Vision Correction Continues To Evolve

I don’t need a professional like Glenn Hagele to tell me that the option to vision correction is continuing to evolve. My recent visit to my optometrist has pretty much enlightened me on the options that I may have if I want to get my shortsightedness corrected. You see, I’ve been wanting to get rid of my spectacles…I used to think that it makes me looks respectable and intelligent. I used to think that it will hide the beauty of my youth and made me look unworldly and humble.

But what’s the use of looking intelligent, humble, unworldly and respectable when people treat you like an idiot and does not spare an ounce of respect for you even when you treat them well? And what is the use of being mild mannered when all you get in return is people trampling you mercilessly and using you like a string puppet and expect you not to know it?

Cleffairy: Perhaps, it is time for me to show the world that I had enough of people’s nonsense and I ought to walk with my head held high! Perhaps, a good way to start is change my appearance. Maybe I want to look like Ashwarya Rai. She have beautiful eyes, don’t you think?

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