10 things I know about you…

No… that’s not me in the picture. 😛 That’s Melissa and her father, Suituapui, better known to most bloggers as STP from Sibu or simply, Cikgu. I’ve known him for about two years, and he’s been a very, very good friend to me. He’s a very supportive person and has been my source of inspiration as well as motivation. He’s a part of my blogger family. 😀

Here’s 10 things that I know about him.

1.He is a retired teacher. (He doesn’t look like he’s a retired man, rite? He doesn’t look a day after 40!) Very soft-spoken and generous. But beneath the jolly exterior, I daresay there’s a fiery and critical teacher beneath. And should be a tough taskmaster too. Feared and respected by his students, I daresay. (Well… I think I would be afraid of him if I was his student. I’ve always been afraid of plus-size teachers!)

2. A doting father & a very good friend. Loves his daughter very much, and I daresay if one day he’s blessed with a granddaughter…or a grandson, the kids will be spoiled rotten. (And yeah… he’s still in his daddy’s on rampage mode… so… stay out of Melissa’s way. I heard he keep a shotgun somewhere under his bed!)

3. Wakes up around 6pm 6am (LOL!)and goes to bed by 10pm the latest, and have a very cute sense of humour.  Cikgu sent me an apron for my birthday this year. LOL. And I had a very hard time to stop myself from laughing when I received it. For what it’s worth, nobody ever gives me apron for my birthday before. I’ll probably remember this for the rest of my life.

4. Enjoys food very, very much.(ahemm, that explains the shape…very cute, no? Very opposite of me. One could easily mistook me for being a malnutrition Somalian refugee). And he takes coffee… preferably strong, black coffee. (gee… I can never take coffee… I’m tea person!)

5. STP is a Catholic by faith. So yea, STP celebrates Christmas, so feel feel to send him some Christmas cards. Some invitation to a Christmas dinner or buffet won’t do him any harm either. Bwhahahahahahaha 😀

6. He updates his blog at 5am every morning, so if one day he didn’t update it and reply to the comments, I’ll get very very worried.

7. He have mild gout. Certain food may trigger his gout attacks. So kindly do not feed him anything that can trigger gout attacks.

8. *sigh* He’s a Facebook junkie… LOL! Can never part from his Facebook, and he’s pretty hooked up with Facebook… checks for Facebook updates very often. (Very hi-tech feller. He checks his Facebook via his phone!) But don’t tag weird and annoying Facebook stuff on him, please. It’ll earn you his wrath and you’d be very sorry that you did it!

9. Been guilty of snapping photos before eating for God knows since when. 😛 (Don’t worry Cikgu… a lot of us have been saying grace with the cameras and the handphones too. You’re not the only one)

10. And last but not least…. he was born today, 2nd Dec, 58 years ago. So there, anybody who reads this, should head over to his blog now and wish him a very happy birthday. 😛 (Trust me… he don’t bite! :P)

Cleffairy: Happy birthday, Cikgu. I will keep you in my prayer and hope God will bless you and your loved ones always. You’re more than a good friend to me. You’re someone whom I look up to, and I care for you like I care for my own father. 😀


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    Sobs!!! Sobs!!! So touched. Thank you, Cleff…you know me so well. Btw, No. 4 – wakes up at 6 p.m….That’s you, not me! Muahahahahaha!!! And not to worry, no gout…as long as I stay away from Tiger beer. Can eat most anything else. Hint! Hint! LOL!!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yalorrr… very soft spoken leh. Very soft voice. Sing that time the voice sure very melodious wan. Hahahahah… I know what time he wakes up every morning cuz he always reply fb messages/blog post first thing in the morning. LMAO!

  2. eugene says:

    Now everyone has gotten to know Arthur Wee aka STP aka Cikgu(cleff’s version),, well i happy that here in bloggershpere, there is someone who has inspired us, cared for us, motivated us in one way or another… let us all do likewise to others as well,,,,,,

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