16 September 1963

This Malaysian Flag bears a name. It’s called Jalur Gemilang, and for the first time in history, the country that owns Jalur Gemilang declared 16th September a public holiday. In my opinion, it should have been done sooner, since the formation of Malaysia  back in 16th September 1963.

Many may confuse this… but in truth… 31st August is not the National day as many would have themselves believe. 31st August is Independence Day… to mark Malaya’s independence from the British colonization. It’s not quite national day, but the real national day would be on 16th September… a date where Malaysia was truly founded.

Cleffairy: I may not be a history teacher, but I am a Malaysian, and I have my facts rights. The fact and truth about Malaysia is that on 16 September 1963, the formation of Malaysia which consisted of the Federation of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore was formally promulgated. Brunei declined to join Malaysia. Two years later in 1965 Singapore ceased to be a member of the Federation of Malaya and then automatically became an independent state at their own accord.

ps: *ROLL EYES* 16th September is NOT to mark the celebration of the over rated 1 Malaysia propaganda, it is to celebrate the formation of Malaysia.


    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahahaha… I just dun understand why ppl going around in fb and whatnot, wishing others Happy 1Malaysia… that is so wrong, cuz it’s not to celebrate 1malaysia propaganda… but the founding of Malaysia! Argh!

  1. suituapui says:

    Dunno how people can be so blur, so stupid…going around on Facebook and in blogs wishing Happy 1Malaysia Day! Chesh!!!

    At the time, Sabah and Sarawak, with the large numbers of ethnic races (2nd class bumiputeras), were invited to join Malaysia to offset the large Chinese population in Singapore…and over the 47 years, we’ve been used…and abused – exploited. Just look at our miserable trans-Borneo “highway”. That’s why I fly – not rich…but wouldn’t wanna drive on the miserable one-lane road that they have the audacity to call a highway. Ewek….*pukes!!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yea, exactly my sentiment… I couldn’t stand it too… going around wishing one another Selamat Satu Malaysia… cilaka… makes me wanna piakk their head for sleeping in their history class! GRRRRR!

  2. Nightwing says:

    Ya…It is Happy Malaysia Day. Thanks for posting this…may not mean much to some people…means a lot to people of Sabah and Sarawak.

    And hopefully recognition of this day…there will be no more questions like :

    Q: Oh, you are from Sarawak! *eyes wide with excitement* So far away! How you people come here ah?
    A: Usually we’ll swim or ride on the back of a crocodile to get here. But since we discovered balloons, we use balloons to get here. My punctured balloon just got stuck at the tree somewhere in [insert any place in West Malaysia] just now so I have to walk all the way here.

    Q: Oh, like that! So back home, you people live in trees ar?
    A: Well, of course! Specifically, there are elevators in there which we use to get to the top of the tree where we live. Our tree house are fully air-conditioned, equiped with flat screen TVs, DVD players and home theatre surround system, not forgetting ASTRO service AND satellite TV (which is FOC) so that we can watch CSI! Oh, and we have orang utans as butlers as well. They are better trained than some politicians in WM well-trained, you know!

    Q: You guys have electricity or not?
    A: Of course we do! But since the transmission is too high due to the geographic barriers, we use independent solar panels and mini turbine, scattered all around the state. There are exactly 30, 000 of them! To save cost, sometimes we use West Malaysians to run on wheels ala hamster to convert kinetic energy to electricity.

    Q: Kuching got airport or you use boat go Johor?
    A: Told you liao we either swim or ride the crocodile! But hor since Air Asia so cheap and Kuching airport can tumpang a 747, we take aeroplane more than you people take bus. Summore the airport is not over-run by rats like, say, KLIA (?)

    Q: How long if you take bus from Singapore to Kuching?
    A: Use Airbus only 1.5 hours.

    Q: Over there got what car?
    A: No lor, we ride wild boar. If we are lucky, we get to ride the elephant. So when the plane arrive at the airport, we ride our wild boar all the way to our tree house.

    Q: Got road or not?
    A: Nope. Only jungle trails and a few roads around town. Because the federal government is too busy spending money on you guys.

    Q: You Bidayuh from Sulawesi there huh?
    A: Yalah! Aboden? Drop from sky is it? Summore we are head hunters. Human brains are the best food…

    Q: Sarawak inside Sabah, right?
    A: No, we are one state, you idiot! Sabah is a town in Sarawak!

    Q: Eh? Sabah Sarawak not the same meh?
    A: About the same. We have hotter, fairer and sexier-looking people compared to West Malaysians. Heard of Amber Chia?

    Q: Kuching how big ar?
    A: Very big. We are the biggest state in the country mah. At least bigger than your brain.

    Q: Kuching got a lot of cats hoh?
    A: Got, more than human, you know. We got Siamese cat, Persian cat, tabby cat, alley cat, pussy cat,…We eat the cats and preserve their bodies to put inside Cat Museum for you people to see.

    Q: Sarawak got Malay?
    A: You say leh?

    Q: Sarawak people can speak English?
    A: Better than you guys! We were conquered by the Brooke family once upon a time, remember? And my lecturer from WM can only say “Good morning”, “See you next class” and “Thank you” 0.o!!!

    Q: You people from Sarawak use Ringgit?
    A: No lah! Who told you that? We use pound!



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