A Day at Sungei Wang Plaza

It’s been awhile since I last went on my crazy Shophaholic mode in malls since COVID-19 pandemic strike. I used to hangout in malls from the time the malls opens it’s door to the time the mall closes. Yep. I was THAT fond of shopping.However, for some period of time, shopping in malls no longer have an appeal to me. To be honest, I was terribly traumatized by all the brainwashing stuff that happened during lockdown period-where they practically stuffed into your brain on how dangerous it is to be in the crowds and stuff and I had nasty anxiety and nervous breakdown whenever I’m in public. I only got better last year after my late MIL’s passing where I was slapped with the notion that; Covid or not Covid, you’ll die regardless, so why live in fear all the time? I shouldn’t let the fear-mongering gets to me and control my life. I started to heal from the global fear-mongering trauma and decided to slowly go out and be social again. I started doing outdoor stuff like practicing martial arts, going on scuba dives and mermaiding.Despite the fact that I was going out again, I still avoided malls and enclosed area. But I’ll be honest. As much as I’m now comfortable with online shopping, it’s not really as gratifying as physical shopping in the mall. When I shop in the mall, I get all the ASMR sensation; the sight, the touch, the smell, and it makes me feel so good.Speaking of feeling good, I’ve recently had a feel good experience at Sungei Wang Plaza.Can you believe it? I’m finally back with my Shophaholic Extraordinaire mode and spent the whole day shopping and having fun at Sungei Wang.The Raya deco is up and it’s really amazing. They’ve set up a kampung in the midst of a paddy field and it reminds me of my hometown in Kedah.Part of the Raya deco includes a traditional games section and provides interactive spot for shoppers to play traditional games like congkak, batu seremban and many more.I find this very heartwarming as occasionally I will spot some kids playing over there.It’s certainly nice to see the kids of this generation playing with each other instead of their phones.Raya deco aside. What did I do over there for the entire day? Well, I spent my day shopping for Raya makeover. First, I visited the Optical street at G-Level at Sungei Wang. This is where you can find loads of optical shops selling specs and eyewear stuff at a very competitive price.It’s high time for me to upgrade my spec’s power. I was spoiled for choices and it was quite hard to make decisions on which shop I should make my specs with. After browsing for awhile, I ended up at Nice Eyework at G-117.Nice Eyework is currently having a great promo of RM40 and RM65 for spec’s frame and lenses.It’s a very affordable price, if you ask me. This price is applicable to certain range of lense’s power, though. Those with the power of 600+ and more would require abit of a top-up. This is because the higher power you require, the more expensive the lenses are.Got my eyes checked, and discovered that my power has increased from 400&500 to 525&625. I’ve already expected an increase in power as my current specs is already giving me blur vision whenever I wear them, so there’s no surprise here. It sucks. I totally blamed the Covid lockdown and my emo-Kdrama binging on this. The increase of screen time has contributed to this.I had a blast trying on some on.After browsing for awhile, I settled with this one, and as promised in their banner ads, it’s ready for collection in just 40minutes.This costs me RM145. Still inexpensive as my lenses are an upgraded version and the specs came with a clip-on sunglass lenses. What do you think? I feel that this is a tad too big for my face but it’s pretty cool when I clipped on the sunglass lenses. Made me feel like a supermodel.Next stop is the MinNature Malaysia. If you want to go for a Cuti-cuti Malaysia but on a very tight budget and time restrictions this is exactly where you should head over to.MinNature Malaysia is a miniature gallery located in Sungei Wang. It features miniature models of famous Malaysian landmarks and buildings, diorama of lifestyle and iconic Malaysian food.This is where you can visit interesting touristy attractions in all states of Malaysia in just a a few hours.Some of the tourists attractions in Malaysia in miniature artworks.A showcasing of Malaysian food culture in tiny artworks.I have nothing but respect for those who made this. These artwork are really exquisite.Every artwork tells a very interesting story. So do take your time to read up the descriptions of each artwork when you’re there, okay?MinNature Malaysia is located at JUMPA@Sungei Wang, Level 1, and is opened from 10am-10pm. You may check their website here HERE for ticket pricing and stuff.After playing tourist at MinNature Malaysia, I hopped over to Watsons.They’re having this fantastic Rahsia Gaya Raya campaign where they’re offering price slashes up to 50% off, and if you’re a Watsons card member, you’re entitled to special member’s price and it’s stackable on top of those discounts.I spent about an hour browsing.Spotted some good deals in the Hair Colouring&Styling section, and grabbed some hair dyes and haircare products. My hair is in a sorry mess after all the scuba diving and frequent mermaiding that I’ve been doing for the past few months. The pool’s chlorine is not exactly the kindest on anyone’s hair, and that includes mine. I’m due for some hair care time at a salon. Sadly, with my hectic schedule these days, I no longer have time to sit in a hair salon to get myself a makeover.This would be the next best thing, I guess. I’ll just DIY my own haircut and treatments.For those who are prepping for upcoming Hari Raya, you might want to check out awesome Raya goodies and fabulous traditional clothes at Sungei Wang Plaza’s Mew Market located at the Main Entrance. This Raya Bazaar will be ongoing from 3 March till 1 May 2023, Concourse Floor where you can shop for traditional Raya clothing, Kuih Raya, Raya decoration, souvenirs and more.I wanted to buy some cookies, but it’s still early Ramadan as of the visit, and I wouldn’t wanna stock these up at home. You see, I lack self control. Raya cookies and tidbits and would have been long gone before Raya if I were to get them now, so I’d be making a revisit soon to get my hands on these.I haven’t been walking much since lockdown, and my feet were already showing signs of cramping by the time it’s time to end my shopping spree.Last stop is at Kekatoo Restaurant for breaking fast session with my media friends and lovely children from Pertubuhan Pembangunan Insan Darussalam Malaysia.As part of Sungei Wang Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental, Social and Governance initiative, these children were invited for a day of shopping and fun in Sungei Wang before the buka puasa session at Kekatoo.During their visit, they had a blast shopping and participating in games and fun batik colouring workshops.Things have been so hectic for me where work, scuba diving and mermaiding is concerned that this is the first buka puasa invitation that I’ve accepted among many that was extended to me during Ramadan. I feel really bad, honestly. But it is as it is. I need to accept that my life is longer the same as before the pandemic. If anything, it’s really nice to finally be back on my crazy Shophaholic Extraordinaire mode. It really feels good to be able to spend a whole day in the mall again.
Sungei Wang Plaza is currently having a Hari Raya campaign. Come and celebrate varieties of interesting Raya performances such as Traditional Dances, Tradition Musical Instruments Performances such as Caklempong, Ghazal, Gamelan and Angklung, Suara Raya Kids Karaoke and Acoustic Raya Challenge, fashion shows which will bring delight and excitement your shopping experience from 31 March till 1 May 2023.You may also redeem limited edition collectible Raya Packet with a minimum spend of RM218 in a maximum TWO (2) receipts. And, with a minimum spend of RM418 in a maximum of TWO (2) receipts to redeem yourself an exclusive Sungei Wang Plaza Raya Cookies Set. Terms and conditions apply.For more information, visit Sungei Wang Plaza’s website at www.sungeiwang.com or check real-time updates on Sungei Wang’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sungeiwangplaza.

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