You’ll be in my heart, always…

Initially,today’s entry is supposed to be a mad fairy ranting kinda entry, cuz I’m feeling abit low these few days… but then again, today is someone’s birthday. Someone very special to me. Do you know her? I daresay a lot of you over here know who she is.

She’s Claire. Some called her Reanaclaire… I just call her Claire… hahaha… or Mama Claire when ahemm… I wanna beg her for something…LOL. (Claire is only one year younger than my mum… so it’s kinda inappropriate for me to address her just Claire… but she didn’t seems to mind… hahahaah)

*picture ‘stolen’ from Claire’s blog‘ LOL! Pretty, isn’t she? Like a Queen beside the picture of the castle. Kekekeke… (Did you know that in Spanish, the word Reana means Queen?)

Yes, folks… today, 24th November is Claire’s birthday. I got to know her somewhere last year. Through my blog, no less.

I wrote ‘When you’re not ready to say goodbye’, and Claire commented so passionately for that article. I jotted down my thoughts about my husband’s auntie who had just lost her husband to Death… and how I did not appreciate people pestering that Auntie to make decisions that she’s not ready to make yet with her husband’s passing I wished that people would leave her alone, and if she’s not ready to let go yet and move on, just let her be.

Claire came to my blog and relates her experience of loosing her own husband when she was just in her 30s. Her comment was so touching and so sad, and even reading her experience again brings tears to my eyes. Since then, I come to learn that Claire is not just an ordinary woman, but she’s an extraordinary woman. A woman whom each and everyone of us should look up to.

You see, Claire found herself a widow at a very young age. And she had 3 young children under her wings then… and she raised each and everyone of them singlehandedly.

They turned out fine, despite of their loss. Claire made sure of that. Anybody who have seen her children, would agree with me that Claire did a fine job in raising her children. Sometimes when I see Claire… I would ask myself… would I be able to do what she have done if I’m placed in the same position as her? I doubt it.

Claire have something that I don’t think I’ll ever possessed: Perseverance. Life must have been difficult for her then… but she’s one tough lady. She never let the hardship of life gets in her way.

Last year was the worst year in my life. I lost my faith in God… I feel that He had abandoned me and I questioned His existence. I was bitter. I was miserable. And I lost my purpose in life. It was so horrible that I contemplated suicide. I was so devastated and sick of the nonsense around me that I just want everything to end and I want out!

But luckily for me, Claire and many others came into my life and reminded me that I’m not alone. I’m not the only one who had been tested by the one up above, and slowly, I rediscovered the meaning of life, and learned that I should not live for the sake of pleasing others, but live for His glory instead.

Claire’s  taught me many things…I’m humbled when she told me that the Lord gave her strength to carry on. She did not take credit for all of her success in life. She lived for the glory of God.

Claire taught me so many things, and I can’t even begin to name them, and I’ll forever be indebted to her for showing me kindness and giving me wisdom.

Yes, Claire is indeed a remarkable woman whom I’m lucky enough to make acquaintance with. She’s not my friend. No, definitely not. She’s more than that, she’s my family, and today is her birthday, and I couldn’t thank God enough for letting her into my life.

Happy Birthday, Mama Claire. *Hugs* You’re more than just a friend to me, and having you in my life is indeed a blessing. Happy birthday. I hope God bless you always… with health, wealth and happiness above everything else.

Cleffairy: Dear God, please take care of Claire and her family always.

ps: Claire… lol… ur pressie will be abit late. LOL… will send it via Smallkucing next month, since she’ll be going to Ipoh to pester you. LOL!


  1. claire says:

    Cleff, can you send over some tissues now?? What I need is that.. gosh!!!
    when i read this, i asked myself, “really ah? me ah?” i think u “overcredit-ed” me with your post.. but u know what? I LOVE IT..’

    lantak, over credit or not, I am one woman who loves compliments! hahaha… who doesnt.. Cleff, thank you very much for this wonderful present post.. Can i send this piece to my sons, daughter… close friends…. ?

    Thank you once again.. It is indeed wonderful and great to know you.. and seeing you changed so much in thoughts… more positive thoughts!!

    God Bless!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahahahaha… aiyo… mana over-credited you? Really wan ma… I really admire your strengh… I dun tink everyone can do that. You’re one tough lady, Claire, and I hope God will bless you and your family always.

      Hahaha… wan send to your kids ah? LOL… go ahead la… nvm wan ma… kakakak! I hope you had a blast on ur bday this year! 😀

      ps: Cis… who duzzin love compliments? I oso same la… talk sweet things to me den my heart will melt liao. U kno ah, I love going to this one hawker stall selling CKT. The CKT not that nice oso… but that uncle damn pandai take my heart… call me leng lui… ishhh… so everytime pass by there, I sure go buy that CKT… just because the uncle call me leng lui. Chamzzz!

  2. eugene says:

    Sometimes i really wonder, at least my non blogging friends wonder, is it real that bloggers can become good friends, i told them try it then you’ll know it……………

    it seems that indeed we’ve become “good friends” despite the fact some of us we have not even met..

    take care now fairy

  3. Nightwing says:

    Thanks for sharing this…will pop over to her crib. Good to have friends to be there…good times and bad times. Am glad you came back strong. Keep the faith. Not easy…but with friends side by can do it.

  4. Mommy Ling says:

    yes, i believe this post touches Claire’s heart…Claire is really a good lady and mom too…though i only get to know her less than a yr, i guess. Anyway, Happy Birthday, QueenClaire..

  5. Bananazஇ says:

    Very touching post. Wow love your ‘piakkk’. You’re real good at making sound and noises with words to make it more interesting. Cant remember some of the “sound” I have seen or rather “heard” in your posts and comments. Keep piakkking haha.~;)

  6. Bananazஇ says:

    Very touching post. Wow love your ‘piakkk’. You’re real good at making sound and noises with words to make it more interesting. Cant remember some of the “sound” I have seen or rather “heard” in your posts and comments. Keep piakkking haha.~;)

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahahaha… I see Annie sent the message to you. Would have gone to your blog and tip you personally… but these days my time is rather limited. LOL… I’ll be ‘free’ after Nov tho. LOL!

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