My maths is getting worst. You ask me 3+1=? I will say 7. I will be the cause of death for many mathematic teachers, that’s for sure. English and Creative Writing teachers however, will applaud me for my literary talent and creativity. Anyway, this is a scheduled entry. I wrote this last night before I went to sleep, and by the time it’s up and running, I am probably high on drugs-took some medication and I’m probably snoring away when you stumble upon this entry.

Anyway, why 3+1=7? Well… I am not quite sure if you’d be interested in my answer, as this entry wouldn’t be as interesting as my previous ‘sizzling’ entry, but I am going to report this nevertheless, as this is my first time meeting other bloggers.

There were 4 adult, and 3 children during the meet up that’s why 3+1=7. I don’t make a habit out of meeting bloggers out there, cuz sometimes, it’s just a royal pain in the ass arranging a suitable time  and venue for each and every one of us, not to mention that sometimes, we need to consider a safe environment for bloggers with children as well.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I met up with 3 other mummy bloggers yesterday. They are Cynthia (Cynderella, the one who bakes cookies), The Lost Submerryn, Smallkucing aka Mamarazzi and their respective children, hence. 3+1=7. 4 adults and 3 children… 7 different, excited individuals.

Initially, I thought we would be going out for lunch somewhere around the vicinity of Merryn’s house, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that she had prepared lunch beforehand and told us to have lunch in her place.

Unfortunately for us, Smallkucing’s mother, Mamarazzi, couldn’t make it for lunch. She came much later, and just had a quick chat with us. πŸ˜€

Below are the  close up pictures of the dishes that Merryn cooked up for us ravenous sharks…

This dish is my personal favourite. It’s honeyed chicken cooked with thick, dark soya sauce with sliced potatoes. It was delicious, and I kindly do not ask how much I’ve eaten it. *grinz* This is love food to me. I’ve always have the hots for aphrodisiac. Honey…honey is aphrodisiac, and it gives me the warm and fuzzy feeling after eating this special dish cooked up by Merryn.

I am not a fan of veggies and greens, but I’ve helped myself to this dish. It’s stir fried garden veggies. There’s sweet peas, broccoli florets, carrots and shittake mushrooms in it. Two thumbs up to Merryn for managing to make me eat my greens. πŸ˜€

And Merryn is not known as a Submerryn for nothing. She also cooked up some seaweed soup for us to go with our rice as well. I am not quite sure what’s the ingredients of this soup, but it was delicious. There’s  white eggs, red dates, a hint of chicken as well as generous amount of seaweed inside. I had two bowl of these. So you probably know how good it tasted.

This is one of the lunch scene picture. Cynthia was having a jolly good time with Merryn’s son, Ethan while her baby girl, Breanna is warming up towards the elder boy. πŸ˜€

Let’s fast forward to the time after lunch, during the time where Smallkucing arrived with his mother, Mamarazzi. πŸ˜€ Mamarazzi wishes to remain anonymous, like me, and therefore, I will not put up any of her pictures here. There will only be her son’s picture, playing with Ethan and Breanna.

The three children, having good time with each other. On the far left is Princess Breanna…. then there’s Ethan in the middle, and Smallkucing on the far right.

Isn’t he such a darling? Above is the picture of Smallkucing, riding a toy motorbike. πŸ˜€ He has his own diary blog. His mother, Mamarazzi aka Kathy writes on his behalf, and head over to his blog for more of his antics.

The two boys were playing with each other. Or maybe they are facing off… I have no idea.

Smallkucing and Ethan are enjoying the tidbits that Mamarazzi brought to Merryn’s house.

And there’s Baby Breanna having her good time with orange peels while her mummy is busy yakking away. LOL.
Anyway, time passes by and it’s time for me to go home. And I bagged this… it’s cookies, from Cynthia, and I was so right. it was very delicious.

And these home made tidbits…from Mamarazzi- Smallkucing’s mummy.

This lunch meet up was kinda short noticed for me. I didn’t get the chance to prepare anything for those mummy bloggers. And I was actually high on drugs when I went out. On medication for my lungs, thank God there was no mishaps on my part. Ahahaha… I even looked as fit as a horse! Oh well… hopefully I can go out and have meet ups with these hyper mummies again next time when I am more fit. I surely had fun with them.

Cleffairy: Kids will be kids, mummies will be mummies?


    • Cleffairy says:

      Yeah… cute, aren’t they? Bidvertiser? I am not quite sure. Have yet to receive payment. Google always banned people wan la, so I never use it in the first place. Almost can get payout, they will always say you violate their terms, etc etc!

  1. eugene says:

    Wa,,, when you want to surface like submerryn did, cleff? i dont care you must send me a photo of yours via email,,,,this is a request lah……….

    this morning i got jelos already lioa,,, so happy meeting so nice mummies bloggers, i must organize papa bloggers too but not many of us lah..

    where was Adrian, did not see him in any of the pictures?

