Things That Makes My Life Worthwhile

Like most wife and mother I feel that I’m not good enough every now and then. Blame it on society’s expectations. You need to be good in everything, especially when it comes to raising a child or you’ll be labeled as a bad wife, mother and parent. I used to care about what people say about me in regards of my autistic child. But these days I turn deaf ears towards these things. I know that there are things that make my life worthwhile. Small things, simple things like these;


A quiet tea time with my husband in my favourite cafe on weekends . 🙂


Admiring cute things in shopping mall while window shopping.


Getting excited over high-tech and colourful gadgets.


Going on dates with my husband on working days . My husband don’t always express his love for me for verbally. But there are moments where he made me feel the love that he has for me through his actions as he made effort to make time for me even though he’s busy. I don’t get ‘I love you’, cake with candles to blow on my birthday or flower as a token of appreciation from him but then again who is complaining when I can have all these? At least I know he is sincere and meant it.


And then there are these. My autistic child giving me present during mother’s days to unwrap. My life is not perfect but these small things really do makes my life feels complete.  Life is not always easy for me. And there are times I feel like I’ll have a breakdown. Things can get very overwhelming but what is life without challenge? I always believe that without challenges, life will be boring.

Cleffairy: I’m destined to live an extraordinary life. My life is never ‘ordinary’.


  1. wendypua says:

    u should think the other way round.
    you are awesome mum to raise s awesome kid. it required extra 100x patient for him.
    happy mother day

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