Am I that young and naive?

I am easily upset. It takes very little to upset me. But fortunately, it takes simple things to make me happy. Yes…I took pleasure in simple things in life and therefore… I get easily distressed by the fact that things gets complicated even when I’m laying low and minding my own business.

Anyway, yesterday, I went out with a friend for dinner, and her 5 years old little girl mistook my husband for my father and my son for being my little brother.

That is not the first time she referred them as my father and my little brother. She’s been referring them that for quite some time now. I was really amused and very pleased… to think that I look young enough to be my husband’s daughter and my son’s elder sister. LOL. Tsk… if only my husband and I have a daughter. Too bad. I’ve always wanted a little girl of my own. But then again, that’s just wishful thinking.

Dreams does not fit into reality very well. I have very little desire to start being a mother all over again. To be honest, I’m kinda enjoying being a mum to an older kid instead of babies and toddler. I do not wish to change anything, and I hope that everyone, including my husband would respect my wishes.

Anyway, I corrected the little girl and told her that they’re not my father and not my little brother. I told her that they’re my husband and son respectively. The little girl may not know this, but she made my day. She made me so happy cuz in her eyes, I look young.

That sweet little girl made me wonder: Do I really look that young? For what it’s worth, Mamarazzi and Paparazzi called me an underage girl before when I donned sporty clothes and a cap. Kids in the kindergarten sometimes mistook me for being an elder sister to my son too. And some of my colleagues and friends often mistook the boy for being my younger brother as well.

Hmmm…curious thought. I suppose I ought to enjoy the case of mistaken identity while it last. :D

Cleffairy: It is a misfortune that sometimes reality does not accommodate dreams very well. And it is a misfortune too, that many hides their true colours. In the world of the adult, simple thinking, sincerity, honesty and true love is indeed a rare commodity.

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