  2. pete says:

    Wah, hyper mummies get together….some more Cleff is there..must be fun lorrr! It is great to know that you guys met up and become closed friends through blogging!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Clef was sick, actually. High on med that day. LOL… lucky never pengsan lorrr…. Yeah, blogging close the gap, and this reminds me that I have yet to drop my contact for you. LOL… very long wanna drop it d. LOL…

  3. fatty oldman says:

    u r not kipas of vege and manage to eat the greens…hmmmhhh…probably its that being cooked as when it cum to free food all we can eat… :p
    3 weeks to go for cny ur frens already prepared lokam…can tahan til cny mer?

  4. fatty oldman says:

    i owes prefer vege more than meat…in other hand i might can drop down some pounds..u n cikgu share smae habit ey…free wan all nice.. πŸ˜›

  5. Annie Q says:

    wah wah wah wah!! Jelesnya!! Cleff FIRST meet with bloggers, lucky Merryn and Cynthia. πŸ™‚

    Eh, you look very slim ya, and i can guess that you’re very pretty ( i see the picture from merryn’s blog).

    So nice of Cynthia to pick you up from your home and Merryn to host a yummy lunch at her home. Merryn can cook very well ya. πŸ™‚

    • Merryn says:

      Annie, she is not slim, she is THIN! My fan can blow her away!!! But she is PRETTY!!!! my son sudah terpikat… hahaha.. i’m not a good cook.. pppppllllleeeaasseeee……

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL, Annie… they drag me come out wan, actually. Cynthia came to pick me up even. *swt* I seriously thought you would be the first one I’ll meet. You’re the nearest to me wan ma, and I usually lepak at Midvalley every now and den wan. LOL…

      Aiyo, kawan, wud did you see la? you saw my back onli lerr… ahaha… I’m not pretty wan, Merryn and the rest is exaggerating. I’m underweight lerr… lol… not slim, but skinny. Ahahahah…

      And yeah, Merryn can cook. She can put me in shame any day. LMAO.

  6. suituapui says:

    So when are you cooking and inviting the ladies over to YOUR place? Mesti balas budi one, yunno! Then they can post on your dishes and praise your cooking too. Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Alv0808 says:

    Wah..should I called it ‘bloggers lunch’? so gooooooddd..jealous owwhh.. hehehe..loves all the yummies pic’s. Hehhhee..hope I can meet in person some of you..

  8. Cleffairy says:

    Merryn :

    Annie, she is not slim, she is THIN! My fan can blow her away!!! But she is PRETTY!!!! my son sudah terpikatÒ€¦ hahaha.. iÒ€ℒm not a good cook.. pppppllllleeeaasseeeeÒ€¦Ò€¦

    LOL…aiyoh, Merryn… where got pretty lah. LOL…Ethan likes me cuz I’m a fairy mah… LOL…

      • Cleffairy says:

        *faints* someone got a crush on me!!! *piangz* I wonder why he’s smitten? =.= All I did was tok tok crap to him and taught him how to ‘cheat’ in counting. (I kesian him ma… count until so tired!)=.= so bad lah me… very, very bad! The poor boy must be wondering how to ‘cheat’ lerr… =.= that’s why call my name! Ahahahaha! Eii… mebbe you can teach him maths lerr… he’s a very smart boy… prolly can be very good in maths!!!

  9. donna says:

    ahahaha.. i also fast fast hop over to merryn’s blog.. and gosh.. really kipas also can blow u away la.
    i got a lot of free fatssssssssssssssss can supply.. want??
    FOC, get 1 free 2..

  10. claire says:

    merryn..i want your potato recipe.. mine one old case already.. can be put in muzeum.. now i want yours so that my sons can remember me by next time..hahhaha…
    and i want to meet all of u too.. i dont care.. whatever it takes, hopefully this school hols we can arrange something.. i want to go to your house to slumber too..so nice looking at the pictures…and of course the goodies!!

  11. fatty oldman says:

    cikgu makan free his new nickname…

    actually cikgu gv u a hint already…in his heart thinking after cook invite him over or courier as he pencen already,government pay so low if got free things better…

    u very skinny mer?u want my xtra 100kg fats?supply for u even u can use to bath… LOL

  12. fatty oldman says:

    mou ngak lou yan kar lar…sex em fei…
    poison cook by fairy oso wil bcum not poison d…koo horn say so lar cook poison… πŸ˜›

  13. fatty oldman says:

    trust urself…dont loose hope..success come from practice…let him be guinea pig to eat till u success… πŸ˜‰

  14. CHVoon says:

    Before I come to this post, I read Cynthia & MerrynÒ€ℒs post oledi!
    So, your mathematic calculation is absolute correct!
    Cool! This is call mummy gathering : ).
    First, I thought smallkucing is your son who you always mention.

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