a stray kitten 3 month ago. I did not even know why I brought it home. I really did not know why. It’s not even cute to even begin with. The kitty, whom I called Meow Meow looks like a New Zealand dairy cow with the patchy black fur. But I suppose it is fate that Meow Meow comes to live with me for me and my entire family owe her our lives. To cut the story short, she saved us from the fire that burned down my house on 18th July 2008- four days after I brought her home. I suppose, she’s pretty much godsent.

I was no animal lover, but I came to realize that pets could bring so much joy and serenity to the soul. I used to think that cats are stupid creature that vomits furball everywhere and poop around, but boy was I wrong. My kitty learned to use the toilet all by herself, and all I need to do was just flush the toilet each time she poop or pee. She’s pretty clever for a not so cute kitten.

There’s a few things that I noticed about Meow Meow. Among them is she loves to watch superheroes shows and old shows like Knight Rider and Air Wolf. She’s pretty choosy when it comes to food, and prefers to eat wet food more than the nasty dry pet food for cats. If I did not bathe her at least once a week, she’ll get very uncomfortable and bites and scratch around angrily.

Meow Meow also loves to be petted and hugged, and when it’s raining or storming outside, she’ll stick to me or my husband like a glue. I used to think that kittens only loves to chase yarn balls, but Meow Meow is different. She love all sort of children’s toys and loves to see picture books and not to mention watch cartoon. Sometimes, she even behaved like a little girl. She’ll want blanket and tends to hug little soft toys when she sleeps.

These days, Meow Meow would give me a wake up call. She would lick my face in the morning and if I still refused to get my lazy butt up from the bed, she’ll claw me. I never knew that I could love a little kitten so much that sometimes I treat her like my own daughter.

I could list down many reasons why I love Meow Meow. But at the end of the day, having someone to tell my problems to and would keep my secrets safe tops the list. For what it’s worth, I am sure glad and thankful that I brought Meow Meow home.


Cleffairy: Sometimes, animals would understand you better than human. Well, at least they won’t backstab you, scold you or even judge you for what you did and did not do. At least, pet’s love and devotion for you is always genuine.

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  1. Christopher says:

    err… i love dogs but don’t think I want pets cos Im too lazy to take care of it. Cats…well, not sure, never really have one as pet before. Good that your pet gives you some serenity and peace. Take good care of it.

  2. peteformation says:

    Meow meow looks good and well fed!
    I guess I like dogs more than cats but then I also have some pet cats when I was a kid.
    A cat that watches Knight Rider…..interesting, try Mickey Mouse next time, see how is his response! LOL!

  3. kathy says:

    eeeee…..so eerie. Looks like my cat…mine was black and white too. all four paws have black fur at the bottom. But he dont have black patch on the nose and under the chin.

    is the ekor a bit twisted at the tip? Mine was.

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