You’re my sweetie pie…

The other day, STP posted Strawberry Shortcake Cuppy Cake song on his blog. And today, I’m gonna plagiarize, and put up the same song, and dedicate it to one cute, sweet little girl. 😀

Do you know who she is?

If you’ve been frequenting her mummy’s blog, you would know that that sweet looking little girl is Elise. 😀 Today, 3rd September 2010 is her birthday. She’s 2 years old today. Please head over to her mummy’s blog and wish her a happy birthday. ( I know, I know… another birthday dedication, you say? But hey, you can’t blame me… she’s such a sweetheart.)

She’s going to break a lot of hearts when she grows up, don’t you think? Such a sweet and pretty little girl.

Here’s Auntie Cleff’s wishes for you, my sweetie pie: Hoping you’ll grow up to be healthy, blessed, and wise. May God grant you serenity and contentment and every single good thing the world could offer. Happy birthday, Love.

Cleffairy: I’m no fairy godmother, and you’re no Cinderella. I can give you no pumpkin carriage or a Prince Charming on a white horse, but I can certainly pray for you, Poppet. I’ll keep you in my prayers. 😀


  1. Mommy Ling says:

    Omg…when browsing thru ur blog, i terkejut how come my monster pic ere. Anyway, on behalf of my lil rascal, wish to thank you Auntie Cleff for this sweet wishes. I dont wish for a Prince Charming, but mommy less piak me enuf edy…wakakkakak

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